How To Cover The Bed Base? [6 Practical Solutions]

If you're looking for an elegant way to refine your bedroom's look, covering the bed's base is a simple way to make a big statement. There are several ways to cover the bed base, appealing to a variety of styles and preferences. We've researched the various methods to cover the bed's base so you can choose the best option for your bedroom.
Several ways to cover the base of a bed include using a:
  • bed skirt,
  • box spring cover or wrap,
  • wrap around bed skirt,
  • velcro bed skirt,
  • Circa bed wrap, or
  • valance.
Keep reading to learn more about each of these options, the pros and cons, and how to decide which one is right for you. We'll also answer some related questions like when to use a bed skirt versus a valance and how to install a Circa bed wrap.
Bedroom with parquet floor, open window and purple pillows, How To Cover The Bed Base? [6 Practical Solutions]

What is a bed skirt used for?

A bed skirt, like box spring covers or wraps, serves a few purposes. Bed base covers of any kind create a cleaner, neater look in a bedroom. A skirt can be used as a decor piece that helps tie the room together, coordinating with other items such as curtains, pillows, or the headboard.

Besides mere aesthetics, there are also practical reasons to cover the bed's base. It can disguise the less attractive mechanics under the bed. If the space under the bed is used as storage, a skirt cover can keep the mess out of sight. As a result, dust and debris are also kept off the items in storage beneath the bed. These are advantages that bed skirts offer, but box spring wraps rarely do.

Covering the bed base can also protect the box spring from spills, stains, and mold or mildew. The cover can also seal out allergens, dust mites, and dander from the box spring. You can read more about bed skirts here: Does a Bedskirt Need to Reach the Floor?

Can you put a bed skirt on a bed with a footboard?

You can use a bed skirt with a footboard for all of the reasons listed above. You'll find, naturally, that some bed frames are easier to fit a bed skirt around. Most of the time, you can install the bed skirt so that it hangs behind the footboard. If that does not work, sometimes splitting the bed skirt at the bottom two corners allows the bed skirt to hang as desired.

For example, this ruffled, split corner bed skirt would work around most footboards.

Click here to see Amazing Bedding Ruffled Split Corner Bed Skirt with platform on Amazon.

Kinds of bed skirts

Traditional bed skirt

A traditional bed skirt offers all of the same perks as any other bed base cover. An extra positive to traditional bed skirts is that they cover the bed's entire bottom, hiding any dirt or storage underneath the bed. On the other hand, you will have to lift the mattress to install a traditional bed skirt.

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If you prefer a more natural, organic look with less ruffle, you should know that there are options available. While many people think of bed skirts as being, well, skirts -there are more down-to-earth selections, such as this Greenland Home Burlap Bed Skirt:

Click here to see Greenland Home Burlap Bed Skirt, natural, queen on Amazon.

Wrap-Around Bed Skirt

A wrap-around bed skirt offers all of the same features as a traditional bed skirt. Being made of stretchy elastic, this bed skirt can stretch right over the bed frame without removing the mattress. For example, consider this teal wrap-around bed skirt:

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Velcro Bed Skirt

As implied by the name, this style of bed skirt uses velcro for an easy on/easy off. You'll have to remove the mattress for the first installation, but after that, you'll simply unfasten the velcro. An example is this ShopBedding Ashton Detachable Bed Skirt, available in 18 colors.

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What is a bed base wrap?

Also called a box spring cover or a box spring wrap, a bed base wrap simply wraps over the box spring. It does not extend below the box spring. For this reason, unlike a bed skirt, it will not conceal any items or dirt underneath the bed. It also will not disguise or cover any unattractive parts under the bed's frame.

It does offer a certain polished look that makes bedroom decor look complete. There's something very effective about a room with a design that includes something as small as the box spring cover. Try this jersey knit box spring wrap, available in 15 colors.

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How do you install a Circa bed wrap?

A Circa bed wrap is almost like a box spring cover, with one additional feature to solve the fundamental flaw of box spring covers. Circa bed wraps have a sleek fabric that wraps around the box spring -but the material hangs to the floor instead of wrapping just the box spring itself.

This allows a Circa bed wrap to combine the best parts of bed skirts (the ability to conceal the under-bed space) into the best part of box spring wraps (the clean, neat aesthetic) for one winning idea that's bound to please most people. Of course, if you don't like Circa, you can always fall back on the more traditional methods.

To install a Circa bed wrap you will:

  1. Wrap the Circa around the sides of the box spring.
  2. Next, fold the fabric at each corner and tuck under the mattress.
  3. Then buckle the attached straps at each corner, which hold the Circa wrap in place.
  4. Finally, at the head of the bed, tighten the attached straps.

If you're interested, see the Circa bed wrap here:

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What is a platform valance? 

A platform valance is used in the same way as a bed skirt. However, it only covers three sides of the bed. Because of this, a valance works especially well when you have a bed with a headboard already against a wall. The valance goes on the bottom of the bed, then slides up under the mattress to the head of the bed. Check out this Belledorm Easy Fit Frilled Platform Valance for an example:

Click here to see the Belledorm Easy Fit Frilled Platform Valance on Amazon.

Similarly, there is a valance sheet. This also covers only three sides. In this case, the valance is like an extra-long top sheet. It goes over the mattress, taking the place of a top sheet. However, extra material hangs all the way to the floor on three sides, providing coverage to the bed base. As a result, this look can be achieved on your own. You'll just need an oversized sheet (that ideally matches the rest of your bedding, of course).

In Conclusion

To cover the base of a bed, there are several options. Bedskirts, including wrap-around or velcro styles, cover both the bed base and space under the bed. In addition, Circa bed wraps and valances can keep the underneath of the bed out of sight. Box spring covers or wraps cover the box spring; however, they offer no protection underneath the bed. The one that you select is a matter of personal preference and your own decorating style!

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