How To Choose Curtains For The Bedroom

Bedroom curtains are more just a medium for creating a private haven. A curtain with the right lining, length, fabric, and color can add a sense of grace and sophistication to any bedroom. In this post, we’ll help you narrow down your options and select the ideal curtain for your sleeping area.

When choosing a curtain for your bedroom, here are a few essential pointers to think about first:

  • Privacy should be your number one priority. Your bedroom curtain should maintain privacy, even when open.
  • Choose between a ‘sunny’ or formal vibe. Sunny curtains have a lightweight fabric, while the formal ones are a little heavier.
  • The color and pattern of your desired curtain should blend in perfectly with your bedroom design and decor.
  • Dry-clean only or washer machine friendly? Choosing the right wash type can save on costs in the long run.
  • Whether you settle for a trendy or floral geometric, your curtains’ choice should clearly express your unique style.
  • The curtain’s overall layout should also accentuate your bedroom’s interior design.

We understand if you still have tons of questions. Not to worry.n this post, we’ll look into the points above in more detail to make the buying process a lot less overwhelming.

How To Choose Curtains For The Bedroom

These are some of the essential factors to consider when choosing a curtain for your bedroom:


Before anything else, make sure your curtain does not compromise your privacy. Quality curtains should keep your room active and bright while still managing to offer a fair degree of privacy. 

Some of the best curtains you want to consider for privacy purposes include sheer privacy curtains, blackout curtains, layered curtains, and hanging curtains. 


Minimalist and rustic combined bedroom with white curtains matching the overall design


If the fabric is too heavy, it may give you a hard time when drawing. Also, if it’s too light, it won’t fall easily. You can test your fabric’s actual drape by holding up a sample of it – at least two yards - up to a window. 

Pleat it at the top in the form of an accordion and let it drape. If it flares like a crinoline, then it won’t fall easily.

Wash Style

Deciding whether to go for a washer-machine or dry-clean-only curtain beforehand will be pretty useful in the long run. High-quality curtains need to be washed in a specific style. 

Find out which wash style is best for your curtain to avoid wasting time and money in the future. 

What Is The Best Color For Bedroom Curtains?

White drapes and blue curtains inside nautical themed bedroom

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to curtain color – especially since it’s one of the most critical features of any curtain. 

The most suitable color for your curtain depends on your bedroom surroundings. For a more decorative and cohesive look, coordinate your bedroom’s existing colors with your curtains’.

If your walls, bedding, or other objects around the room share a vivid color, it’s best to choose a curtain with a neutral tone. The opposite works as well – if the walls and the objects in your room have a neutral shade, mount a curtain with vivid color.

If your room has mixed colors such as white, gray, or brown, pick a curtain color that sums them all up: beige. White curtains often go well with cool and warm wall colors. If you prefer a color-striped curtain, ensure at least one color in the stripes matches that of the walls. Ivory or white walls will go well with an ivory or white background. 

You can decorate the curtains with a band of fabric that shares a shade similar to your bedroom wall. Ideally, the band should be along the hem or the leading edge—a sewed-in ribbon in a scrolling design or Greek key works. 

How Do I Choose Curtain Color?

Dark black curtains inside a narrow modern bedroom with white painted walls

Start by visualizing how you’d want your curtains to blend in with your room’s layout. This will help you to have a better understanding of how to achieve a neutral décor. 

A sure way of picking a curtain color is to study your wall color. Use a darker shade of that color as your ideal curtain color.  

Would you prefer having your window coverings noticed first before anything else in the room? If so, select a curtain that has high contrast with the adjacent walls. If your walls are blue, for example, settle for a yellow-based curtain. 

Since the yellow curtain stands out from its immediate surroundings, it automatically becomes the center of attraction. 

Should Curtains Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

Dark black curtains inside a narrow modern bedroom with white painted walls

A sure way to achieve a smooth monochromatic look is by going for a curtain with the same color as your wall – but darker. 

For example, if your walls have an apricot shade, opt for a curtain with a burnt-orange color. If everything in your room is white, your curtain color should be off-white as well. 

A white wall with a blue curtain

This kind of setting exudes a sense of confidence on your end. In general, curtains are an opportunity to add visual interest, pattern, and color to your bedroom. 

You can also spruce up your sleeping space with curtains of a lighter shade. Be sure not to drift too far away from your wall color. A curtain that doesn’t match the background takes away the essence of having it as a decorative accessory. 

What Is The Best Length For Bedroom Curtains?

This will mostly depend on the size of your bedroom window and décor style. There are three types of curtain lengths: the apron, floor, and puddle. Apron curtain lengths are the most suitable for windows that you open frequently. 

They’re unfussy and uniquely crisp. This makes it easy to open and close your curtain with minimal effort. 

Apron length curtains typically measure 84 inches and gather less dirt and dust from the floor. This makes them ideal for a bedroom layout whereby the window is right above the bed or any other furniture. 

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Floor-length is approximately 96 inches. This kind of length makes it possible to hang your curtain rod slightly higher than your window. Doing so draws the eye up to give your ceiling a taller appearance. 

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Puddle length curtains drape on the floor due to their length that can stretch up to 108 inches. They’re the most ideal for master bedrooms or other rooms with no pets or kids. Plus, they have a more romantic look. 

Can Curtains Drape On The Floor?

When using puddle length curtains, it’s okay to let them drape. These are the most preferred curtain option for most customers. Why? Drapes are a more practical option and offer a more casual look. They’re the lengths to go for if you open and close your curtains pretty often. 

Minimalist inspired living room with bright white curtains and gray sofa with a whtie coffee table on the middle

Curtains of all fabrics look more stunning when draped on the floor. To achieve this look, all you have to do is measure your curtain from the drapery rings down to the floor. Add an extra inch to ensure they casually drape on the floor. 

The more fabric you have, the classier the result. This look works mostly for floors in the room with minimal traffic that you don’t clean very often. 

What Are The Best Curtain Fabrics?

It can get overwhelming trying to get the perfect fabric for your curtain. From the varieties of materials in the market today, you need to find the one that suits your specific taste. Here are a couple of the most popular fabrics you can try:


Brown velvet curtains inside a modern bedroom with a view deck

This thick and weighty fabric is the most preferred for providing insulation. They add an air of opulence and luxury as well. One of its downsides is that it gathers dust and dirt more than other fabrics. Fortunately, you can remedy this by frequent vacuuming. 

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Silk curtains have a delicate appearance that brings out that romantic and dreamy effect to any room. They have a hard-wearing and surprisingly durable nature. Faux silk is reasonably cheaper and extremely susceptible to fading.

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Cotton curtains are lightweight, durable, and biodegradable. They’re perfect for both traditional and modern bedrooms. Although they’re not as weighty as velvet, cotton can drape in a slightly similar fashion. They’re affordable and easy to maintain.

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Polyester is a natural mold-resistant fabric that is very durable and doesn’t fade fast in sunlight. If you’re buying a curtain for the first time, polyester fabric is your best option. It neither stretches nor wrinkles, and like all the fabrics on this list, it’s easy on the pocket.

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Final Thoughts

When selecting the ideal curtain for your bedroom, have in mind the general feel of your room. Would you like it to act as the focal point or as a mere backdrop? Once you consider this and the rest of the other tips in this post into action, we’re sure that you’ll easily find the ideal curtain for your sleeping space!

A bedroom with a blue and white colored wall and a peach colored curtain mixed with a sky blue bedding set, How To Choose Curtains For The Bedroom

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