How To Decorate A Console Table In The Living Room [5 Cool Ideas!]

Console tables are a popular piece of furniture, but you might be wondering how to decorate it! Well, we've scoured the internet for ideas and tips on how to decorate your console table, including when it is under the TV or behind the sofa, and have some suggestions for you!

You can decorate your console table by:

  • giving it a visual focal point with a mirror or canvas
  • using tabletop decor with different heights
  • decorating underneath the table
  • creating a balanced look by not over decorating one side
  • mixing textures and materials

We've listed some basic ideas above, but keep reading as we go into detail about each of our suggestions. We'll also cover lots of other information you might want to know about console tables and whether they, in fact, differ from sofa tables.

A console table near wall in coastal style interior home, How To Decorate A Console Table In The Living Room [5 Cool Ideas!]

Decorating Your Console Table

Console tables are long narrow tables and can be great additions to any room. They are, however, most often found in living rooms and entryways. They create additional space for storage and decorations. Below we have five ways you can decorate your console table!

Give Your Console Table A Visual Focal Point

You can use your console table to create a visual focal point in your living room. Consider adding a large or heavy object to help anchor it and bring attention to your decor. Mirrors, canvases, and large lamps all make great focal points for console tables. 

A large mirror is paired with a tall plant to create stunning visual contrast. You can match your focal point with other decor in the room as this designer did, or it can be its own statement piece.

Experiment With Height

Don't be afraid to get tall with your decorations. Consider using tall lamps, candlesticks, or vases with tall plants. Using varying heights can bring more dimension to your living room. Don't just think vertical height though, you should also include a horizontal item and an object in-between tall and long to tie everything together. An object can be a small succulent, a shape, or a small ornament of your favorite animal.

This designer hit all three of the height suggestions by using vases for the vertical height, books for the horizontal visual, and some smaller decorative objects to pull the look together. Using books is an easy way to add horizontal length to your console table.

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Decorating Underneath

Lots of console tables have additional surfaces below the tabletop, and you don't have to leave this area bare. Decorate below using pretty storage containers like wicker baskets, or add books, smaller vases, and ornamental objects that match your other living room decor.

Large wicker baskets aren't just a decorative item, they also add more storage to your space. Combine aesthetic with practical and use them to store blankets making them easy to reach from the couch on chilly nights.

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Create Balance

Try to create balance by not overwhelming one side or the center of your table. If you do conly to add decor to one sidee side, keep it minimal with one or two pieces. Otherwise, you should have decorations throughout the length of the table.

In this design, a few pieces work to help create a minimalist, crisp, clean look.

Otherwise, like the example above, balance your decor throughout the table without crowding any particular area. 

Mixing Materials

It's easy to get hung up on ornamental pieces made from ceramic, wood, or other solid materials, but don't forget to mix up your decorations by adding in fabrics and organic elements such as house plants, succulents, or flowers. Mixing up textures and materials adds tone, life, and dimension to your room. 

This designer combines fabrics, metals, and wooden objects with a house plant, to create a dynamic visual point for the room.

How to Decorate a Console Table Under a TV

If you have a console table under your TV, you can also use it to store electronics such as surround sound systems and gaming devices, but that doesn't mean you can't decorate around them.  While many of our above suggestions can be applied to your console table if it is under your TV, there are some other things to consider. 

Don't Block The Screen

You don't want to have part of your favorite show blocked by a tall plant or lamp, so you need to keep your decorations from interfering with the view of your TV. You can still achieve the height variations we suggested earlier, but you'll have to give more attention to the placement of your items. You'll want to place your taller decorations on either side of the TV, and your lower, horizontal decorations can go below your TV. 

Notice how the above console table still has most of our suggestions for decorating by keeping the taller vase to the side of the TV and the smaller items below. 

Frame The TV With Other Wall Decorations

If your afraid your TV and console table will look too lonely against a large wall, you can also frame the TV with shelves and other wall decor like canvases and photo frames. Match your console decorations with your wall decorations for a chic, cohesive look.

Can I Put A TV On A Console Table?

If mounting your TV on your wall seems like a daunting task, you can put your TV on a console table. Just be sure to check for any manufacturer's recommendations for the table's weight limits. Also, don't be afraid to decorate around your TV. Just make your TV the focal point and get creative with photos, objects, and plants around the outside. 

How to Decorate a Console Table Behind a Sofa

You can decorate a console table behind a sofa by following our suggestions above but also think about adding some lamps that are easily reachable for evening reading and some coasters for drinks. You could also add a narrow decorative basket for a place to store remotes.


Keep console tables simple by adding a pair of lamps for easy to reach mood lighting. 

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Another option you can choose is to completely transform the console table into a seating area. See some of the examples we found below.

Simple Stools

Completely convert your console table by adding sleek stools beneath.

Breakfast Bar

In this home, the console table has become a cozy breakfast bar! This is also a great idea if you have a small home or apartment where dining space might be limited.

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For more space-saving dining area ideas, check out "6 Dining Table Alternatives!"

Desk Area

This console table has been given double duty by transforming it into both a desk and decorative addition to the home.

Why Is It Called A Console Table?

A console table was originally a flat surface bracketed to the wall, where its name originates. Now, it is often synonymous with a sofa table in the sense that it has four legs and can stand alone. 

What Is The Difference Between A Sofa Table And A Console Table?

Nowadays a console table is also known as a sofa table because it becomes a sofa table once it is placed behind the sofa! A sofa table's sole purpose is to go against the sofa whereas a console table is usually placed against a wall. 

Where Does A Console Table Go In The Living Room?

As mentioned above, your console table can go under a TV or behind your sofa, but there are also some other places it can go.


If your front door also leads directly to your living room, you can place a console table near the entryway and decorate it with useful storage items, such as a basket or decorative tray for your keys. 

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If putting a console table in the entryway sounds like something you might like and you'd like some decorating suggestions, check out our other blog post "How to Decorate an Entryway Table [8 Actionable Suggestions]."

Against A Wall

You can also fill some blank wall space by placing a decorated console table against it. Consider pairing it with a wall mirror to really draw attention to the area.

Can You Use A Console Table In The Dining Room?

A console table can go anywhere you like, so don't be afraid to add one to your dining room. 

In this modern dining room, a console table has a large canvas print as its focal point, but the designer has also used it to supplement the dining table's centerpiece decoration by adding greenery at different levels. 

In this design, the console table has a similar thin frame to the dining room chairs, showing you can use it to match decor or furniture to create a cohesive look.

You could also convert a console into a wine bar or wine rack. Giving it even more reason to be in your dining room.

Final Thoughts

We have given you lots of tips and tricks to try when it comes to decorating your console table, and hopefully, we've helped spark your creativity! Console tables are a great addition to your living room, and there is a lot of freedom to add your personal taste to them! Happy Decorating!

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