How To Choose Accent Chairs

Have you ever thought it was impossible to find accent chairs that made your home look chic and sophisticated? We researched the most important criteria when searching for the perfect accent chair. No matter if you like to entertain guests or need a comfortable alternative to the sofa, we have you covered. Read on to discover how to determine what makes an accent chair a winning choice for your home.

When you are on the hunt for an accent chair, it is best to narrow your search using helpful criteria. Check out the following qualities to consider when purchasing an accent chair.

  • Color
  • Comfort
  • Function
  • Proportion
  • Style
  • Upholstery

If you can focus on the most important qualities you desire from an accent chair, you will be happier with your decision. And don't worry, you can find an accent chair that is both stylish, comfortable, and fits your budget. Please keep reading as we delve into what to consider for each quality and answer some other related questions about coordinating multiple accent chairs --and how many you should have.

Concept interior setup with furniture with accent chair furniture, How To Choose Accent Chairs

How To Choose An Accent Chair

There are so many directions you can take in a living room when you add an accent chair. A wooden, contemporary chair is an excellent choice for a living room filled with glass and leather furniture. A comfy wingback chair provides a classic but comfortable form of seating for a living room with a classic or vintage aesthetic. Remember to focus on the most important quality that your accent chair should deliver before making a final decision. Let's explore some points of interest to guide you to the best accent chair for your home.


Sophisticated living room interior with accent chair

Select an accent chair in a color that already dominates the room, complements the color treatment, or stands alone as a focal piece. Go bold with a contemporary chair in an electric hue, or choose a more demure, traditional color scheme of neutral white, gray, or brown. Look for an accent chair made from distressed leather for interest or a velvety chair in jewel-tone red, blue, or yellow. Get familiar with the power of color theory and what colors look best together to create unity and balance.


Cozy plant inspired living room with gray accent chair

If you make sure to factor in a specific comfort level that an accent chair should provide, you will be more satisfied in the long run. You can find a balanced chair with stunning visual appeal and a pleasant seating experience for relaxing or entertaining. Consider an accent's chair material, whether it has arms, and how wide and deep is the seat. Don't forget you can improve your accent chair's appeal and increase comfort levels by adding a lumbar pillow or throw cushion.


Cozy and comfortable round accent chair. Home interior furniture

Form and function are intertwined, so all accent chairs are not created equal. Some styles of chairs by top designers are more museum-worthy than family-friendly for seating, so be mindful about your intended use for your seating. Living rooms that see many guests should have comfortable, spacious, and inviting chairs. Accent chairs that are rarely used but still functional as seating should be thoughtfully planned out. You may want to use a modern rocking chair, a dining chair, or a boho-style Papasan chair for an accent piece.


Classic Vintage Style Furniture Set in a living room with accent chairs

Make sure you consider how much space you have to work with before bringing home an accent chair. A smaller living room and any smaller furniture would be overshadowed and overwhelmed by a chair that is too large. Keep proportion in mind when choosing chairs that sit lower to the ground or higher up, depending on your height. Try to keep furniture around the same line of sight, so an accent chair isn't towering over a couch or dwarfed by other furnishings in a room.


Modern living room with a unique accent chair, sofa and white lamp

The style of a chair is everything. Specific chair designs will immediately make you stop and look upon entering a room. Some notable accent chairs have made a lasting impression on both the world of art and architecture and set a strong tone or mood. If you are in the market for an accent chair made for visual appeal but not seating, embrace luxury designs. Many industrial or modern homes look breathtaking because of a well=styled accent chair.

When you are in the mood for an everyday seat, you may want to eschew chairs that look like they belong in a museum. Instead, it is better to opt for a chair with a more comfortable, casual style because of its construction material, armrests, and supportive back. Ultimately, the chair's style should match your lifestyle, the room's color treatment, and aesthetic values.


Red velvet accent chairr against white wall

When you have an accent chair, would you rather it be hard, soft, heavily textured, or smooth? The upholstery of a chair is important because it will impact how often you will need to clean your chair, its longevity, and its visual appeal. In a home with kids or pets, you may want a chair made from stain-resistant fabrics that also wick away moisture. A plush chair with touchable velvet, handcrafted leather, or a cotton-synthetic blend may be more desirable for everyday use than a chair made from wicker or wood.

Can You Sit In An Accent Chair?

Accent chairs are not solely around for adding visual impact to a room. You can definitely sit in an accent chair, as they are often used for reading nooks in corners or seating guests. Make sure to keep your comfort in mind if you will frequently sit in an accent chair. You may desire a chair that has a more padded seat, back, and arms for more support.

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Should My Accent Chairs Match?

Air white interior with a stylish pink chair on metal legs and a vintage spotlight

Throw caution to the wind and indulge in pairing two mismatch accent chairs in a room. It is possible to still create a beautiful and functional space without resorting to having a matching set of accent chairs. Explore placing accent chairs in a room that are slightly different colors, heights, or styles. Do make sure to unify your accent seating with coordinating throw cushions or have something shared in common between the two.

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Can You Have Two Different Accent Chairs?

If you are worried about whether or not you can have two different accent chairs, you can. However, for a mismatched pair of accent chairs to be successful, there has to be an element that unites and balances them. Ensure that the accent chairs you use both have a similar or complementary color, fabric, style, embellishments, or sit at the same height. When in doubt, adding some throw cushions that match on both accent chairs is a quick visual fix.

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Can You Use A Dining Chair As An Accent Chair?

It is possible to discover a showstopper dining chair worth putting in the living room, so why should they only be at the dining table? You can create a unique and attractive space using a dining chair as an accent chair. Think of the possibilities when you add a vintage dining chair, a contemporary wooden armless chair, or an opulent dining chair enveloped in velvety fabric beside a couch or loveseat. You get home decor magic.

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In Closing

Concept interior setup with furniture with accent chair furniture, How To Choose Accent Chairs

We hope that you have learned more about helpful criteria to consider when shopping for an accent chair. Accent chairs are a wonderful investment to elevate a living room's style points and provide an alternative to sitting on a loveseat, couch, or ottoman.

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