How To Cover An Arched Window

Arched windows are probably one of the more difficult window types to dress up because of their irregular shape. If you need ideas on how to cover up your arched windows, you're in the right place. We've compiled different window treatments for arched windows, and we'll be sharing them with you.

Here are some ways to dress up and cover your arched windows:

  1. Curtains
  2. Customized shades or shutters
  3. Window tinting
  4. Window blinds
  5. Hand painting

Read on below if you want to learn more. We've compiled a short guide that can help you decide which treatment is best suited for your arched window

What Is The Best Window Treatment For Arched Windows?

Large living room with arch windows, furnished with modern sofa and dining table

Arched windows are a hallmark of romanesque architecture. They're often used to create a dramatic effect in interior design. However, arched windows can be difficult to work with because of their irregular shape and varied width.

If you're trying to decide on window treatment options for arched windows, you'll want to consider how different options will affect the light within your home and what kind of privacy they provide.

Below are some ideas on how to cover an arched window.

Ideas on how to cover an arched window, How To Cover An Arched Window


Curtains are the simplest solution to cover an arched window. It doesn't even need to fit exactly into the arch, and there are different stylish ways you can design them.

Here are the different curtain styles you can try.

1. Full-length curtains

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These curtains are perfect if you're looking for privacy and light control. You can use drapes, blackout, or sheer curtains depending on the amount of light you want to enter the room.

Full-length curtains come in many different styles and colors. If you don't want them covering up much of your view of the outdoors, they can be pulled back with curtain ties.

2. Half curtains

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Half-curtain design covers only the lower half portion of the window and leaves the arched part on top open. This means that the curtain rod is installed in the middle of the divide between the arch and the lower window.

This style is ideal if you don't want to completely block natural light from entering the house, but at the same time, you want a bit of privacy as you move around the house. You will often see this curtain style in kitchen areas.

3. Arched curtains

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If you want the curtains to fit right into the window's arch for aesthetic purposes, it is possible using arched curtain rods or a flexible curtain track. You can have them customized to fit your window's width or purchase them online.

View this Kirsch arched curtain rod on Amazon.

Customized Shades Or Shutters

This is a great option to add privacy, reduce outside noise, control light, and balance temperature. There are a lot of colors and design variations for customized shades and shutters for arched windows.

As these are usually customized, you'll need to measure the arch, length, and width of the window accurately before ordering.

How to choose between shades or shutters?

If you do not need to open them often, you can choose fixed shades, but if you want the option of letting natural light in every once in a while, choose shutters.

If you need more insights on this subject, you can read this article: Plantation Shutters Vs Roman Shades: Which To Choose?

1. Custom shades

Window shades are an excellent way to control light and temperature coming into the room. They are also a beautiful window treatment option if you're into minimalist or modern interiors.

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If you have an arched window, the shades usually need to be customized to get a perfect fit. But if you want a quick solution, you can try ordering a prefabricated arched window shade online. It comes in various colors and it's easy to set up through stick installation.

Check out this Redi Shade no tools filtering pleated shades on Amazon.

2. Custom shutters

Window shutters are a great way to control light and add privacy to your home. They also serve as an added security measure because you can secure them to prevent intruders from entering through the glass window.

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Shutters are best customized for a perfect fit, but there are ready-made options you can find online if you want to do a DIY installation.

Check out this vinyl arched top louvered shutter on Amazon.

Window Tinting

Window tinting can be applied to any type of window, including arched designs. It is a good way to minimize the glare and heat coming through the glass panes.

Not only does it protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, but it also helps reduce eye strain and headaches since it blocks out some of the outside light.

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1. Clear, reflective, and one-way films

The most common types of tinting used in residential properties are clear, reflective, and one-way colored, and it's available in a variety of tint colors.

Clear tint allows you to see through what's outside your windows. If you opt to have a darker shade, a smokey tint gives your home a dark, brooding appearance. Charcoal gray or black is ideal for rooms with windows facing direct sunlight to help block out harmful UV rays.

Get this one-way Uv blocking reflective window tint on Amazon.

2. Decorative window films

Decorative window film is a great way to add some pizzazz to arched windows. If you want to add some color or pattern to your home, you can achieve this with decorative window films.

It's easy to install, lasts for years, and can protect your windows from dust, dirt, and even snowfall.

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Hand Painting

For those who are artistic at heart, hand-painting an arched window is a great way to showcase their talents and put them on display. This also doubles as a way to block out the light and cover arched windows at a very minimal cost.

Hand-painting an arched window glass pane is not as hard as it looks. Arched glass panes can be painted using a regular paint roller, but you may need to use a brush to create finer lines and designs.

Arched window glass panes are very fragile and should be handled carefully when painting them.

Before starting to paint, check the glass surface for dirt or watermarks and wipe it before working. You may use a piece of cardboard with masking tape on one side to protect the floor from paint drips or spills. Painter's tape can also be used on the sash and frame to avoid painting over it.

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If you are working with small pieces of glass panes, you may want to start by applying an even coat of paint so that they will dry evenly. Then add another layer of paint if desired until all surfaces are coated evenly and completely.

You should also consider using a spray bottle or misting system to make sure that all surfaces are even coated evenly.

Can You Put Blinds On An Arched Window?

Office blinds close up

Yes, you can put blinds on arched windows.

Window blinds are a great way to add a little extra privacy to your home. They're also sometimes used in conjunction with other window treatments to achieve more specific results.

Here's what full-arched window blinds look like.

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If you want full blinds from the arch down to the window pane, you can get in touch with blind installers near you to have them customized. 

If you want to DIY the installation, you can buy two separate items—the blinds and the ready-made arched window shades. Install the shades on the arch as per product instructions. Install the vertical blinds on the lower part of the window. Make sure you get matching colors for a classier look.

Are Arched Windows Outdated?

Black interior with large arch windows and hanging flower cloud over the round table

Arches are a timeless style. They were made to be simple, elegant, and beautiful. Unfortunately, modern architectural trends have led us away from this simple design.

The main reason why arches have fallen out of favor is that they can make homes look dated. Modern homes are sleek and clean, so they don't look nearly as appealing when compared to older buildings with arched windows.

Because arched windows are heavier than most other types of sash frames, they can cause problems for homeowners when it comes to new window installations. That's why it's not a popular choice for most modern homes.

Wrapping Up

Thank you very much for reading through. We hope you were able to grab some ideas to cover up your arched windows. For more window treatment ideas, feel free to browse our other articles.

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