How to Change Bathroom Tiles without Removing Them

Dated tiles can be an eyesore due to their unpleasant appearance. The thought of removing the tiles may also give you a headache. But is there a way to rejuvenate your bathroom tiles without removing them? Yes, it is totally possible to bring new life to your bathroom by keeping the old tiles out of sight. You can also do this at a low cost without removing the dated tiles.

In this article, we will delve into how you can cover your dated tiles at a low cost. We will look into tricks and hacks that will not need a lot of energy. You will be running to revamp your bathroom sooner rather than later.

Amazing spacious bathroom with sand beige tiles, How to Change Bathroom Tiles without Removing Them

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Using Tile Paint

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If your bathroom has an old color palette, this is the right method for you. Here is how you can paint your tiles.

  1. Start by removing the grout. You can do this with a brush, mop, scrub, or tile cleaner. Additionally, you can sand your tiles to add roughness to the surface before painting.
  2. Increase the level of ventilation. Open your window or turn on the fans to increase ventilation levels.
  3. Prepare your materials. Make sure all your materials are ready before you start painting.
  4.  Apply the paint to the grout and tiles. You will have to leave it to dry before proceeding.
  5. For a smooth stroke, apply the original coat of the tile.
  6. Let the first coat dry and then reapply the second coat and also let it dry.
  7. Apply a sealant over the tiles you have painted.
  8. Now reapply the grout for great new tiles

Advantages of Using Tile Paint

Painting is an easy way of redecorating your tiles without removing them. Here are some of the benefits of painting tiles:

  • You will upgrade your tiles and make them look new.
  • You can customize your bathroom to your preferences.
  • Painted tiles will give you a good service with their durability. They will hold against regular wear and tear.
  • It saves you money that would go to retiling your bathroom.

Disadvantages of Using Tile Paint

  • If it is a DIY project, you will have to do a lot of work preparing, designing, and painting.
  • Painting with multiple coats will be time-consuming.
  • An error could lead to chipping and peeling of the paint.

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Using Tile-Effect Wall Panels

3D wall or floor geometry background natural daylight.

Tile-effect panels are another cheaper alternative to replacing tiles. The panels are made of PVC, which is 100% waterproof, and you can choose from a variety of sizes, designs, and dimensions. You can also make it a DIY project or hire skilled personnel who will do the job in a blink of an eye.

Pros of Using Tile-Effect Wall Panels

PVC tile-effect wall panels come with the following advantages:

  • They are 100% waterproof.
  • They offer durable quality.
  • They are quick and easy to install.
  • You will not require cement or grout.
  • They are cheaper than tiles.

Cons of Using PVC Tile-Effect Wall Panels

Here are some of the disadvantages you should look out for when installing tile-effect wall panels:

  • The product has an artificial nature.
  • The product has softer material than other products.

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Use of Beadboard

Retro blue and white wooden wall panel background

A beadboard is an awesome addition to your bathroom for that fresh look. The main purpose of a beadboard is usually wainscoting. They offer the advantage of buying them in large sheets and then choosing the color you will paint them.

You will need to cut the board to fit into the desired area you are covering. You will then apply a sufficient layer of liquid nails as an adhesive to the dated tiles, then slowly press on the beadboard. Additionally, use traditional nails to keep the edges in place.

Pros of Using a Beadboard

Here are some of the advantages of using a beadboard:

  • A beadboard is visually appealing.
  • They are relatively affordable when compared to other tile coverings.
  • You can do it as a DIY project with basic carpentry skills.
  • You can paint a beadboard to match the bathroom.

Cons of Using a Beadboard

Here are some of the disadvantages you will need to look out for when using a beadboard:

  • Traditional beadboards are hard to install.
  • A faulty overhead plumbing can damage them.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are also known as square carpet rolls or modular and can be joined together to form a whole carpet.                 Carpet tiles are available and many shapes, with complex ones being more expensive. Standard carpet tiles are not applicable in bathrooms, but there are some carpet tiles that can be used in your bathroom. The carpet can also be used with vinyl to bring out the best results.

Pros of Using Carpet Tiles

Here are some of the advantages of the application of carpet tiles:

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Offers durability
  • Require little maintenance
  • There are a variety of carpet tiles

Cons of Using Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles may also have shortcomings such as:

  • There is the risk of disfigurement.
  • They may end up with a broken look .
  • Edge fray may be another problem.

Use of Wallpapers

bathroom with ornate wallpaper

Are you looking to have a bathroom makeover? Wallpapers, transfer, and stickers are good solutions for you. You should, however, be wary because not all wallpapers are appropriate for bathrooms. Make sure the vinyl decals you get are labeled as good for rooms with high humidity. Wallpapers are easy to add life to bland and dated tiles, especially those with modern colors and dark patterns.

Pros of Using Wallpapers

You can derive numerous benefits from the use of wallpapers. These benefits may include:

  • Using wallpapers is cost-effective in the long run since they last up to 15 years.
  • Wallpapers hide any surface instantly and adhere quickly.
  • They add depth, warmth, and style to a room in a way that paint cannot achieve.
  • You can choose from an array of designs and textures which will bring great effects to your bathroom.

Cons of Using Wallpapers

Wallpaper use and application come with a few challenges. These are:

  • Application of wallpapers to walls can be time consuming.
  • Old wallpapers can be tiresome to remove.
  • There is preparation work before the application of wallpapers.

Final Remarks

Nice Bathroom Architecture Stock Images,Photos of Living room, Bathroom,Kitchen,Bed room, Office, Interior photography.

Having nasty tiles does not warrant their removal. You can become creative and settle for one of the efficient methods that will not necessitate the removal of old tiles. Many options will let you choose, explore, and even combine styles and materials.

It may be difficult to settle on a material, but going through the pros and cons will be very helpful. Look at your estimated budget and what you want to achieve before settling on a design. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be bland. Add a new design today.

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