How Tall And Wide Should An Entryway Bench Be?

If you are planning on purchasing an entryway bench, you will need to make sure that your entryway is large enough to host your bench. We have done the research to help you identify how tall and wide entryway benches should be so you can see if this piece of furniture is a good fit for your space. 

The standard size of an entryway bench is 40 inches to 80 inches wide. The suggested range is 42 inches to 60 inches wide and 18 inches to 20 inches tall. The size of the bench you choose will also depend on how many people you would like to be able to sit on the bench at one time. 

If you want to know more about entryway bench sizes, what some examples are, and even how to build your own, then you're in the right place. We'll cover all this and more. Just keep reading! 

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Recommended Bench Lengths 

While your bench will be located in your entryway, you may find yourself using the bench for extra seating when guests come over or as a place to get ready before you head out the door. For this reason, you will want to determine how many people you foresee will be using the bench at any given time. Since entryway bench lengths are suggested in terms of how many people will be using it, it is important to determine this before choosing what size is right for you. 

Shortest Range Benches

The shortest suggested length for an entryway bench is 42 inches to 52 inches, which is made to seat two adults. This is a good length to consider if you have a smaller entryway. You could also use this smaller size if you are not planning on using your bench to seat guests. 

Walker Edison Entryway Bench

This bench is a good example of how a smaller bench can be used in an entryway. Decorated with throw pillows, this entryway bench can be a place to store shoes and bags for easy access. It can also be used as a place to hold guests' coats if you are entertaining. Two people can sit here comfortably. The dimensions of this bench are 48 inches long and 18 inches tall. 

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SEI Furniture Storage Bench

A little shorter than the smallest suggested length, this bench is a good example of one that is designed to be primarily used for storage. With three built-in drawers and plenty of space under the bench, you can keep the belongings you keep in your entryway organized. Resembling a classic bench, it can also be used for seating, making it more comfortable to get ready to leave in the morning. 

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Mid-Range Benches

The middle suggested range is 53 inches to 80 inches wide and seats three adults comfortably. This is a good choice for a mid-sized entryway or for entertaining guests. 

Better Homes And Gardens Entryway Bench

This bench is 58 inches wide and 13 inches tall. A bit shorter than ideal seating height and with compartments for storage bins, this is a great example of a bench that can be used primarily for storage. However, the bench will comfortably seat up to three adults, making it a good choice for a household that does a lot of entertaining. 

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Linon Home Decor Entryway Bench

This is another example of a classic bench design for the entryway. At 50 inches in length, this bench's primary purpose is seating. However, the bench's seat is a hinged lid that opens up to reveal storage space. You can store items out of view to help make your entryway look less cluttered. 

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Longest Range Benches

The longest entryway benches are over 80 inches long and can seat four adults. Benches of this size range are more difficult to find and should only be placed in entryways that are large enough to accommodate them. 

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How Long Is A Three-Person Bench? 

Your bench should be at least 53 inches long to accommodate three adults comfortably. Some manufacturers suggest up to 61 inches in length for a three-person bench. 

How Wide Does An Entryway Need To Be To Fit A Bench? 

Beautiful entryway with chair and a flower vase, How To Create an Entryway in an Open Floor Plan

Designers dictate that entryways need to be at least 42 inches wide, but about 5 feet wide is suggested. Since your bench will most likely run along a wall of your entryway, you will need to be more concerned about your entryway's length.

Depending on the size of your home, your entryway could be upwards of 15 to 20 feet in length. A smaller home will not be able to accommodate an entryway that large. When choosing a bench for your entryway, you will want to be sure that the bench is shorter than the wall you plan to place it against. 

How Do You Make An Entryway Bench? 

We've discussed that the length of your bench will be determined by the number of people who will use it at one time, as well as the size of your entryway. If you find that you need a bench that is longer and shorter than the standard sizes offered at most retailers, you may choose to build the bench yourself. You can also choose this option if you want to save money. 

To make a basic entryway bench, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Cut boards for the top, bottom, and sides of your bench. You can also cut legs, a backing, and storage cubby separators for your bench if you choose to add these features. 
  2. Sand your boards for a smooth finish. 
  3. Paint or stain the boards that correspond to any of the bench parts you wish to add color to. For example, you may choose to paint the sides, separators, and bottom a color that matches your entryway while leaving the top a natural wood finish. 
  4. Seal your boards to prevent damage. 
  5. Assemble your bench. You may wish to use wood glue to help you keep pieces together until you join them with nails or screws. 

For an easy-to-follow Youtube tutorial, check out this video:

How Thick Should The Wood Be On An Entryway Bench? 

The standard thickness of about 1 inch to 1.5 inches should be sufficient for your bench. Keep in mind that the longer your bench is, the more likely it will sag without additional support. If you are creating a bench for multiple people to sit on, you may want to add supports or use thicker wood. You can create supports along the length of your bench by adding cubby spaces for storage. 

In Closing 

round mirror on the wall with wainscoting and beautiful blue front door, How Tall and Wide Should an Entryway Bench Be?

Before choosing the bench size that is right for you, you will want to consider the size of your entryway and what you plan on using your bench for. If you choose to use your bench as extra seating, or a place for multiple people to be able to sit down and take their shoes off before entering your home, your bench should be long enough for those people to sit comfortably.

On the other hand, you do not want your bench to be so long that it will crowd your entryway. Luckily, there are many options available for whatever length you may need.

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