How To Cut Concrete Without A Saw

A saw is always a go-to tool for cutting concrete materials. Do you ever wonder how to cut concrete without using a saw? We've researched this method and found the best answers.

You can use an angle grinder to cut concrete. These are the steps to do it:

  1. Use personal protective equipment
  2. Place a polyethylene sheet
  3. Attach a diamond blade
  4. Mark the concrete 
  5. Turn on the grinder
  6. Cut the concrete

We will discuss in this article the tools you can use besides a saw in cutting concrete and how you can cut concrete. Keep reading to learn every bit of information about this topic.

What Tools Can Cut Through Concrete?

Concrete is a widely utilized material because of its durability under extreme pressure. Cutting concrete is one of the requirements for construction projects. It demands skill and the correct tools to cut safely.

Concrete cutting may appear complicated, but you can easily handle the task with the correct equipment. These are the several tools to cut the concrete:


Man drilling cement concrete road

A jackhammer is a tool you can use if your work involves cutting a large slab of concrete at least three inches thick. It generates intense impact energy to crush concrete. However, it can be a little challenging to use.

You should confirm that you can control the tool's power because smashing it into the surface requires a lot of control. You should only use this if you do not require precision. Straight and lengthy lines cannot achieve with a jackhammer. 

This tool also is known to be noisy and expensive. It emphasizes shattering and chipping away of the concrete material. 

Depending on the type of concrete project you're working on, you can choose a jackhammer from its various sizes and shapes. Some jackhammers weigh 20 to 30 pounds which is suitable for chipping off walls. Medium-sized jackhammers that weigh 40 to 50 pounds are best used for cutting concrete slabs with a maximum thickness of 100 millimeters

In road construction, a jackhammer of 60 pounds weight is used. 

Jackhammers are available in electric and air-powered variants. Selecting between electric and air-powered is just an issue of availability and cost. 

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Angle Grinder

Industrial construction worker using a professional angle grinder

You can cut any concrete block with an angle grinder. It is a handheld power tool that is practical, compact, and cost-effective. This tool is best to use, especially for thin concrete bits and applications requiring accuracy.

It is recommended to use a diamond blade for your grinder. This blade has ventilation grooves that shield the diamond rim from concrete dust.

It is also designed for speed and can produce a cleaner, smoother cut since blades come in continual contact with the material. Make sure you do not overheat the diamond blade since it can weaken the bond and may get deformed. 

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Masonry Chisel

Heavily used stone chisel or masonry chisel on wood background

This hand tool is designed specifically for manually carving and cutting hard materials like stone and concrete. The cutting technique is most frequently chosen and requires the least amount of equipment.

On the end of the masonry chisel is a cutting edge with a distinctive flat head form which allows for fine control of the breaking motion, particularly while breaking lines.

This tool prevents cutting too much concrete or causing it to fracture needlessly.

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Guide To Cutting Concrete Without Using A Saw

Cutting concrete used to be a labor-intensive task, but with the improvements in equipment nowadays, you can easily cut it. 

An angle grinder is a tool that is fairly simple to handle. You can quickly cut concrete and smooth down its surfaces due to the grinder's durability and speed.

These are the simple steps on how to use an angle grinder in cutting concrete:

1. Use Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE)

You must take safety measures to guarantee your complete safety. Clean your workplace to ensure no objects are present next to you that can hurt you or your project during the cutting process.

Always wear safety goggles because dust and debris may fly into the air during cutting. Also, use gloves to protect your hands and strengthen your grip.

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Inspect the handle and weight of your angle grinder before using it to ensure you can handle it easily. 

2. Place a Polyethylene Sheet

Lay down a polythene sheet over the area where you will work, as this will make cleanup simpler and prevent you from destroying any utilities underneath.

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3. Attach a Diamond Blade

Always set the disc before connecting it to a power source. You must use a diamond blade to cut through concrete effectively. For both dry and wet concrete cutting, diamond blades are the ideal choice.

Open the spindle, place the diamond disc inside, and tighten the spindle nut.

Replace a dull blade if it is preventing you from cutting effectively. Additionally, a heated blade is more prone to distort and sustain damage even with regular use.

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4. Mark the Concrete 

When cutting concrete, you must know where you will start cutting. Outline the cut you make in the concrete block with a pencil and a tape measure.

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5. Turn on the Grinder

Connect your corded angle grinder to the power supply.

6. Cut the Concrete

Test the weight and grip of the angle grinder before using it to make sure you can manage it. Start cutting the edge of the concrete up to the end of the mark. Lower the spinning blade onto the surface of the concrete.  

You can use horizontal force to advance the cut after making it deeper. Remember to switch it off when you are done.

How To Cut Concrete Using A Jackhammer?

Worker at construction site demolishing asphalt with pneumatic plugger hammer

A jackhammer can do your concrete cutting, but it requires exerting force. Below are the steps on how to cut concrete using a jackhammer:

1. Use Personal Protective Equipment

Before cutting the concrete, you must take safety precautions. You must wear protection goggles because jackhammers are made to shatter whatever surface they encounter.

Additionally, wearing gloves with a soft rubber coating can help you with your grip on the handle of the jackhammer. You can avoid breathing in concrete dust by wearing a mask.

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2. Select the First Location      

Place your jackhammer in the first spot where you want to dig a hole.

3. Drill the Concrete Surface

To cut concrete correctly, you must consider the material's thickness. Using a jackhammer, you can cut at least three inches thick of concrete.

Lean the jackhammer slightly in your direction to provide you with better control. To avoid back problems, bend at the knees rather than the waist and lift heavier jackhammers with your legs.

Drill every row of your concrete surface. The number of drills in every row depends on how big is your concrete area. It is up to you how many drills get the job done. Remember that more drills per row result in easier cutting of concrete. 

Whenever utilizing a jackhammer, keep in mind to take frequent breaks. Fatigue brought on by vibration, making muscles tired, can result in accidents.

How Do You Cut Concrete With Hand Tools?

bricklayer tools men working ,construction background, How To Cut Concrete Without A Saw

If you want to cut concrete manually, the best option is to use a chisel and hammer. However, using these to cut concrete requires plenty of time.

To cut your concrete using a masonry chisel and hammer, here are the steps:

1. Wear Gloves & Eye Protection

Put on gloves and safety goggles to protect your hands in case of slips and your eyes in case of flying debris.

2. Outline the Concrete

Mark a line to indicate where you want to cut.

3. Cut the Concrete

Place the chisel on the starting mark and firmly hold it. Using the hammer, strike the chisel to remove parts of the concrete slowly.

Do this process repeatedly until you remove the appropriate amount of concrete. 

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Does Watering Concrete Make It Stronger?

Applying water to your concrete makes it stronger because it gets hydration. Lack of hydration dries the concrete and decreases the strength of your concrete.

In Closing

Concrete cutting is risky, but it can be completed if you have all the necessary tools and equipment for the job. You may use a jackhammer, an angle grinder, and a masonry chisel to cut the concrete without a saw.

Please read the manufacturer's instructions before using any equipment because it might have different features that call for particular safety precautions. Before you leave, kindly visit our other posts related to concrete:

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