How To Decorate Around A Wall Clock? [5 Fun Tips!]

Figuring out what to put on your walls can be stressful, but so much fun! When it comes to using wall clocks, you may initially wonder how to make it work, but the good news is that it’s not only easy to do, but a great way to shake up the decor on your walls!

Here are some great tips for decorating around a wall clock –

  • Keep the visual weight on either side balanced.
  • Keep it centered on the wall.
  • Use wall vinyl lettering as additional visual interest.
  • Incorporate a variety of different picture frame sizes or other decor items around the clock.
  • If hanging up pictures, use frames in a different shape than the clock.

If you aren’t sure what visual weight is, or you’re looking for some specific ideas on how to incorporate vinyl lettering with the area around the clock, keep reading! We’ve put together all the instructions and examples you’ll need to have a gorgeous wall centered around your clock.

A well lit apartment room with white colored walls and a cool wall clock on the wall, How To Decorate Around A Wall Clock? [5 Fun Tips!]

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Helpful Tips To Started

Visual Weight

The most important thing to consider when decorating is the visual weight of the room. Take a look at the picture below.

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Many photos in the frames on a white wall

The pictures aren’t all the same size or placed precisely in the same way, but the arrangement is balanced, and that’s what matters. Keeping this principle in mind when decorating around your clock will help ensure that you like what you’ve done when you step back to admire the final result!

Vinyl Lettering

Pictures are generally the go-to when it comes to decorating around a clock, but you have other options! Vinyl lettering is becoming increasingly popular as a low visual impact decor option, and you can easily make it work with your clock.

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How Do I Choose A Wall Clock?

First, decide if you want an analog clock or a digital clock. Analog clocks are more traditional and are generally better for decorating. Analog clocks are digital, and depending on the make and model, they can offer several display customizations, like the inclusion of weather forecasts, the date, and wifi connectivity. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is find one that fits your current decor scheme.

If you’re planning on decorating around the clock, take one of the picture frames or other decor items with you when you go clock shopping. Visualizing an example of how they go together will be instrumental in narrowing down your options.

Here are a few examples to help you get started!

Raynic 11.5 LED Digital Clock

Large Display Digital Wall Clock

If you want a more modern, tech inclusive decor scheme, this digital clock may be the choice for you! It tells the time, gives you the interior temperature, has charging ports for any nearby electronics, and you can even use it to set alarms to remind yourself of important events!
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 CO-Z Large LED Wall Clock

LED Wall Clock

Armed with a remote control, you can make this seemingly more simple option do everything that the more aesthetically complicated clocks can do. You can set alarms, countdowns, timers, see the temperature, and adjust all those settings up to 50 feet away.

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Antique Bronze Analog Clock

Large Retro Wall Clock

With a timelessly worn, antique appearance, this analog clock will be a fantastic choice for many different decor styles. Equipped with hangers on the back, this 30-inch clock is easy to install as well!

Click here to view this product on Amazon.

FirsTime and Co. Farmstead Clock

White Farmstead Barn Door Wall Clock for Home Office

Perfect for the more homey or country style themes, this farmhouse clock has an undeniable charm, and with its square shape, it can be a unique choice that will help cement status as the focus of the room.

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Where Do You Hang A Big Wall Clock?

Unless you’re hanging something approximately the same size somewhere else on the wall to keep the visual weight balanced, you should almost always hang your wall clock on the center of the wall. If you’re planning on decorating around it, you’re almost always creating a centerpiece on the wall, and it’s usually a good idea to have your focal points centered.

Hanging it too far off to the side, especially when you give it more visual weight by decorating around it, can make your room seem crooked and uneven. It will also be harder to decorate the remaining exposed wall in a way that keeps everything balanced out. If you need more information on where to place a clock in your living room, click here!

Should Wall Decor Match Furniture?

Your overall decorative effect will be more cohesive if the wall decor items and your furniture match in some way. Whether that be material type, color scheme, shape, or aesthetic is up to you!

Should You Have Wall Decor on Every Wall?

The key to interior design, especially when it comes to decorating your walls, is balance. Some homes might do well with decor on every wall; some decorating schemes might do better with a more minimalistic approach.

Should Gallery Wall Frames Match?

They don’t have to! When it comes to fashion and decorating, there are very few rules that must be followed. Ideally, the focus should be on finding a look or an aesthetic that you love and building around it in a cohesive, pleasant way. There’s nothing wrong with having all your frames match, and depending on your design, you may benefit from having all mismatched frames. There are three main ways to mismatch your frames, which allows for more creative freedom and general cohesivity. Click here to check out 19 Wooden Wall Clocks that could be perfect for you!


If you want to shake things up, but not too much, you can keep the same material and general shape, while changing the sizes of the frames, as with this example.
Photo frame on wall

The frames are all part of a matched set, but they are all different sizes and cover different amounts of area, giving you the freedom to mess around with placement and visual weight balance. This can be especially nice when trying to work your pictures around a clock.


You can mix up your gallery wall by using various frame colors, in addition to or instead of different sizes. You can do this by merely painting existing frames you have or going on a hunt for them at your local thrift store! If you’re looking to save money, buying your picture frames second hand and painting them in your desired colors is a fantastic way to get the selected variety in style, while making sure they all match your chosen color scheme.

white wall with photos of the family in various photo frames

This specific method can help a room seem more comfortable, relaxed, or less formal. It is also commonly used in more artsy rooms where various art pieces and styles are displayed. If you’re using a variety of art, try placing them in mismatching frames to emphasize the differences.

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Here we have two examples of different shaped frames. The first picture below uses different styles of frames that are still generally rectangular, but they only share a color. They appear to be frames from mismatched sets, painted to be more cohesive. Having different frames that are the same color is a great way to have some variety, but not too much.

Multiple many blank small picture frames on white wall

However, you don’t have to be subtle at all. The example below shows how well a mixture of square, rectangular, round, and sunburst shaped frames can go together as long as the visual weight is balanced. Metallic, wooden, wrapped canvas, large and small, you can use them all together!

white wall with photos of the family in various photo frames

Get to Work!

The essential part of decorating is to have fun. If you’re not sure how to start, start small! Pick a few decorations you love, and move them around your clock until you love the placement. Keep in mind the visual weight of the room, and you’re sure to have a perfectly decorated wall that you love!

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