How Thick Are Ruggable Pads And Rugs?

Ruggable seems like an inexpensive and easy alternative to traditional rugs.  And it's great to be able to throw your rugs in the wash, especially if you have kids or pets!  But the pad-and-cover system takes some work to understand.  We've done the research to help you understand how thick the Ruggable system will be when you combine the pads and the covers.

The combined Ruggable rug covers and pads can be between 0.3" and 1.6" thick.  Most rugs will be 0.3" thick.  The thickness will depend on the type of cover and pad.  Ruggable sells three types of rug covers and two thicknesses of rug pads.  

Later in this post, we will go into more detail about how thick the various combinations of cover and pad will be for various combinations.   What are some other things to consider when shopping for a Ruggable system?  Please keep reading to hear our advice.

Modern Living Room with Smart Tv and ruggable rugs, How Thick Are Ruggable Pads And Rugs?

Ruggable Rug Thicknesses

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How thick the pad and cover will be together will depend on what kind of pad and cover you purchase.  The pads come in two different thicknesses to provide more or less cushioning below the rug.  The classic pad is 1/8" or 0.13" thick, and the cushioned pad is 2/5"  or 0.4" thick.  There are three types of covers, which have different textures and levels of the pile.  The outdoor and chenille type covers are both 0.2" thick, while the plush type cover can be between 1" and 1.2" thick.

The cover and pad will be 0.3" thick for the chenille and outdoor type Ruggable covers when the classic pad is used.  Expect 0.6" thickness for these two cover types when the cushioned rug pad is used. 

The plush rug cover type comes in a range of thicknesses.  Using a plush rug cover, the system will be between 1.1" and 1.3" thick when the classic pad is used and between 1.3" and 1.6" thick when the cushioned rug pad is used.

Types of Ruggable Covers

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All of the Ruggable rug cover types can be used with either the classic or cushioned rug pads.  The rug and the pad do need to be the same size.


The chenille rug cover is a low-pile traditional rug and is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors.  Most of the Ruggable covers are chenille textures, while only a few are the outdoor or push textures.  If you are looking at a Ruggable cover online described as low-pile, it is a chenille texture cover.


If you are looking to put a rug in an outdoor space, such as a covered patio, the outdoor rug cover is recommended.  The outdoor rug cover can also be used indoors as well, though.  It has a textured, flat weave that you may find appealing underfoot.  It is more durable than the other cover types and more resistant to spills.  It's a practical choice for dining rooms or breakfast nooks.


The plush rug cover is a medium-pile rug that is softer and cushier underfoot.  It might be more difficult to vacuum than the chenille or outdoor rug textures, but it is still machine washable.  It is thicker than the other cover types and might be more likely to cause tripping and falling.

Types of Ruggable Pads

Before buying any kind of rug, you need to check the clearance under your doors.  You should measure the distance between the door and the floor when the door is opened.  If the distance is less than 0.6", you should use the classic Ruggable pad with the chenille or outdoor rug cover. 

If you have more space under the door, or if door clearance isn't an issue, then you have your choice between the classic or the cushioned Ruggable pad. The cushioned pad is softer underfoot and might be better if the rug covers a space where you'll be standing a lot, such as in the kitchen, or if you spend a lot of time sitting on the floor.  The classic rug pad is a better choice if you need a harder surface that is less raised, for example, if anyone in your house has balance or mobility issues.

It's easy and fast to order the Ruggable system from Amazon!  Click here to visit their store. Ruggable rugs sold on Amazon include the classic type pad. 

If you'd like to view this rug on Amazon, click here.

Can you use a Ruggable with a different pad?

Always use a Ruggable pad with the Ruggable rug covers.  The covers will not fit tightly onto another type of pad.  If you don't have a Ruggable pad, the covers will likely slip and wrinkle.  See "The Ruggable Pad: Does It Come With One, And Do You Have To Use It" for more information on why you need to use a Ruggable pad with your Ruggable rug cover.

Can you use Ruggable on top of carpeting?

Sometimes you might want to put an area rug on top of a carpeted floor to add color or interest to a room.  While the Ruggable system is designed to sit on top of hardwood floors, it can also be used on top of carpeted floors.  It might slip a little more than on wood floors, so you may want to anchor it down with a heavy piece of furniture.

Can I buy the rug cover only?

You can buy the rug covers separately from the rug pad.  However, you do need to have a Ruggable pad of the appropriate size.  The reason the covers are available separately is in case you want to buy an additional cover for your pad  --for example, if you want to change the look of the room, or have an extra to use while one is in the wash.  You can't use the rug cover without a Ruggable rug pad.

How do you make Ruggable lay flat?

The Ruggable covers stick to the pads with a hook-and-loop system that is similar in concept to Velcro, though not as tight a grip. To put a Ruggable rug system together:

  1. Roll up the rug cover with the design side in. If the rug is large, fold the rolled-up cover in half lengthwise.
  2. Spread out the rug pad on the spot where you want the rug to be. The grippy rubber side should be down and the clingy hook side should be up.
  3. Then, line up the rolled rug cover along one edge of the rug pad, allowing about a one-inch overhang on all sides.
  4. Next, unroll the rug cover. As you unroll it, move along on your hands and knees and smooth it by pushing with the palms of your hands from the center towards the edges of the rug. Don't tuck the rug pad into the corners of the rug cover.

If the cover isn't lying flat, just continue smoothing it with your palms. It's that simple!

Can you get samples from Ruggable?

It can be really hard to make a decision about what kind of rug you want. You can order samples from Ruggable to see how the covers look in your space! The samples are 10" by 10" and come with a free rug pad. They are $5 per sample and you need to order a minimum of three at a time.  You can order samples by emailing Ruggable at [email protected].

In Closing

The Ruggable system is super easy to use, with various choices on rug pile and pad cushioning. You can select the best option for your home in thicknesses from 0.3" to 1.6". Always measure first, including beneath the doorway, to ensure that your new rug will fit nicely in the allotted space. 

Before you purchase a Ruggable rug, you might want to check out "What Type of Rugs For Hardwood Floors [5 Great Options." 

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