How Tall Should A Hall Tree Be?

You know that you'd like something to hang coats and such when you enter the home, but you're not sure about the height. How tall should a hall tree be? We researched to find out what the typical heights are so that your coats will hang properly. Let's take a look.

If you want a hall tree that provides shoe storage, a seating bench, and hooks, then you'll need something approximately 6' tall. If you simply want a coat tree, they need to be at least 5' high so that even full overcoats don't touch the ground when hung. When hanging a simple shelf and rack on the wall, be sure the hooks are hung at least 5' up from the floor.

We'll take a look at these heights more closely. We'll also take about what exactly is a hall tree, how much space you need for one, if they always come with storage, and where you should place a hall tree in your home. So please, keep reading for more great information.

New cherry wood mudroom storage cabinet, with wicker baskets and a bench, in a home entry area, How Tall Should A Hall Tree Be?

How Tall Is A Hall Tree?

When considering how tall you want your hall tree to be, you must consider the length of your coat. The coats hang on the hooks, and you don't want them draping the floor. As the average overcoat is approximately 51 inches in length, that's a good place to start. Remember, you don't want your coats to drape the floor, so be sure you hang things high enough.

Stylish interior of modern hall with spring flowers

Here, a coat rack stand serves as the hall tree. If you notice, all three coats are mid-length coats and hang from the lower hooks on this coat tree. Most coat trees are about 5' in height, so your full-length coats would hang from the highest hooks available. Though coat trees don't really provide storage, they will hang a good number of coats, sweaters, and jackets.

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A beautiful console like this one in turquoise is reminiscent of antique hall trees of the past. It's multi-functional with its upper cubbies, coat hooks, padded bench seat, and bottom bench storage. A piece like this will typically be as tall as 6' and need anywhere from 3' to 5' in width, depending upon the size and model you buy. It can even serve as a kind of ad hoc mudroom!

Here's a similar hall tree to the one in the entryway above. This distressed white model has upper cubbies, hooks, a seating bench, and under-bench storage. It will need 40" of wall space wide and about 6' of height against the wall. Click here for this on Amazon.

What Is A Hall Tree?

Wooden coat rack isolated in white background

A hall tree is a precursor to today's mudroom. Whenever you enter a home, it's typical to have a spot to store muddy boots, umbrellas, and overcoats. The hall tree, or coat rack, or umbrella stand serves this function. Sometimes these were simple stands, and sometimes they were flat furniture pieces that may have also had shelves and hooks for hanging things. Sometimes a hall tree could be as simple as a grouping of hooks for the wall.

This simple board with hooks is the bare minimum that qualifies as a hall tree. It's enough for a couple of overcoats, an umbrella, and a purse. Click here for this on Amazon.

How Much Space Do I Need For A Hall Tree?

Are you going to use a coat rack as your hall tree? Or a storage unit? What you use will determine how much space you're going to need to fit this functional furniture piece. 

This classic style hall tree comes with hangers for coats, a bench for sitting to remove shoes, and cubbies for shoes or umbrellas. You'll need a space approximately 6' tall by 2-1/2' wide by 16" deep for a piece like this. This one is on Amazon here.

For something like this shelf rack, you won't need as much depth  because it only sticks out from the wall a total of 14", but you'll still need to leave your wall empty below it for when you hang coats. During spring months, the small shelf will keep your home from feeling too cluttered if your hallway is narrow or cramped. Click here for this on Amazon.

A coat rack like this is another option that takes up less space but still gives you some storage for shoes and whatnot. The base of this measures about 17" square, and the multiple hooks allow for a good number of storage places.  We like that this is both stylish and functional and appears to be sturdier than the normal coat tree style. This is available here on Amazon.

Does A Hall Tree Come With Storage?

If you look up hall trees at any major furniture retailer, the majority of what you will see will have hooks and open shelves. Some pieces will have a bench for seating. And other pieces will also include some closed storage. So if storage is something you'd like with this piece of furniture, be sure and research your options.

This beautiful hall tree is elegant and functional. The bench seat will hold up to 25o lbs, and each hook supports up to 10 lbs. An easy-glide drawer provides hidden storage for whatever you may need to tuck away out of sight. Click here for this option on Amazon.

A piece like this one has spots for hanging coats and fifteen different openings for shoes. This saves closet space by storing your shoes near the entrance to your home. Of course, this piece will take up more space than a simple set of hooks on the wall. Click here for this on Amazon.

Where Should You Put A Hall Tree?

If the name doesn't give you a clue, then pay attention. That's right, the front or back hall is a great place for a hall tree. Basically, you want to have this piece close to the door where you enter and shuck your shoes and jackets. For some people, they may be near the garage. Other people may want it by the front door. But because its function is to be the receptacle for your coats, boots, hats, and umbrellas, you want it to be conveniently placed.

Even if you only have a little corner for space, you can find a hall tree to suit your needs. This one will tuck right into the spot where two walls meet, and as you can see from the photo, it's quite a functional piece to have. It holds four pairs of shoes, has a surface to sit or place a purse. There are six hooks for jackets and hats and even an upper shelf for whatever you need to go there. Click here for this on Amazon.

Keep Coats And Shoes In Mind When Choosing A Hall Tree

The main thing to think about when deciding on your hall tree's size is if it serves the purpose you need it for. Will your coats hang without draping on the floor? Can you tuck away a pair of shoes upon entering and not have them tangle in your coats? If yes, then that's the correct size for your hall tree.

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