How To Cut Metal Siding [Step By Step Guide]

You can utilize metal siding for your home or establishments in various ways. If you are wondering how to cut metal siding, you've come to the right place. We've researched the methods and found the best way to cut metal siding.

You'll want a sharp, efficient tool to cut metal siding such as: a circular saw, snips, sliding miter saw, electric shears, nibbler, or jigsaw. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to cut your metal siding:

  1. Wear personal protective gear
  2. Mark the metal siding
  3. Secure the metal siding panel
  4. Cut the metal siding panel
  5. Clean excess metal dust

This post will discuss the tools you can use to cut your metal siding, how to cut it, and how to install it. Read on to find all the necessary information about this process.

worker makes sliding windows restored building, How To Cut Metal Siding [Step By Step Guide]

Tools You Can Use To Cut Metal Siding

It's crucial to remember that not all tools are created equal. You can ruin your metal siding if you use incorrect tools to cut it, or worse can ruin your cutting instrument. Thus, utilizing the right tools when cutting metal siding is essential and can make the cutting simple and quick.

Here are the tools you can use to cut your metal siding:

Circular Saw

Using a circular saw can increase your productivity and improve your work quality. It is simple to control and enables you to maintain the cut line better when performing precision work.

However, if there is no electricity, for instance, you might be unable to cut panels on the job site. Additionally, circular saw blades eventually lose their sharpness, and replacing them can be expensive.

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Snips often provide precise cuts that are smooth in various areas of your metal siding. This tool is the most affordable tool available for cutting metal siding. 

However, remember that you can only use this to take short cuts or to cut soft metals. This tool also requires more effort on your part.

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Sliding Miter Saw

Utilizing a sliding miter saw leaves you no error compared to other tools. It consists of a ferrous blade that can cut through heavy-duty metals. 

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Electric Shears

The blades in an electric shear are motorized and can produce better cuts. Using this electric tool can help expedite the process of preparing metal siding. It is also simple because you only have to move the blade along the cutting line and control your movements.

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A nibbler is one of the most adaptable and accurate tools available. It is a great tool when cutting curves or holes in your metal siding because it is simple to maneuver around corners.

A nibbler works best for irregular cuts rather than straight, conventional cuts.

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One of the benefits of using a jigsaw in cutting your metal siding is that it does not tolerate many vibrations. They are also lightweight. Thus, you can easily control it in any direction you want.

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Step By Step Guide To Cut Your Metal Siding

working cut metal sheet siding on the backyard

Siding is a crucial component of any house or building project. You must take seriously the material you use, how you prepare it, and its installation.

It is undeniable that metal siding is typically used as it is durable and will last for many years. It is also simple to install.

Remember that proper metal siding cutting is essential for a hassle-free installation process. Here's the step-by-step guide on how to cut your metal siding:

1. Wear Personal Protective Gear

Always employ safety precautions when cutting metal siding. It is crucial to wear protective gear like gloves and safety goggles. You can wear a long-sleeved shirt to protect your arms from sparks and scattering metal dust.

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2. Mark the Metal Siding

Measure the various sizes you will need to cut using your tape measure. Place a mark on your metal siding so that you will know where to cut. 

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3. Secure Your Metal Siding

Secure your metal siding in your work station so it will not move when you cut it. You can use movable clamps on each side of your metal siding.

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4. Cut the Metal Siding

man cutting corrugated metal sheet steel

Smooth cuts are essential for metal siding because sharp edges can be dangerous. Sharp edges can make it challenging to install metal siding because they create uneven seams and gaps where the siding panels overlap. Minor errors might weaken the structure of the sheet and reduce the siding's longevity.

Cut Using A Circular Saw

You may use a circular saw to cut your metal siding. Make sure to use a high tooth-per-inch blade, as this provides a smoother cut with fewer problems along the cut line. Also, use the correct cutting speed because the faster the saw runs, the sooner the blade will deteriorate.

Make sure to control it very well in every movement you make. Avoid excessive force since you risk damaging the metal siding or the instrument.

Cut Using Snips & Nibbler

Another option is if your marking is located near the center, you prefer a hand tool, and you want to have precise work, then, you could opt to use snips and a nibbler. Snips can let you control your work correctly as this is a hand tool you can easily maneuver.

Place the nibbler slightly away from the marking so you can leave small cuttings for your snip to cut. Snips are best when cutting small portions on the left or right.

Drag the nibbler freely on the area you choose. After finishing it, you may see that there is still a small area left for you to cut.

Use a snip to follow the marking. You may use the red snip tool to start the cutting and continue until the middle of the curving part. To continue the downward curving part, use the green snip tool.

Make sure to lower the hanging metal siding before you continue. This method can make your cutting more comfortable and easier. 

You can switch back to the red snip tool when doing the straight cut. Continue cutting the metal siding until you reach the end of the marking.

5. Remove Excess Metal Dust

After you finish cutting, use a cloth to wipe down any metal dust scattered along your metal siding, if there is any. The presence of metal dust is usually due to power tools used for cutting.

Cleaning after cutting ensures that the metal siding is presentable when installing it. Also, if not cleaned thoroughly, metal siding can readily corrode. Additionally, let the metal cool before touching it because cutting it will cause it to heat up.

How To Install Metal Siding?

sip panel house construction brown rain

Metal siding is undeniably aesthetic and straightforward to install. Below is the quick process on how to install your metal siding:

1. Prepare Materials

Before you start cutting and installing, gather all the materials needed to make your installation easier and faster.

2. Measure the Metal Siding

Place your metal sidings on a work table where you can easily measure them. Verify that you have the correct lengths of metal that can fit your exterior walls by using a tape measure. Mark the area that needs to be removed to have the proper size of metal siding.

3. Cut the Metal Siding

mans hands holding angle grinder electric

You can use power tools such as a circular saw, jigsaw, and nibbler to cut your metal siding. If you prefer a hand tool, you can use a snip. A snip is also best used when cutting holes.

4. Wrap the House

Wrapping the outside structure of your house ensures that it cuts down any wind infiltration into your house. Staple the wrapper in the studs by using a staple gun. 

5. Attach the Metal Siding

blue corrugated metal roof rivets industrial

After wrapping the exterior of your house, you may now attach your metal siding starting from the corner. Fasten the metal siding using an electric screwdriver.

How Long Does Metal Siding Last?

Metal siding is durable, flexible, tough, and long-lasting. It can last up to 50 years after installing it on your house or building.

In Closing

worker makes sliding windows restored building

When cutting, make sure to wear appropriate protection for your body. 

Make sure to regularly maintain your tools so they will not lose their effectiveness. Inspecting them before use can avoid potential risks. Do not hesitate to contact a specialist if you are unsure what to do with the equipment or cutting your metal siding.

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