How to Combine Guest Room and Nursery [4 Crucial Tips]

Creating space in your home for a new baby can be an exciting and stressful venture. Sometimes that means giving up your guest bedroom for a nursery. But if you host guests frequently, the guest room may be a sacrifice you don’t want to make. Combining your baby’s nursery with the guest room is a practical way to save on space without losing the rooms you need. We’ve put together a list of steps to take to make the process easier for you!

Here are some helpful tips to follow when combining your nursery and guest room:

  • Meet nursery needs first.
  • Consider bed size
  • Create storage
  • Choose design elements for both baby and guests.

Although combining these two rooms is a space saver, it can be overwhelming trying to meet the needs of both baby and guest. Follow along with the list below to make this transition a smooth one!

Collaged photo of a guest room and Nursery room, How to Combine Guest Room and Nursery [4 Crucial Tips]

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How to Combine a Guest Room and Nursery

The guest room and nursery should be cozy places for your baby and visitors to get rest. Creating these spaces to function as they are intended while also looking amazing will allow you not to forego one room for another.

Put the Nursery First

Even if you have guests staying with you frequently, they won’t be there more than your baby. Therefore, the primary function of the room should be to meet the needs of the parent and baby. A crib is essential, but from there, you have options. Do you need a changing table and a dresser, or will you convert the top of a dresser into a changing table? Will you put a rocking chair or glider in the room for late-night feedings? Or will sitting on the guest bed provide enough support for a tired parent?

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Interior of a nursery room with white painted walls, white cabinets and white carpet

If the nursery acts as the baby’s bedroom, make sure you have room for clothes, diapers, and other frequently needed items that you don’t want to dig around for. Then you can focus on the rest of the room.

Bed Size

The size of the bedroom will play a big factor in the size of the bed you choose. A standard crib is going to be about 4.5 feet by 2.5 feet. As a nursery, this is a must, so the space you have left will have to fit a guest bed. Twin-sized beds tend to be a bit small for full-grown adults and don’t leave enough room for couples that may be staying with you. A full-sized or queen-sized bed will be the best option for guests, while not overtaking the bedroom.

Woman walking into the guest room

If you’re looking to save more space, a sofa bed will allow you to have a guest bed, as well as an area for you to sit and relax during feedings.

Create Storage

Not only are you going to need room for baby clothes and necessities, but your guests will need an area to put their clothes and luggage. To maximize space in your nursery and guest room, you need to consider what to do about storage. If you’re using a dresser and changing table in the nursery and have a large enough closet, you can put the dresser inside the closet. You can also eliminate the need for both a changing table and a dresser by converting the top of a dresser into a changing table. 

Another way to utilize storage space in the room is to use bed risers to create more room under the bed for storage. This would be an excellent place for extra diapers, shoes, or clothes your baby may not fit in just yet. 

You can use under-bed storage bags to help keep your things organized and packed away until they’re needed.

There’s also the option of hanging shelves to get storage off the floor. If you choose this option, keep all shelves away from the wall above the crib to avoid any possibility of something falling into the crib.

Does a Baby Even Need a Nursery?

Technically, no, a baby doesn’t need a nursery, but it can make life easier for a tired parent. If you find that you aren’t using a nursery for sleep or changing, then it might be an option to move the crib into your room and leave it at that. But if you find that your baby is a light sleeper and you watch television in bed, talk to your partner at night, or snore, you may need to utilize the nursery.

Nurseries create a quiet sanctuary for your baby. You can use blackout curtains and a sound machine for the perfect sleeping environment, and you can worry less about waking the baby. Further, your bedroom can become crowded when adding another person’s clothes, bed, and dresser to it.

Grey colored crib inside a nursery room

A nursery is not a must, especially if you lack space. But that decision relies on the parents and baby and allows them the most peaceful night of sleep.

What Does Every Guest Room Need?

Guest rooms should be a comfortable place for visitors to relax. So you need to include some necessities that will make their stay more enjoyable. Apart from a bed, which is essential, there should also be an area for their belongings, access to outlets, and a bedside table and lamp.

A wooden double decker bed inside a 4 bed guest room

Storage Space 

If you have a large dresser in the guest room for the baby, you can leave a drawer or two empty for guests to utilize. If you’re limited on space inside the room, you can use a hanging closet organizer to give your guest a personal area for their things.

Extra Outlets

Outlets tend to be a priority for most people at night. They’re necessary for charging your phone, computer, and tablet. If you have a couple staying with you, then they may require more accessibility to outlets. If the room is smaller and there are only a few outlets, you can use outlet extenders that can double, or even triple, the number of available outlets.

Bedside Table and Lamp

A bedside table and lamp can take up a bit more space than you have available. But these items help create a comfortable environment for your guest, where they can have easy access to their glasses or cellphone. If you can’t fit a bedside table next to the bed, consider hanging a shelf on the wall, low enough to be easily reached from the bed. Then you can hang a light from the ceiling for a reading lamp.

A cozy bedroom scene focused on a stylish bedside table, crafted from warm-toned wood with simple, clean lines

Design Elements

When you’re decorating for a combined room, you may have to steer clear of common nursery themes. Cartoon-style animals or bright pinks and blues can be too much for a guest room. Focusing on neutrals colors and patterns will give the room a bright, modern look. 

A cozy and serene nursery corner in a bedroom, featuring a soft pastel blue wall that creates a calming atmosphere

What is the Best Color for a Combined Guest Room and Nursery?

Woman checking the view inside the guest room

Sticking with neutrals, like grey, beige, or white, will allow you to create a space that suits both baby and adult guests. These colors also give you a blank slate when it comes to decorating the room. You can add light floral touches or go with a rustic feel, and it will allow you to dress up the nursery without making your guests feel as if they are sleeping in a kid’s room.

A charming and light-filled shared adult and baby bedroom

In Closing

If you’re limited on space in your home, combining your guest room and nursery can be a practical solution. Focus on designing a space that works for your needs, and you can’t go wrong!

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A guest room and a nursery room collaged photo, How to Combine Guest Room and Nursery [4 Crucial Tips]
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