How To Cover A Mirror In The Bedroom

Large mirrors give the illusion of a wider space. However, you may not always be keen on seeing your reflection all the time, and mirrors can sometimes be intimidating, especially in the dark. Fortunately, there are temporary fixes you can apply that will blend with your bedroom–and we have gathered inspiration for you.

Large mirrored walls can be covered using matching curtain rods and thick drapery. If only one wall is mirrored, you can attach wallpaper to it and treat it as an accent wall. For a more sentimental flair, cover the mirror with picture frames and turn it into a mini gallery.

There are a lot of things you can do to cover the mirror without ruining the look of your bedroom. You may also want to learn more about maintaining harmonious energy in your bedroom using mirrors. If you want to learn more about creative solutions for mirrors, keep reading below!

A standing mirror on the corner of the bedroom, How To Cover A Mirror In The Bedroom

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How to Cover a Mirror in the Bedroom

A great room layout should make you feel more relaxed; the balance improves your energy and productivity. If you’re renting an apartment or just bought an old home, the mirror placements may not have been too ideal.

Taking them off would be too tiresome and expensive. Fortunately, you can apply ingenious solutions that can cover these ill-placed mirrors and, at the same time, make your room look better. 

The key is to make the mirror covers look like they’re naturally a part of your wall. Make the colors blend or complement one another so the cover won’t look out of place in your interior. 

Here are ways you can effectively cover them.

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Use Thick Curtains

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A thick violet colored curtain

Thick curtains are an ideal temporary fix since it is cohesive with your interior, and you have the option to open them whenever you need the mirror. It is also an ideal backdrop for your multimedia system, or have it as a decorative fixture in your room. 

  • Measure the dimensions of the mirror and purchase curtains and curtain rods that fit the mirror correctly.
  • If you can’t find exact measurements, use adjustable rods.
  • Get adhesive hooks and attach them to the far opposite sides of the mirror. Make sure the hooks are designed to handle curtain rods.
  • Loop the curtain panel into the rod through the curtain’s holes.
  • Hang the curtain rod on the hooks you have attached to the mirror. Make sure you have someone to help you to finish the job quickly. 
  • Spread the curtain panel over the mirror and see if it spans your desired width.

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Attach Wallpaper

A floral wallpaper inside a bright teal bedroom

Attaching wallpaper to your mirror can transform it into an accent wall. This will look lovely on your interior–just make sure the design matches your personal style so that it is cohesive with the rest of your room.

Wallpapers add personality and depth to a room. The task is simple enough that it has become a popular solution for awkwardly-placed mirrors in bedrooms. 

  • Measure the height and width of the mirror that you’ll be wallpapering. 
  • Make sure you get the area right: multiply the height and width and get a roll of wallpaper that fits these measurements. If you can’t find one that fits the mirror, you might need to have it custom-made.
  • Clean the mirror with a glass cleaner and let it dry completely to make the wallpaper stick.
  • Peel off the wallpaper three inches at a time as you proceed sticking it into the mirror.
  • Press it down as you go and make sure it’s aligned. You can use a squeegee to do the job effectively.
  • Cut off the excess at the bottom.
  • Smooth the edges and adjust the sections that seem imperfect by peeling them off and reattaching. Make sure not to repeat it again as it may ruin the adhesion. 

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Are Wallpapers Out of Style?

Wallpapers have evolved from being a vintage style to a timeless fixture in modern houses. The designs have continuously evolved with time, and even old designs can still elevate the look of a contemporary interior. 

You won’t have to worry about wallpapers falling off the trend since they have a unique and classic charm that can’t be replicated by plain walls.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but most wallpapers are also highly durable as long as you don’t let pets scratch or bite them off. You can stick a bold wallpaper on your mirror and let it beautify your room for a long time. 

Make a Mini Gallery

A mini gallery installed on an empty wall

If you have a collection of picture frames of your loved ones, you can hang them on the mirror and make a mini gallery.

To do this, stick the frames using removable strips. Make sure the frames are not made with heavy material as they could fall and break. If you are worried about frames, you can simply paste frameless pictures in the mirror. That way, you eliminate the risk of frames falling and glass breaking.

Can You Put Frameless Pictures on Mirrors?

Polaroid pictures will look great over mirrors, and you can draw over them with nail polish and turn it into an artistic collage. 

You have the option to cover only a portion of a mirror or have the photos cover them completely. If there aren’t enough photos, you can incorporate washi tapes and novelty magnets over the pictures for a unique flair. 

Other Creative Ways to Cover Mirrors in the Bedroom

You don’t have to stick with conventional solutions to cover your mirrors. You can always follow your own creative approach. That way, you won’t stray too far from your usual style, and your interior remains integrated together. 

The key to these designs is to remain consistent with your room’s color scheme but also to be experimental with texture and dimension. It may seem like a tricky line to tread, but it will be easy when you acknowledge your aesthetic. 

Here are creative ways you can cover the mirrors.

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Cover it with Art Posters

Interior of a gray and minimalist inspired bedroom with gray walls and dangling lamps

This might seem simple enough, but it can be tricky since most posters only come in a single set of dimensions. One poster may not be enough to span the entire mirror, but two posters will leave too much excess.

The options you have will depend on the poster’s size as much as its design. Accurately measure your poster and make sure it fits the mirror snugly. Stick them on using double-sided tape and remove any small excess to make it visually appealing.

Put Up a Privacy Screen

A bohemian inspired bedroom wiith plants and wooden furnitures

These folding screens will have a dual purpose: they cover the mirror, and this mirror will automatically transform your privacy screen into a de facto dressing room. 

You have the option to get a neutral-colored privacy screen to make it blend into the background, or you can choose one with intricate designs which are often found on vintage privacy screens. 

Privacy screens fulfill their purpose both in form and function. If you think this fits your lifestyle best, you can go for this mirror-covering solution.

Attach a Window Film

Choose a window film with designs so your covered mirror won’t look too plain. You may need to seek help from an expert since these window films can be challenging to install. 

You can do it yourself if you are confident; just make sure there won’t be any bubbles and moisture on the surface.

  • Cut the window film into the appropriate dimensions.
  • Clean the surface with glass cleaner.
  • Apply the film starting from the top edge, removing the adhesive backing as you go.
  • Remove the bubbles with a squeegee.
  • Stick the film into the corners, and trim the excess.

Paint it for a Permanent Solution

Gray living room wall with gray sofa and bright pillows

If you don’t intend to use the mirror anymore, you can go ahead and paint over it. This is the most time-consuming and possibly most difficult solution.

You need to make sure that the painting will be done well since it will be a permanent fixture in your room. Make sure you prime it and cover it with enamel so the paint will adhere effectively and not peel off. 

Hide a Mirror Behind Large Furniture

Wooden inspired bedroom with a tan painted wall and wooden cabinet

For a quick solution, rearrange your furniture and put the mirror behind a piece that can hide it from sight. It could be a cabinet, a vintage clock, or a vanity table. 

Make sure the furniture arrangements are harmonious and that you don’t clump them together just to hide the mirror. 

In Closing

A standing mirror on the corner of the bedroom

Mirrors are a useful fixture, but they don’t always make the room look balanced, especially if it looks awkward with your bedroom’s layout.

Apply these solutions to make your room look better, and make sure to follow instructions to make the design last long!

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