How To Cover Balcony Railing For Privacy [Ideas To Inspire You]

Whether you own a home or rent an apartment with a balcony, you may not utilize this space as much as you would like because of privacy issues. Balconies can be unique and offer beautiful views! However, there is no hiding from the neighbors when you're on the balcony. So, to help you out, we have created a list of ways in which you can cover your balcony railing for more privacy.

Here are some ideas on how to cover your balcony railing for privacy:

  1. Privacy screens
  2. Faux plants and trees
  3. Real plants and trees
  4. Outdoor curtains
  5. Frosted window film
  6. Large umbrella

Using one of the above solutions, you will soon be free from prying eyes and can enjoy the perks of this outdoor space. Whether you're looking for something permanent or temporary, we have several options for you. Keep reading to get some inspiration and ideas on how to cover your balcony railing for the privacy you've been longing for. 

Black balcony railing. Wooden tile cladding. Two story modern mansion. Sliding door, How To Cover Balcony Railing For Privacy [Ideas To Inspire You]

Balcony Railing Privacy Ideas

There are numerous ideas on how to cover your balcony railing for more privacy. Some of these methods are relatively inexpensive and can be done without spending a lot of money.

As mentioned above, some of these ideas can be a permanent one-and-done solution or be moved and changed year after year. It's up to you to find the solution that best fits your needs. 

1. Privacy Screens

There are several options for choosing privacy screens to incorporate onto your balcony. 

Bamboo Fencing

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Add bamboo fencing to your balcony railing. If you do it yourself, you can customize the height and size of your balcony. You can also buy rolled bamboo fencing panels that can be easily affixed to your railing. 

A bamboo fence is an eco-friendly option, as it is a sustainable resource and is quite durable. It will withstand all kinds of weather and remain in good condition. This type of fencing will be a more permanent solution. 

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Mesh Screens

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These screens may not be the most attractive, but they certainly do their job. Mesh screens can easily be attached to your balcony railing to add privacy. The mesh screens also work as a wind block and can protect you from the sun's UV rays. 

Mesh screens like the ones above are also easy to install. Simply zip-tie the screen onto your railing through the grommets on the top and bottom of the screen.

These screens are easy to clean and are very low maintenance. Screens like these are economical and environmental, as some of them are made from recycled materials. 

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Wooden Screen

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Another option is building a wooden privacy screen to cover your existing railing. This is a great way to add natural materials to your space. Wood is fairly weather resistant and will hold up to most kinds of weather. 

While wood is weather resistant, it does require some maintenance. It will most likely need to be oiled, stained, or painted every year to keep it looking fresh and new. A wooden screen or divider can also be expensive to make. 

If you don't want the wooden panels to be permanent, you could make a wooden screen or divider that is freestanding and easy to remove. 

2. Faux Plants And Trees

If you want the look of greenery but don't want all the fuss of gardening, faux plants and trees are the perfect solutions for adding privacy to your balcony. Fake plants and trees are a very quick and easy option. 

Fake plants or trees are fairly inexpensive depending on how realistic you want the plants to look. 

Privacy hedges made of fake greenery can easily be attached to your railing and add color and a sense of nature to your space. In the photo below, fake greenery has been attached to the railing to create privacy and the look of a garden space. 

Rattan chairs inside an enclosed balcony with lots of plants and wooden flooring

Fake trees, such as fake bamboo trees, are also a great way to add some privacy to your balcony. Simply place the fake bamboo trees along the railing to block prying eyes. You can use as many or few as you would like depending on how much privacy you would like. 

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3. Real Plants And Trees

Mexican themed window decorated with flowers, petunias decorated on french window with dark blue green shutters

If you have a green thumb and love growing plants, consider adding potted plants and trees to your balcony space to create privacy. Real trees and plants can transform this space into an enchanted garden with color all around. 

As shown in the picture above, installing garden boxes on the front and sides of the railing are ideal for growing beautiful flowers and creating privacy.

This homeowner also placed potted flowers on top of the balcony and used a trellis for climbing flowers and vines to cover. This creates privacy on both the upper and lower part of the balcony. 

Another idea is to create planters that can be pushed against the railing. These planters can be used to grow anything such as flowers, herbs, or even vegetables.

Not only would you be creating privacy but you'd also be growing your food. The following picture shows planters that nestle up perfectly against the railing. The different plants add both privacy and color. 

Beautiful plants decorated on top of the house

4. Outdoor Curtains

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Outdoor curtains are another way to shield yourself on your balcony. By hanging curtains above your railings, you can easily open them and close them whenever you'd like.

There are times you may want to leave them open to enjoy the view. When you're ready for some private time, pull them shut to conceal your balcony area. 

Curtains can protect you from both the sun and the wind. Additionally, using curtains is a chance for you to express your personality in the curtains' pattern.

You might choose something with tropical flowers and palm trees to bring the tropics to your area, or you might choose something nautical with stripes. You can always resort to neutrals such as white or cream to create a tranquil, soothing space. The options are endless!

5. Frosted Window Film

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You may find it more challenging to add privacy to your balcony space if your balcony railing is made of glass. If you're installing glass panels on your balcony, opt for frosted glass instead of regular glass. It adds more privacy than you'd otherwise have.

If your railing is already glass and you don't want to swap the glass out, add some frosted window film to the glass. This film is mostly intended for indoors, so it may not hold up well to the elements. However, it is fairly inexpensive, so if it has to be replaced every so often, it's not out of the question.   

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6. Large Umbrella

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If you're looking for an extremely simple solution with virtually no maintenance and ease of installation, this option is for you. You don't have to mount anything to the railing or install anything on your balcony. All you need to do is buy a large umbrella, an umbrella stand, and voila! 

A large umbrella can be placed wherever you'd like on your balcony. It can be moved around throughout the day depending on where you are on your balcony. Whether you're sunbathing in your lounge chair or dining at your outdoor table, the umbrella can be moved around you. 

Two big red umbrellas captured on a sunny day

It can be placed near your railing and opened to block wandering eyes. Most large umbrellas like these can tilt and turn however you'd like to achieve ultimate privacy. An added benefit is protection from the sun. 

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To Wrap It Up

Black balcony railing. Wooden tile cladding. Two story modern mansion. Sliding door

Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to incorporate one of these ideas to create more privacy on your balcony. There isn't one solution that will work for every balcony, so think of your needs and what's most important to you. 

Choose an umbrella if you want something quick and easy. If you love gardening, add flowers and plants galore! Add fencing to your railing to make a more permanent fix.

Plenty of options are available. Finding the balance between function and aesthetics can be tricky. Ultimately, the decision is yours on how to achieve ultimate privacy on your balcony. 

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