How Tall Should An Entry Table Be? [Inc. Examples]

An entry table by the front door is both practical and beautiful, but how tall should it be? We've looked around at what designers and home decorators have to say and put the information together for you here.

The average height of an entry table (also known as a console table, buffet, or sofa table) is about 30 inches tall. However, they can range from 28 inches tall to heights of 40 inches. Ideally, you want your entry table to be an easy height to set your keys and bags on while you take off your coat. 

Let's look at the ways entry tables are used and why you might want one height over another height. We'll also look at the overall size and the perfect lamp height for an entry table. Without further ado, let's get to it.

Entry table on a front door entrance of a house, How Tall Should An Entry Table Be? [Inc. Examples]

How Tall An Entry Table Should Be

Entry tables are furniture pieces used to greet visitors as they come inside your home. Sometimes they are purely decorative and a spot to place objects you love. Sometimes they hold a lamp (or lamps) for extra light. Or other times they serve a function as a storage piece and a landing pad for objects like keys and purses. 

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Console table with decor and mirror on white wall in hallway

The purpose of your entry table should be taken into consideration when deciding upon the correct height. Ceiling height might be another consideration. If you have very tall ceilings, shorter furniture can appear dwarfed.

Average Height Entry Table

Let's take a look at the ways in which some average height entry tables are used.

This attractive medium gray/black entry table has multiple functions. The tabletop holds a lamp for extra light, some beloved coffee table books, an arrangement of decorative vases, and a nice spot for sunglasses and keys. The lower shelf holds baskets which can be used for shoes, bags, or anything else that needs to be near the front door, but out of sight.

This entryway console serves as both a landing pad and a mini mudroom. Baskets are used in the open cubbies and doors provide hidden storage space on the lower half. The narrow depth allows plenty of room for walking in and for an opening door. The top shelf can be used for holiday decorations (as shown here) or for a collection of beautiful family photographs.

Tall Console Tables

If you have tall ceilings, your room may demand something with a bit more height than the standard 28-inch to 32-inch console or entry table. Though they may be more difficult to find, it is possible. Many antique buffets or dressers have the height needed and some new pieces do as well. Just be sure to check out the dimensions before buying.

This elegant mirrored buffet stands at 39 inches tall. The closed doors provide hidden storage while the elegant piece is a perfect showplace for family heirlooms.

If you need a taller piece, you may need to search outside the entryway table box. Look for TV consoles, buffets, and dressers. Here a readily available TV console stands 35 inches tall and provides plenty of room for basket storage on the lower open shelf, drawers for keys and dog leashes, and windowed cabinets for other essentials.

One way to create some extra height over a console table is to hang a mirror or piece of framed artwork. Please check out our post about this here: Should An Entryway Have a Mirror (And How Big Should It Be)?

Functional Console Tables

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Entry hall and foyer with glass walls stairs console table bench and wooden door

If you have a living space without an entry vestibule, your console table may serve as mudroom storage in the winter months. Finding an entry table or buffet that can store shoes in an attractive manner can make your home not only gorgeous but also practical.

This homeowner has created an adorable station for the entry. The 3-shelf console provides shoe storage on the lower shelf and attractive baskets on the middle shelf are perfect for gloves, hats, and dog leashes.

This shoe cabinet from Ikea provides attractive hidden shoe storage and a nice surface shelf for objects you love.

This cute and functional entry piece has excellent storage in the four basket drawers. Two smaller drawers provide space for things like car keys and small umbrellas.

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How Do You Choose An Entry Table?

Contemporary grey and yellow colorful modern lving room

When choosing any piece of furniture, there are always a few considerations to think about.

  • Function - what is the purpose of your entry table? Do you want it for storage as well as decorative good looks? Or are you only looking for something to showcase the design of the room and balance out space?
  • Style - You want to think about the overall style of your home. Choose something that will work well. This includes thinking about color, material, and overall balance.
  • Cost - Do you have a budget? This could dictate your choice. If you have no budget then there's an option out there for every shopper. But if you're pinching a penny, keep a lookout for 2nd hand bargains that you might be able to DIY to perfection.

What Size Should An Entry Table Be?

This is really dependant upon your space. If your entry table is going to go onto the wall where your door opens, you probably want something with a more narrow depth. Typically entry tables run between 14 inches and 18 inches deep.

What size should an entry table be, How Tall Should An Entry Table Be? [Inc. Examples]

If space isn't a concern, then a larger dresser or buffet can work. Those depths are typically 20 inches to 24 inches. 

The length of your entry table is one hundred percent dependant upon the wall space you have for your piece. Console tables come in many different lengths, so there should be something out there for whatever size wall you have.

Powell Furniture Console Table

This small console table is a neat 31.5"L x 14.5'W x 30.75"H. There's room for a storage basket on the bottom shelf and a couple of drawers for keys or whatever else you may need by the front door.

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Signature Design Console Table

This longer console table works for a home with more wall space. It measures 47.75" W x 16" D x 29.75" H. There are three open shelves for storage baskets, decorative objects, or books. It's made by Ashley Furniture Store and will work in farmhouse style homes. 

Click here for this product on Amazon.

How Tall Should A Lamp Be On An Entry Table?

When you think about lamp size, you need to think about the height of your console table, the height of your ceiling, and your space. As a general rule of thumb though, entry and console table lamps should be in the 36-inch height range. Of course, this may go up or down a bit depending upon your needs.

How tall should a lamp be on an entry table, how tall should an entry table be? [inc. Examples]

If your entryway features stairs, your wall space for your console table may be hindered in height. In this type of situation, a smaller lamp may be required to work best for the room.

Have Fun

It's always exciting to pick out a new piece of decor for our homes and creating a new entry portal is especially exciting. It's the "hello" to your guests and family members. It sets a tone for your home's mood and says something about your style. Whether you pick an average-sized console table or a tall-sized one, we hope this post helped with the decision.

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