How To Decorate A Bedroom Door: 11 Great Ideas!

Decorating a bedroom door is a way to express your personality and creativity. Are you wondering how to make your door complement the design aesthetic of your bedroom? The choices are limitless, but we made it easy for you. We have researched the best ways to decorate a bedroom door.

A bedroom door does not have to be drab looking. It forms part of the overall look of your bedroom. Here are 11 ways you can decorate your bedroom door that will not cost much and can be a great weekend DIY project:

  1. Use door decals or stickers.
  2. Hang a mirror.
  3. Turn it into a writing board.
  4. Decorate with wood molding.
  5. Use stencil art.
  6. Make a statement with your door handle.
  7. Apply a fresh coat of paint.
  8. Create a photo wall.
  9. Display a collection.
  10. Decorate with artwork.
  11. Place self-adhesive wallpaper 

A blank bedroom door is a canvas for creativity and you don't need to spend a lot of money to decorate it. Read on to learn how to make beautiful bedroom doors with imagination and resourcefulness.

american panel door of a bedroom, How To Decorate A Bedroom Door: 11 Great Ideas!

11 Great Ideas To Decorate A Bedroom Door

We have narrowed down the choices to decor that you can easily make or buy. There's no need to hire carpenters or decorators just to make your door look nice. 

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1. Use Door Decals Or Stickers

The easiest way to spruce up your bedroom door is to add door decals and stickers. There are a lot of self-adhesive designs that are easy to install.

Door decals come in different sizes, patterns, colors, and images. Choose the design that will blend well with your bedroom decor and furniture. You may also use decals to cover any damage on your bedroom door and hide the imperfection. 

A child's bedroom door can display a favorite cartoon character or superhero. Personalized decal designs are also available if you can't find the right design. Here is an example of a decal that would be great for a kid's room.

Check these cartoon animal door stickers on Amazon.

Before applying the sticker, make sure you clean the door with an all-purpose cleaner or damp cloth. This is to ensure that are no lumps on the sticker once it's applied. Remove the backing of the decal and position it on the door. Smooth the decal with a popsicle stick or old credit card to get rid of bubbles. 

2. Hang A Mirror

Modern hallways which leads to bedroom and near the bedroom door there is a hanged mirrors near it

A bedroom door is a perfect place to hang a mirror. Having a mirror can also help make your room look bigger. 

Mirrors come in different shapes and sizes. A full-length mirror is useful for taking one last look at your outfit before going out the door. A small, round mirror with an intricate border can form part of your bedroom decor as well.

When choosing the mirror, bear in mind that it should not be too heavy for the door. The door should be able to carry the weight of the mirror. Find one that is lightweight and fits the size of the door.

3. Turn Your Door into A Writing Board

A great DIY weekend project is to turn your bedroom door into a writing board with just a few coats of chalkboard paint. A chalkboard door can be used for writing reminders or motivational quotes. It can also be a doodle board or used for solving math problems and writing your schedule for the week. 

However, if painting is not an option for you, you may opt for chalkboard sticker paper. This comes in a roll and can be cut according to the size of your door. This is easy to install and comes in a smooth matte finish.

Check out this chalkboard stick-on wallpaper on Amazon.

4. Decorate With Wood Molding 

Add thin molding to your flat door for a more architectural design. A rectangular or square custom molding can be installed to add more depth to the door.

Any kind of wood material can be cut into pieces to make the shape. It can also be painted the same color as the door. For a more creative look, paint the molding in a different color. 

Adding molding decor to the door is easy with wood glue or invisible nails. However, this kind of decor will only work for wooden doors. Molding can also be used in other decorative ways around the house. 

5. Use Stencil Art

Stencil art is a project for someone who wants to add a touch of art to the bedroom door. Using a stencil is a foolproof way to make an artwork. Stencil designs are varied so you can choose the best one that will complement your bedroom look.

How To Apply The Stencil On Wood

It is easy to use a stencil to add a decorative look to your door. Stencil art works best on a smooth wood surface so the design will come out nice. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth and attach the stencil design with tape.

For the paint, choose a color that will go well with the rest of your bedroom decor. The best tool to use to apply paint is a makeup sponge, as this will not cause smudging.

When applying paint, dab it carefully all over the design. For light-colored paint, you may have to do this twice. Wait for the first coat to dry before applying the next. Let the paint completely dry before removing the stencil.

6. Make A Statement With Door handle

A door handle is part of the look of your bedroom door. One way to easily update your door is by changing the door handle to a different color, finish, or design. 

Change those old handles to a more decorative and stylish look. However, before buying a new handle, make sure it will fit in the hole of the knob so you don't need to do carpentry work.

7. Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Painting your bedroom door with different colors is a great option for updating its look. Be bold and add a pop of color, or paint it with your favorite hue. 

Do not be afraid to experiment. If you think a color does not work for you, it is easy to change with a coat of new paint. 

8. Create A Photo Wall

White picture frame perfect to hang near the bedroom door or in the door

Do you love to take pictures? You may have a lot of photos of your travels or your friends. Now is the time to print them and turn your bedroom door into a photo wall. Arrange your favorite pictures creatively on your bedroom door. 

9. Display A Collection

Another display idea is to showcase a collection of caps, memorabilia, or bags by hanging them on the bedroom door. Here is an example of how to nicely show off your hat collection without it looking disorganized. 

There are a lot of door hangers to choose from for hanging your collection. These don't even need drilling, as they can hang easily at the top of the door.

Check this 10-pack hat rack hanger holder on Amazon.

10. Decorate With Artwork

One quick way to decorate your bedroom door is by hanging artwork. The bedroom door is a perfect wall for framed artwork that you haven't found a place to display.

Choose artwork that will complement your bedroom space. You may even use it as an art gallery of your children's artwork to showcase their talent.

11. Place Self-Adhesive Wallpaper 

Wallpaper is another easy way to upgrade your door.  Finding a match for your bedroom design is not hard with the different designs, colors, textures, and finishes. Choose a decorative and self-adhesive wallpaper so installation will be easy. 

Check out this olive leaf peel and stick wallpaper on Amazon.

Can you decorate the bedroom door with washi tape?

Colored tape and even electrical tape can be used to add a different flair to your door. An example of this is washi tape, which is available in various colors and designs.

Transform an old-looking door with lines and patterns using washi tape. What is good about this design idea is that it is not permanent. Washi tape can easily be removed without damaging your door paint or finish.

What can I use instead of a door?

Barn door installed on the bedroom

A traditional hinged door is not the only option to separate spaces in your house. One option is to use a barn door. It looks minimalistic but can be very stylish with the right kind of door finish and hardware.

Another way to create privacy is to use pocket doors. These are doors that can be pushed between walls and hidden. If you keep a pocket door open, it makes the space look bigger. 

A cool option is a hidden or secret door. This kind of door is hidden behind a shelf or appears to be part of the wall.  No one will know it's a door when it is kept closed. 

In Closing

american panel door of a bedroom

There are many ways to make your bedroom door look amazing. The choice of how to decorate a bedroom door boils down to your personal preference and creativity. Pick a design that you'll enjoy looking at every day—one that won't clash with the aesthetics of your bedroom.

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