How To Arrange Plants In Living Room [7 Amazing Suggestions!]

There's nothing like the look and energy provided by having plants in your home, but how should you arrange them? If you wondered if there are some excellent arrangements for plants in the living room, you are in luck. We researched aesthetically pleasing and practical placements for plants that will inspire and invigorate you. Continue reading to discover helpful suggestions.

Plants are a natural source of color, clean the air, and instantly give your mood a positive boost. Check out our suggested list of ways to display plants in a living room:

  • On shelving
  • Display on a console table
  • Use baskets
  • Beside the sofa
  • Hanging off a wall
  • In the windowsill
  • In the corner

No matter if you have a small or spacious living room, adding plants provides visual interest and healthy benefits.  Read on to learn how to make the most of your plants artfully in the living room.

Overview of natural nature themed living room, How To Arrange Plants In Living Room [7 Amazing Suggestions!]

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Create A Green Oasis At Home

Beautiful arrangements of plants peppered along a windowsill, standing majestically in a corner, or hanging near a sofa are just a few ways to transform a living room into a vibrant sanctuary. Having plants in one of the most well-used spaces in a home is perfect for adding a pop of color, cleaning the air, and making a room feel grounded. Please take a look at some of our visual examples and learn how to pull off the look for your home.

Shelf Display

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Gray corner couch with pillows and blankets in white living room interior with windows and glass door and fresh tulips on end table

Living rooms are a natural place for showing off floating shelves, bookcases, and ladder-style shelving. So, why not add a nesting of plants on every level, or surround small potted plants around framed pictures, books, or decor? Depending on the amount of space between each shelf, it is best to use small potted plants that don't take up too much space or require too much sunlight.

Brighten up a smaller living room using hanging or floating shelves with succulents, spider plants, or ivy.  Display a large menagerie of flora using a mix of cacti, violets, or jade plants on a bookcase. 

Check out this ladder-style bamboo shelving on Amazon.

Check out these whimsical floating shelves on Amazon.

The Console Table

An armchair standing next to a small table and a sofa in spacious living room interior with cupboard and shelves with plants behind

Move beyond the idea of using a console table to display vintage dishes, framed art, or a stack of magazines, and display plants, too. You can host one or two medium or large ceramic pots with a tall snake plant, bamboo, a fiddle leaf fig, or parlor palm for visual drama. Cluster three or more plants together atop a console table in front of a window for a natural focal point of light and greenery.

Check out this industrial-style console table on Amazon.

Basket Planters

Overview of natural nature themed living room

Create a modern curated jungle or an at-home vacation spot with plants in eclectic woven baskets. Pull off this contemporary to boho-style look by using baskets of different sizes in the same color family. You get a nice contrast between the plants' textures and the containers, adding an earthy, primitive mystique. Place larger palms or indoor trees in the corners. Arrange medium to smaller plants on a coffee table, clustered atop side tables, or beside the sofa.

Check out this seagrass woven basket on Amazon.

Nestled Beside The Couch

Pouf and white fur in spacious floral living room interior with wooden bench, beige sofas and plants

Make a bold statement and embrace your sofa with a cluster of plants on both sides. On one side, you can stagger plants of varying heights using shelving, decorative stands, or end tables. The opposite side of the couch can host one or two towering indoor trees for visual contrast. Choosing this look makes your living room feel serene, and the sofa becomes an enchanting space surrounded by greenery.

Check out this simple, clean pot for plants on Amazon.

Hanging Off The Wall

Stylish Scandinavian living room interior with design sofa, furniture, tropical plants and decoration

If your living room wall has wainscotting or slightly extended areas where there is a ledge, you can hang or display plants here. Create a cascading wall of hanging ivy, ferns, or another vine-type plant to beautify your room. Make things picture-perfect by arranging plants to hang off the wall behind a couch or between a pair of windows on the main wall. The mantle is another great place to hang plants that drape over for a chic touch.

Window View

Stylish Scandinavian interior of living room with small design table and sofa

The window is a natural and prime place to display or hang plants. Either hang plants from hooks in tasteful macrame pot hangers or stagger plants of varying sizes along the window sill. You get a beautiful view to enjoy every time you gaze at the window, and sun-loving plants will thrive in the space.

Check out this set of macrame plant hangers on Amazon.

Corner Star

Modern living room with potted plant

Create a sophisticated look for your living room by choosing a stunning plant from the desert or jungle. In a living room with soft tones of sand, beige, tan, or light brown, a plant that mostly stalks with striking long leaves in clusters looks amazing. Make a plant a significant focal point in a living room by placing it in a corner where it immediately catches the eye.

Check out this plant stand and pot combination on Amazon.

Where To Place Plants For Good Feng Shui?

We could all use a little more good luck and energy in our lives, so displaying plants according to Feng Shui is perfect for the living room. Stand in the doorway of your living room and look to place plants with smooth, rounded foliage in the far left corner of the room. The left corner of the room helps bring prosperity into your lives and home.

And, don't forget always to choose plants that are healthy to attract powerful energy. Never display sickly plants in auspicious spaces, which leads to negative results.

What Indoor Plants Look Good Together?

Enjoy a living room filled with lush houseplants by grouping them according to similar needs for light, temperature, water, and aesthetic appeal. Place ferns together like silver ribbon fern, lemon button fern, and staghorn fern. Create a lovely mix of a snake plant paired with a fiddle leaf fig and a ZZ plant. Find what plants inspire you and make a stunning display.

What Do You Put Under Potted Plants?

If you are looking for items to place under a potted plant, you have plenty of options. You can choose from baskets, cork pads, decorative plates, double up on your pots, or use a decorative stand made from wood or metal. Remember, whatever you place under your potted plant should not obstruct airflow and allow for adequate water drainage as needed. 

Check out these cork pads for plants on Amazon.

How Can I Water My Indoor Plants Without Making A Mess?

Thirsty plants need occasional watering, but that doesn't mean your furniture and floors should risk being damaged. Be smart and choose to double pot your plants, place a saucer under the plant, or add a cork pad to absorb excess water but allow airflow. Consider using a smart meter to alert you when your plants need water to eliminate guesswork and overwatering too.

In Closing

The living room is a prime location to add some plants to your window, in the corner of your room, or staggered on shelves. Feel inspired and uplifted every time you enter the living room when you have a modern indoor garden to enjoy. Plants are a natural home decor item, help clean the air, look stunning when placed in decorative pots or plant stands, and provide texture and visual interest. 

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