How To Arrange The Furniture In A Den?

Arranging the furniture in a den can seem like a significant undertaking but does not have to be one. A den is supposed to be a place where friends and family hang out and have fun, so let's match that energy when decorating. Lucky for you, we have done our research and found some great information and design tips to share.

Your den's furniture should be arranged as if you are decorating a mini living room. A den is essentially going to work as a second living room space and should be fun and have an open layout. Your den's layout should follow these general guidelines:

  • Arrange your furniture in an open layout style
  • Create a beauty room or extra closet space 
  • Create a space for gaming and fun
  • Combine living and storage space in your den

Deciding what to do with your den can be overwhelming, but sticking with a theme or general idea will make this process easier. Combining many uses in one space is always a good plan and will create a room you will live in. Let's keep reading and get into some of our favorite style and arrangement tips!

Play party room home interior with pool table, How To Arrange The Furniture In A Den?

A Typical Den 

Play party room home interior with pool table

Before we even get into den decorating ideas, we wanted to give you an idea of what space may qualify as a den. When you think of a standard den, the first image in your head is probably a movie theatre or gaming room in someone's mega-mansion. The good news is, that is not actually what most dens will look like. A den is any room in your home that you wish to add seating and comfort to, no matter your space's size. 

What is the point of a den?

Having a den in your home is like having an extra few seats in your car; you can't go wrong with one. Dens have different meanings depending on what region of the country you live in, but most times are simply a space to chill out and enjoy quality time with your house members. Dens are typically used as second living spaces and even game rooms in many homes. We have also seen people use their den space as a beauty room or vlogging room for social media and the internet in general. 

Game Room 

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Our first style of a den is being used as a place to play games and have fun. Your basement might be the best option for this type of den because you will definitely be making some noise. Creating a game room out of your den space is a great idea for kids and even adults who enjoy playing games and having a space to unwind. 

Beauty Room / Extra Closet 

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Arranging your den space as a beauty room or second closet is also on our list of recommendations because who doesn't want extra space to get ready? Another den idea could be to create a space to vlog and film content for an online business or just as a hobby. Your den can quickly become your favorite and most important room in your home if you choose its purpose wisely. 

Extra Storage Space 

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Making your den a storage space, as well as a hangout area, is a great way to use your den. Creating wall shelves or simply buying a few bookcases can help clear out the floor and make room for furniture and other accessories. Clutter is a major no-no when it comes to a home's final look. 

What is the size of a den?

A den is usually a small room but also can be an entire floor of a home. Many people consider a basement the best space to create a den, while others choose a spare bedroom or nook. Your den should be a full room with a door or at least a wall to keep the flow of your home cohesive. In its definition, a den is a space where you can do activities in private and be away from the main home. 

Smaller Den 

Sitting room interior with sport equipment in the basement and corner sofa

Using a smaller space as a den can be an excellent idea for those of us who may not know what else to put there. When in doubt, add a cute sofa and make your tiny space your lounge. Even putting exercise equipment in the corner so you can work out away from others in your house is an idea to consider. 

Larger Den 

Lower level with pool table, carpet floor and sofa

Using your basement as a den is a good way to utilize a usually neglected space in your home. Your basement does not have to look like a scene from a horror m0vie and can be a great entertainment space. This is a regional idea, though, as tropical climates won't have a basement (legally). 

What furniture goes into a den?

Even though there are no wrong answers when it comes to decorating a den, there are better options. A sofa or bean bag is a good start when it comes to your dens furnishing. Also, deciding on a gaming table or system is the gift that keeps on giving and will have you glued for hours. Your den should be warm and welcoming, not too stuffy or uncomfortable. 

Surprisingly, there is a crazy amount of den photos and design inspiration for you to look at before decorating your space. If a den is not your style, try making your space something you will love and enjoy for years down the road. 

Chill Sack Bean Bag

Our first find is this massive bean bag from the company Chill Sack. Bean bags are standard in dens and living rooms across the globe and are just so comfortable. We've all accidentally slept the night on a bean bag and will probably end up doing it many more times. Follow this link to see this bean bag on Amazon.

Yaheetech Convertible Sofa Bed 

Another great piece of furniture to add to your den would be a sofa sleeper. Having something that can work as extra seating and sleeping is a great way to decorate your den. This is a good idea for sleepovers and hanging out in your den. Check out this sofa sleeper on Amazon here.

JOOLA Inside Professional Ping Pong Table 

For those of you who are considering a gaming theme to your den, trying a ping pong table out is a sure win. Ping pong tables are fairly easy to build and come in at a more affordable price tag than other styles. Follow this link to Amazon to see this table. 

Den Inspiration

[PIN id="4855512088026357" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

When it comes to decorating and furnishing your den, it does come down to what use it will have for you. The example above is a middle of the road option and does a great job of being comfortable and very stylish. You can see how the design follows a grey color scheme and uses white cabinets to compliment the grey walls and sofa. Try adding a splash of color or texture in your den to draw the eye and open your space up. 

Home Office Alternative 

[PIN id="1337074881625048" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

We did not mention home workspaces initially but have decided to include some inspiration for all of you busy bees. Creating a home office out of your den space is a great way to utilize your room and make it your special area. This example is a very well designed open office that quite frankly makes us wanna do a little writing. 

The Wrap Up

There is no wrong way to use a den space, and it should be a fun designing process. Creating your den to fit your style and life is super important and can add a lot of value to your home. Whether you are an at-home worker, fitness addict, beauty guru, or just wanting to play some ping pong, this room is entirely for you. There's a reason a den is meant to be intimate and cozy, and it should be a place where you can unwind. Now it's time to begin your design process and transform your space into an oasis!

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