How to Assemble a Ryobi Vacuum Cleaner [Step by Step Guide]

Ryobi is one of the premier names in power tools, and their cleaning solutions, such as their vacuum cleaners, are also top-notch. How do you assemble a Ryobi vacuum cleaner step by step? We've researched this question and have an answer.

To assemble the Ryobi 18V ONE+ Stick Vacuum, follow these instructions:

  • Attach the wand to the floorhead
  • Connect the vacuum to the wand
  • Insert the included battery
  • Grip the handle and press it once to turn on the Brushbar
  • Begin using your vacuum cleaner

This post will delve into the assembly instructions for all sorts of Ryobi vacuum cleaners, so keep reading! There’s lots of great information to come.

cordless vacuum cleaner is used to clean the carpet in the room, How To Assemble A Ryobi Vacuum Cleaner [Step By Step Guide]

How to Assemble the Ryobi 18V ONE+ Stick Vacuum

Let’s begin by going over the assembly instructions for the Ryobi 18V ONE+ Stick Vacuum.

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Step 1. Open the Box

In the box, you should find everything you need to begin using your new Ryobi vacuum cleaner, including a wall mount, powered floorhead, vacuum wand, extra filter, crevice tool, and dusting brush.

If you’re missing any of these parts, contact Ryobi customer support. The 18V ONE+ Stick Vacuum is protected under Ryobi’s six-year replacement warranty, so you should have all the parts right out of the box.

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Step 2. Attach the Floorhead and Wand

Now it’s time to get building. The wand is the long, cylindrical part of the ONE+ Stick Vacuum. Hold the wand firmly in one hand and attach the floorhead, which is the part of the vacuum cleaner with the vacuum head.

With the floor head facing forward, it should slot into the wand without difficulty.

Step 3. Attach the Vacuum and the Wand

Next, it’s time to connect the wand to the rest of the vacuum. To do this, firmly grip the wand in one hand as you did before and attach it to the vacuum.

The vacuum includes a handle and a translucent plastic port for catching dust and other contaminants. The handle side should face you when attaching the vacuum to the wand.

Step 4. Insert the Battery

The ONE+ Stick Vacuum includes a ONE+ battery and charger that both fit into the vacuum. The battery should lock onto the top of the vacuum so it can hold a charge without the need to plug your Ryobi vacuum into a wall.

Step 5. Activate the Vacuum

Holding the vacuum handle, give the included handle button one press. That will activate the Brushbar. Your vacuum should turn right on. You’re ready to use it at this point.

To turn off the Brushbar, press the power button again.

Step 6. Assemble the Wall Mount

The wall mount has two gray plastic components. The smaller component locks into the larger one.

Align the wall mount on the wall where you want it, then screw it into place using a drill. You can use the wall mount to store the vacuum accessories you aren’t using and for keeping the ONE+ Stick Vacuum until you need it again.

Check out this video for more details.

How to Assemble the Ryobi 6-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

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If you bought Ryobi’s 6 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum, we have tips for you. Let’s review the assembly instructions for this cleaning tool.

Step 1. Open the Box

In the box, you should find the wet/dry vac itself, a float accessory, a filter, accessories, and a hose. Again, contact Ryobi customer support if you’re missing any of these parts or if they look like they’ve been tampered with.

If you bought your wet/dry vac new, the vacuum should still have an active warranty to protect against parts damage and theft.

Step 2. Insert the Float into the Vacuum Base

The vacuum base of the Ryobi Wet/Dry Vacuum detaches from the neon green tank.

Turn the base upside down. In the center, you should see a large circular port.

Take the float and insert it into the circular port. Both components will have arrows printed on the plastic to ensure proper alignment.

The box should have included three screws for tightening this connection. Insert each one and, with a screwdriver, rotate it until the screws are firmly in place.

Step 3. Connect the Filter to the Bottom of the Tank

The bottom of the neon green tank should contain a spot for you to insert the included filter. Put the filter in and rotate it until it’s in place.

Step 4. Attach the Vacuum to the Tank

Turn the vacuum upside down, inserting it into the tank. Take one of the included clips and lock it on the top of the vacuum. The + signs you see on the clips should face downward. Repeat this for the other clips.

You can watch this video for more information.

How to Assemble the Ryobi RBV2400ESMP Blower Vacuum

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Another type of vacuum cleaner that Ryobi manufactures is a blower vacuum. You can use this vacuum for cleaning beneath hedges and treating paved paths covered in leaves and other outdoor debris. Follow along for assembly instructions.

Step 1. Open the Box

The Ryobi RBV2400ESMP Blower Vacuum includes the vacuum itself, a vacuum bag, and several sizes of plastic tubing. Compare what should be in the box with the product instructions to ensure you have all the included parts.

As we’ve said before, if you’re missing anything, contact Ryobi customer support to discuss getting refunded or replacing the missing parts.

Step 2. Assemble the Lower Tube

First, you’ll begin with the lower tube. This part of the blower vac has three plastic parts of varying sizes. Take the smallest part of the tube with the opening on the end.

Next, find the second-smallest part of the tube. Holding the two tube pieces in each hand, snap them together. They should lock firmly into place.

After that, take the largest part of the lower tube, which has a plastic clip on it. Grab that in one hand and hold the partially assembled tube in the other. Snap these two pieces into place until they lock.

Step 3. Connect the Wheels to the Lower Tube

The lower tube should have wheels, so once you have assemble all three parts, it’s time to add them.

The wheelbase includes two wheels and a black plastic attachment. The attachment should face right-side up. It slides into place beneath the lower tube on the protrusion on the second part of the tube.

The wheelbase should lock into place. If you installed it correctly, the wheels should sit just below the nozzle opening of the first part of the lower tube.

Step 4. Put the Vacuum Tube Together

Next, it’s time to move on to the larger black plastic cylindrical pieces, of which you should see two. These comprise the vacuum tube.

Hold one part of the tube in each hand and carefully slide them into one another. Since these tubes are bigger, they can be a bit unwieldy, so don’t rush.

As with the smaller tubes, the larger parts of the vacuum tube will lock into place and snap.

Step 5. Insert the Lower Tube into the Blower Vacuum

Take the neon green blower vacuum and hold it so it’s right-side up. You should see a square-shaped open hole at the top of the blower vacuum.

Take the lower tube and insert it into that hole. The wheels should be underneath the tube and not over the top of it.

Step 6. Insert the Vacuum Tube into the Blower Vacuum

The blower vacuum should also feature a larger cylindrical opening above the opening where the lower tube went. This larger opening is for the vacuum tube.

Take the assembled tube and lock it into place in the blower vacuum.

It should have three attachment points in all: a white plastic Ryobi button on the blower vac, a white plastic switch on the vacuum tube, and a white locking clip with a metal attachment on top of the blower vac that locks onto the tube. Push the clip in place.

You should hear a click, which indicates the micro-switch is engaged. If you don’t hear a click, the blower vacuum will not turn on.

Step 7. Attach the Bag

Place the blower vac on its side and grab the included bag. It has two attachment points.

The first is underneath the vacuum, and the second is on the lower tube’s third component. Underneath that part of the tube, you’ll find a hook for securing the bag.

Once you plug in the blower vac, it’s ready to use!

For more details, check out this video.

Wrapping Up

cordless vacuum cleaner is used to clean the carpet in the room

Assembling a Ryobi vacuum cleaner needn’t be difficult, no matter which kind of vacuum you’re interested in. We hope these steps help you put together your Ryobi vacuum today!

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