How To Care For Natuzzi Leather Furniture

If you are considering purchasing furniture made from Natuzzi leather, you may be wondering how to care for this specific type of leather. Does it need to be cleaned at all? Can you apply conditioner to it? These are common questions asked by people who are looking to purchase furniture made from Natuzzi leather. We’ve done a bit of research on Natuzzi leather to determine the best maintenance and care methods to utilize to keep the furniture look at its best. In this post, we will break them down for you.
Here are the tasks involved in cleaning and maintaining Natuzzi leather:
  1. Vacuum surface dirt and debris.
  2. Remove any stains or spills.
  3. Lift any oil-based stains.
  • Clean it weekly
  • Keep it away from heat.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Use the right cleaning products.
As you can see, caring for and maintaining Natuzzi leather is very similar to caring for most types of leather. Continue reading to learn more about the steps involved in keeping your Natuzzi leather clean and maintained.

A Natuzzi leather sofa inside a ranch inspired living room with hard wooden flooring, How To Care For Natuzzi Leather Furniture

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How To Clean Natuzzi Leather Furniture

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Up close photo of a red Natuzzi leather sofa

1. Vacuum surface dirt and debris

Start by using a soft brush or cloth to clean your Natuzzi furniture and remove any dirt or debris from its surface. You can also use a handheld vacuum or upholstery attachment. Pay special attention to the areas around the seams and the crevices between the seating cushions and the back areas. Avoid scrubbing the leather furniture too harshly, as you don’t want to scratch the surface.

2. Remove any stains or spills

Use a stain remover specifically designed for Natuzzi leather or homemade solutions (Natuzzi should recommend it–they should have a neutral pH) to remove any surface stains from your furniture. For common stains, such as tea, soda, food, wine, and urine, a mild stain remover may work fine. For stains such as blood or ink, refer to your care guide on the best solutions to remove them (typically, rubbing alcohol is recommended, but this may vary by product). You can also visit the Natuzzi site for care recommendations.
Start by dampening the cleaning cloth with water. Next, apply your cleaning solution directly to the cloth and wipe away any stains using circular motions. Start on the outside of the stain and then work your way to the inside, as not to spread the stain around the furniture. Once you have lifted the stain, use another dry cloth to block any excess water from the product. 

3. Lift any oil-based stains

If you have any oil-based stains (i.e., ketchup, mayonnaise, chocolate, grease, etc.) on your Natuzzi leather, you can remove them using a citrus-based cleaner or leather cleaner (such as Leather Honey). The key to removing oil-based stains from the leather is to avoid rubbing the stain in when applying the cleaning solution.
To remove oil-based stains, apply your cleaning solution to a sponge or soft rag and gently rub the stain from the outer edge toward its center. Apply more solution as needed until the grease is completely lifted from the furniture. Next, use a wet cloth to wipe the cleaner from the leather to prevent any residue from drying on it. Finally, use another dry cloth to blot the furniture dry.

Tip for Removing Oil-based Stains

If the oil stain persists, consider applying absorbent paper to the affected area to help lift the oil from the surface of the furniture. You can also apply a bit of perchloroethylene using a soft cloth. Afterward, wipe the affected area down with a damp cloth, then blot it with a dry cloth. When drying the leather, be sure not to wipe it too roughly, as you don’t want to cause the color to fade prematurely. 
It’s best to apply conditioner or oil to your Natuzzi leather furniture throughout the year to keep it shiny and moisturized. To apply oils or conditioners, always apply them directly to a soft cloth. Gently buff it into the furniture’s surface, starting at the back and sides if it’s a couch or a chair, and finish with the seating. Allow the conditioner or oil to set into the furniture for about 12 to 24 hours. Don’t use the furniture during this time.

Ways To Maintain Natuzzi Leather Furniture

Clean it weekly

Try to dust your Natuzzi furniture every week. You can use a feather duster, clean white cloth, or clean rag to do this–as long as the cloth is abrasive. Never use colored cloth on the furniture, as the cloth’s dyes may transfer to the furniture. When wiping the furniture down, use gentle circular strokes and pay special attention to the seams of the furniture and the sides of the seating cushions, where most dust will accumulate. 

Keep it away from heat.

It’s best to keep your Natuzzi furniture at least 20 inches from any indoor heat sources. This includes radiators, vents, and fireplaces. If your furniture is located in a room with space heaters, be sure to place them at least three to four feet away from it as they can cause the furniture to dry out and crack. 

Keep it away from direct sunlight.

When possible, keep your Natuzzi furniture away from direct sunlight. Prolonged periods of direct sunlight can cause the furniture to fade, peel, and crack over time. It’s best to avoid placing the furniture near the south and west-facing windows with no shades covering them. 

Use the right cleaning products.

Always use recommended Natuzzi cleaners on your furniture and avoid any abrasive cleaners that may damage its surface. If you’re unsure whether or not a cleaner will stain the furniture, perform a small spot test on an inconspicuous area, such as the bottom of a sofa cushion or the back of a chair. Natuzzi recommends only using neutral soaps to clean their products. 

Removing Tough Stains From Natuzzi Leather 

Wine/Beer/Soft Drinks

To remove these types of stains, start by blotting up the stain as soon as possible so that it will not set into the fabric. Next, use a wide non-abrasive cloth to clean the stain. Natuzzi recommends using a vinegar solution of one part water and one part vinegar if the stain cannot be removed with water alone.
Be sure to spray the solution onto the cloth and work it into the material using a circular motion. Follow up the vinegar solution with a wipe down using a damp cloth. Once the stain has lifted, blot the furniture with a dry microfiber or leather cleaning cloth.


For tea and coffee stains, use a white non-abrasive cloth to remove the stain from the furniture. You can prepare a quick cleaning solution by mixing mild dishwashing detergent (2-3 drops) with 3 cups of water. Start on the stain’s outer area and use circular wiping motions until you work your way toward the center of the stain.
If the stain persists, use a solution containing 10% ammonia and dilute it with 3 cups of water. Next, wipe down the affected area with a damp cloth to remove any soap residue. Finally, blot the area with a dry cloth.

A Word of Caution

  • Be wary of blankets, clothes, pillows, and throws that are not color-fast (meaning they contain dyes that will bleed easily), as they may transfer to the furniture. 
  • Be aware of sharp or metal objects that can scuff or scratch your leather furniture, such as scissors, keys, buckles, or handbags. You should also be cautious of allowing pets to jump on your leather furniture, as the claws on their paws can easily scratch its surface. 
  • Never use any cleaners containing bleach, ammonia, or acetone as they can permanently dye or damage your Natuzzi leather furniture. Only mild soaps should be used to clean surface stains.
  • Sometimes, superficial scratches can be removed by simply rubbing them on with your fingertips. The oil on your fingertips will blend with the leather’s natural oils, which will buff out the scratch.
  • Your manufacturer’s care guide should include instructions on how to condition your leather properly. However, in some instances, you may use natural oils such as coconut, olive, or mineral oil. 
  • Never apply a hairdryer to your Natuzzi leather furniture, as it may cause it to dry out and crack. If your furniture begins to stretch, it’s best to contact a local furniture repair shop to assist with getting the sofa or chair back to its original shape and size.

Is Natuzzi real leather?

An upclose photo of an olive green colored Natuzzi leather sofa

Natuzzi is real leather. It is considered “high-quality” Italian leather and is used to make various types of furniture, including sofas, sectionals, office chairs, and ottomans.

Who makes Natuzzi furniture?

Natuzzi leather furniture is made by the Natuzzi Group, manufacturing plants in Italy, China, and Brazil. Their products are mostly sold through mono-brand stores and galleries throughout the United States and Europe.

How long does a Natuzzi couch last?

Natuzzi leather furniture is said to last around 15 years, given it is well-maintained and kept away from direct sunlight.

Wrapping Things Up

By following the tips outlined in this post, you can help ensure that your Natuzzi leather furniture lasts as long as possible. The key tips to remember are to clean up any spills immediately, avoid exposing the leather furniture to direct sunlight, and only use recommended products for cleaning and conditioning. It’s also best to refer to your furniture’s maintenance/care guide if you are unsure about a specific cleaning method or product.
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