How To Decorate Around A Wall Vent

If you have a wall vent and you don't know how to conceal it or decorate around it to make the space more aesthetically pleasing, don't worry! We've discovered ways to help you refresh that space around your wall vent. 

Decorating around a wall vent requires six to 12 inches of clearance in the front and above it. Thus, you must decorate with caution. This decorating project will depend on your personality, budget, and overall room design. You can transform the space using any of these techniques:

  1. Create an accent wall.
  2. Hang a photo gallery set.
  3. Show a large piece of artwork.
  4. Cover with decorative panels.
  5. Apply wood wall panels.
  6. Add shelving.
  7. Place a table.
  8. Install strip lights.
  9. Replace the wall cap.

Life can be monotonous sometimes, but in your home, especially the wall around the vent does not need to be boring and purposeless. Thinking outside the box is important to get creative. Keep on reading as we explore how to decorate around your wall vent like a professional designer. 

White wall vents at a white wall, How To Decorate Around A Wall Vent

Decorating Around A Wall Vent

You have to spend enough time planning and buying or crafting materials you will need. Before you start decorating, keep in mind that air return vents should not be blocked in any way.

Furniture or any decor will restrict the airflow. As a result, this may cause problems with the HVAC system's performance. Below are simple yet necessary tips to apply: 

Safety Tips

  • Seek a professional to know which material to use around your wall vent.
  • Avoid placing any decor in front or close to it, especially fabric.
  • Read instructions carefully, especially when painting.
  • Make proper ventilation.
  • Clean your working area afterward.

Now, it's time to transform your wall.

1. Create An Accent Wall

An accent wall is trendy and makes a room pop. Only 10 percent of your room should have an accent wall. Remember, you must not overdo and match it with other colors in your room.

It is useful in camouflaging your wall vent by making it a part of the pattern or image. There are many ways to create this. You can choose from these three methods:

Repaint With Bright And Bold Color

Selecting a color for your accent wall can be confusing. Thus, try to check out a color palette first. This will help you choose colors that complement.

Usually, the best accent color is the bright and bold ones, making it more eye catching. For example, a red, smooth finish goes well with gray or white. These combinations create a unique look.

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 To find out which accent is best for your wall vent, read through this post: 11 Best Accent Colors For Gray

Paint A Mural

If you want an everyday view of the Downtown Manhattan skyline at the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, you can have a mural in your room. You can either do it yourself, hire a mural maker, or purchase a mural wallpaper. For easy installation, select a peel-and-stick wallpaper mural that is cut into six pieces.

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For more mural design ideas, check out this article: 13 Stone-Effect Wall Murals [#13 Will AMAZE You!]

Use Paint Stencils

Although paint stenciling is time consuming, the outcome is worth it and gives a personalized design. Paint through a translucent wall stencil with a diamond pattern. 

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2. Hang A Photo Gallery Set

A wall gallery set showcases your favorite photos. It easily reminds you of those happy captured moments with family and friends. To feature those, arrange 10 memorable photos in a rustic frame with a glass cover.

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3. Show A Large Piece Of Artwork

A statement artwork tells a story. It can be the story of why and where you got it or who the artist is. When you place artwork such as a wreath in your living room, it draws your visitors' attention to the wreath, not to the vent wall.

Boho inspired living room with a gray sofa and a bohemian themed throw pillows

For more insight on how to choose artwork, look into this post: How To Choose Artwork For The Living Room

4. Cover With Decorative Panel

People commonly use decorative panels as a divider, but repurposing this is possible. Hang 12 pieces of PVC panels with butterfly, flower, and bird designs to cover the spaces around your wall vent.

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5. Apply Wood Panels

Wood panel applications might call for some help from construction experts. An oak wood strip is ideal for residential and commercial use, offering a rustic twist yet a luxurious finish.

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6. Add Shelving

A blank wall with a vent can still be useful. You may use this space to store small plants or other collections, especially if you have a limited place. Mount a set of three black floating shelves for a sleek and minimalist aesthetic in your room.

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7. Place A Table

If you have a spacious room, a simple addition of furniture can change the look of the entire room. To increase your storage of important items such as framed photos and keys, you can set an oak sofa table with a metal frame. It also hides the wall vent beneath at the same time.

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8. Install Strip Lights

When you are renting a home, LED strip lighting is an environment-friendly alternative for lighting without damaging the walls.

With strip lights, you have a fun way to brighten up your dull wall around the vent. You will dance to the colorful movement of lights as you hear the beat of your favorite songs. 

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9. Replace Wall Cap

A wall cap or wall vent is connected to your exhaust fans or venting dryers, reducing moisture and odor. However, most of the time, its appearance does not fit in with your home design.

So, replacing the old one with an aesthetic cap is a good option. Install a top-mount wall cap, making an integrated and seamless view.

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Basic Design Principles

You do not need to be an expert in interior design for this home makeover project. But you must know the basic principles of decorating your wall for a cohesive look and efficient decision making. Here are the four principles you want to follow:

  • Create balance. Balance gives a relaxing touch. You may use a mirror image for a clean style and asymmetry for a casual look.
  • Achieve unity and harmony. A limited palette of complementary colors for your decor has a unifying effect.
  • Provide a focal point by capturing attention. An accent wall and a large artwork will stand out in your room.
  • Bring a sense of movement with various sizes, patterns, shapes, textures, and colors.

What Do You Need To Decorate A Wall Vent?

Technician installing a wall vent

First and foremost, you will need the decor of your choice. Then, you will need some other tools.

Other Tools

Apart from the mentioned fixtures above, here's what you will need:

  • Protective gloves
  • Vacuum cleaner and other cleaning materials
  • Paint materials (sander, scraper, brush, rollers)
  • Adhesive tape or hooks
  • Level (for measuring)
  • Screwdriver set
  • Hammer

How Much Does It Cost To Decorate Around Your Wall Vent? 

Two wall vents at a wall with marble cladding

The cost of decorating your wall varies depending on the materials. Consider planning what you like and list the things you will use to narrow down the expenses.

If you'll use decorative vent covers, this project may cost $22-1,678. Combining the ways to decorate may increase the value, but it will lead to a desirable outcome.

Why It Is Important To Decorate Your Wall

Decorating your wall is not just for the sake of design. It allows you to express how you feel and live. Your home is a reflection of yourself. This is also a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Upon entering your room or home, the interior design affects you subconsciously. The color of your wall can either uplift or sadden you. Likewise, a well-decorated room enhances your focus and productivity and evokes positive feelings of comfort and safety. 

In Closing 

White wall vents at a white wall

You can transform your wall around the vent with few restrictions. You must find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Adding trendy designs will camouflage or redirect the attention away from your nasty wall vent. 

Your wall vent must not stop you from being creative. Do not be afraid to mix and match the decorating ideas mentioned above depending on your taste and budget. Be mindful of the design principles and safety tips we've discussed. Ultimately, enjoy making a refreshing space!

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