How To Attach House Numbers Without Screws

House numbers have a significant visual impact and functionality for your home. If you're wondering about the best approach in attaching house numbers besides screws, you've come to the right place. We've researched this matter and gathered the best information to share.

These are the simple and easy steps on how to attach your house number without screws by using adhesive instead:

  1. Choose the location of your house numbers
  2. Eliminate dirt on the wall
  3. Clean the back of the number
  4. Apply adhesive
  5. Position the number properly
  6. Remove excess adhesive
  7. Apply painter's tape
  8. Let it dry

House numbers certainly make it simpler for visitors to locate your correct address. Read on to learn how to attach house numbers without screws, if house numbers should go on the left or right of doors, and what size should your house numbers be.

Bright red front door with the house number 5 and the five in elegant Silver metal with a peep hole den close up, How To Attach House Numbers Without Screws

A Guide To Attaching House Numbers Without Screws

House Numbers from Italy Industrial Numbers

House numbers certainly serve a purpose because they help people locate your property. You can also upgrade your house number to give the outside of your property a fresh new look.

Consider your home's architectural style before choosing house numbers. You should also take the background material for your home numbers into account.

In terms of attaching house numbers, drilling them into your wall can cause structural damage. However, if you are reluctant to drill into your wall, the best, simpler, and faster alternative is to use adhesive. Here are the ways how to apply house numbers to your exterior wall using adhesive:

1. Choose the Location of Your House Numbers

Shallow focus view of a brass number 13 number seen attached to the entrance of a brick-built terraced house in this english market town.

Select a section on your exterior wall or door where people can easily see it. Measure the area's dimensions with a tape measure to see if the numbers can fit right into it. Take your measurements carefully for the most accurate result.

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2. Eliminate Dirt on the Wall

Remove any loose dirt from the mounting surface. Remove the last house numbers first if you have any. You may also opt to use a sharp edge tool to remove any dried adhesive carefully. Use warm water and soap to wash your wall and eliminate debris present around the installation area. 

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Surfaces should be level to enable ample contact for the best outcomes. You must also have at least one porous surface. Remember that the wall must be free of loose paint.

3. Clean the Back of the Number

Ensure that the area to which you attach your house numbers is dry and clean. Sand the back of the numbers to a dull polish to improve adherence.               

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4. Apply the Adhesive

Apply wavy and continuous lines of adhesive after the area has been clean and dry.

Make use of solid construction adhesive like Gorilla glue. It is one of the top adhesives you can use to attach house numbers to your wall. You can use the adhesive for indoor and outdoor applications because it is waterproof and temperature resistant. 

Its ability to bind various surfaces together makes for the perfect adhesive for affixing a wall or door surface. Avoid making direct contact with the skin or eyes when applying glue. It could be a bothersome irritation.

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5. Position the Number Properly

Firmly affix the number to the wall or door. Level the numbers and position them correctly where you want to see them.

6. Remove Excess Adhesive

Use a small flat chisel to remove any extra adhesive that may have leaked out around the house numbers.

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7. Apply Painter's Tape

Keeping the numbers in place for long enough for the adhesive to set can be challenging. So, temporarily secure the numbers with painter's tape. 

Apply the painter's tape horizontally on every number. Carefully remove the tape once the construction glue has properly dried. Don't worry because the painter's tape is simple to remove.

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8. Let it Dry

Give it 24 hours to dry. Remember that cool temperatures and excessive humidity extend the dry time. 

Factors To Consider When Attaching House Numbers

House numbers are increasingly popular in exterior home design. They ensure you receive the correct mail and distinguish between your residence and your neighbors.

It's an incredibly affordable and intriguing method to enhance the charm and style of your home. Below are the different factors to consider when attaching house numbers:

1. Location

Take into consideration where your numbers will be mounted when choosing them. One of the difficult parts is selecting the best location for your house numbers.

House number 380 sign on gate

You can hang house numbers near the front door, a fence close to the sidewalk, or the mailbox.

2. Alignment

House address numbers attached to residential property

Off-center signs can give the entire property an odd and unattractive appearance. Thus, make sure to align the house number properly.

3. Visibility

A modern single family house with a entrance doors

You can display your house numbers in various ways, but the main thing is that people can see them from the street. Placing the sign where people can see it is the cardinal rule of sign hanging. 

The numbers become more noticeable when you position them higher. Be mindful of the trees or shrubs that might prevent the house number from being seen.

House numbers should be simple to see at night. To have it lit brightly, it is a good idea to set it next to a light source. Also, your home numbers can be challenging to read if you place them together.

4. Design

House number thirteen (13)

House numbers are a terrific method to decorate your house and express your unique sense of style. They must stand out dramatically from the surrounding area for better visibility. 

You can paint your house numbers whatever color you want. But, black numbers might not be your greatest option for placing numerals on a dark colored facade. 

By selecting the appropriate font style, you can increase the visibility of your home numbers, too. 

5. Material

Pick materials for your house numbers that are made of a long-lasting, firm substance and water-resistant so that they can withstand a lot of damage from being exposed to outside elements.

Do House Numbers Go On The Left Or Right Of The Door?

Modern house entrance with parking car next to it

The positioning of your house numbers depends on your taste. However, most owners hang their house numbers at the right of their door. Always place it where it is visible to people down the streets.

How Big Should The Numbers On The House Be?

Your house numbers should be visible to everyone walking outside the streets. You must post house numbers close to the home's main entrance. Choose the look that best matches you and your house as you gather inspiration.

You should take the size of visible house numbers into account first. Determine the height you want for your number sign. For a typical home setback, the average house number size is at least three to six inches tall.  

This size is large enough to be seen from the street. This will also allow people to naturally observe the sign without squinting or straining their necks to see it because it is well within the typical person's vision plane.

The distance between your home and the street is what determines everything. If your home is significantly situated back from the road, make your purchases as big as possible without looking garish. Remember that little signs are challenging to read, and oversized signs are unsightly.

Place the house numbers not too high or too low, and always avoid using words for your house numbers. If you'd prefer, you may also construct this sign with a horizontal orientation.

In Closing 

Attaching house numbers without screws is quick and easy by following the abovementioned steps. Adhesive will always be a great option for attaching your house numbers if you don't want to drill your walls. It will surely give your house numbers a clean and robust attachment.

You may select your ideal home numbers that are practical and unique to your taste. Ensure to choose a material that can withstand weather conditions and can last for a long time. You may always design it the way you want it to be.

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