How To Decorate Glass End Tables [5 Great Ideas!]

If you plan to use glass end tables in your living, you may be wondering how decorate them. We have done some research to bring you style inspiration that any interior designer would approve. 

End tables are as much of a convenience as they are an opportunity to express your style. You can place necessary items on your end table along with decorative accent pieces to create a functional but stylish look. Here are some popular design ideas for glass end tables: 

  • Fresh Foliage 
  • Pop of Color 
  • Just the Necessities
  • Candle Centerpieces  
  • Multi-height Accents

Take a look at the examples we've found and see if any of them are the perfect fit for your living space. 

White sofa with white throw pillows and an end table with metal framing on the side, How To Decorate Glass End Tables [5 Great Ideas!]

How To Use An End Table

To get the most used out of your end tables, place them where they can be easily reached by the people sitting in your living room. End tables provide the most use to those sitting on a couch or loveseat when placed at each end. If you use chairs in your living room, place an end table between two chairs or next to one chair. 

You should not use an end table as a catch-all for anything that happens to land there. Instead, think of your end table as a vessel to organize items that make spending time in the living room convenient and keep them within easy reach. People tend to use their end tables to hold lamps, drinks or snacks, or controls for televisions or video games. What you place on your end table depends on what items you use the most while you are using your living room. 

Ways To Decorate Your Glass End Tables 

Fresh Foliage

Brown velvet sofa with an end table on the side and beautiful multicolored tulips for decoration

Your glass end table can be a good home for a fresh seasonal plant. Because your table is glass, you don't have to worry about your vase or pot clashing with the style of your table. With your plant resting on the end table, it will be at eye level, improving your mood even in the winter. 

Pop Of Color 

A beautiful classic living room with a blue sofa, and a glass end table with a majesty palm

In addition to the necessities you need to place on your end table, you can add some décor pieces to give your table a pop of color. A vase of flowers, such as in the image above, or a collectible or figure, are great ways to make your table colorful and fun without putting too many objects on the table. You'll notice coasters and a photo in this image as well, but there is enough room for temporary needs such as a drink. 

Just The Necessities 

Dark themed living room with a dark background, dark green chair and a glass end table

Adding decor items to an end table is not only acceptable, but it is expected. However, remember that end tables are functional in addition to decorative. In the image above, the table is small and sitting next to a single living chair. This is an example of the perfect place to have an empty end table. When you use the chair, you have a space to put the things you need while sitting there. 

Candle Centerpieces 

Modern contemporary inspired living room with a glass dining table, glass chairs, a gray sleeper couch and a dark coffee table

Candleholders come in countless styles and are almost more important to a room's aesthetic than the candles themselves. Because some candle holders and centerpieces are elaborate, they can take up a lot of space. The end tables in this image are used creatively. Instead of being placed next to a couch or chair, they are pushed against the wall so that they can be used exclusively to hold décor items. Using one end table for candle holders or other larger or elaborate accents will prevent you from taking up space closer to your seating area and ensuring that you have a suitable place to display the item. 

Multi-Height Accents 

A beautiful living room with wooden flooring, white sofa and an end table with metal framing

Even in a monochromatic space, you can create a visually appealing space by playing with other elements. Each of the items on the end table in this image is a different height, and they are arranged in a way that each item can be seen. Use statues, vases, or candles to create this minimal but interesting look on your end tables. 

Are Glass Tables Hard To Keep Clean? 

Cleaning glass tables can be an easy task, but it must be done regularly and with care. Because glass is a non-porous surface, you only need to spray and wipe to clean it. However, you do need to be mindful of what type of cleaner you use. All-purpose and multi-purpose cleaners are often considered interchangeable, but all-purpose cleaners can be used on glass, and multi-purpose ones cannot. To play it safe, you could use a glass cleaner or make a solution of vinegar and water. 

Glass tables need to be cleaned often. They are prone to fingerprints and smudges, and any spills, dust, or leftover food will stand out more than on other surfaces. So, while the task of cleaning the table is easy, the upkeep can be tedious. 

For more tips on how to keep glass tables clean, check out our article "How To Clean A Glass Dining Table (And Keep It Clean Too)." 

How To Protect a Glass End Table? 

The best way to protect a glass end table is by using it with care. Use coasters when putting drinks on the table so that the drink glasses won't scratch or chip the table. Choose items to decorate your table with caution. Avoid items with sharp edges that might scrape the table or items that can spill. Fabric runners or placemats can be creatively used for style as well as protection. 

If you have a smartphone, you will probably be familiar with the screen protectors that can be purchased to prevent your screen from cracking. Similar in concept to this, you can purchase protectors for your table as well. The most common protectors are thick, clear plastic and can be purchased in rolls or a pre-measured sheet. 

Click here to see this protector on Amazon.

Are Glass End Tables Dangerous? 

Glass end tables are safe for adults if they are made with the correct type of glass. Your glass table should be made from tempered glass, which is less susceptible to breakage. If tempered glass does break, the pieces will be small rather than large, more dangerous shards. 

If you have children in your home, glass tables should be avoided. Children are likely to fall into the table or hit their head on the edges. Additionally, there is minimal damage to wood or fabric tables if a child throws, drops, or slams something onto the table. The same accident in a home with a glass table can cause significant damage the table and severe injury to the child. If you choose to get a glass table and you have children in the home, you should consider purchasing a glass protector for the table and bumpers for the table's edges. 

Click here to see these corner protectors on Amazon.

Click here to see this foam bumper, which can be applied to all of the table's edges, on Amazon.


Glass end tables are as functional as other end tables, but they elevate decorative elements in ways that other materials cannot. Because of how light hits glass surfaces, glass end tables naturally call attention to your decorative accents. They also make your space look larger and brighter because of their transparent and floating appearance. 

You can decorate your glass end tables the way you would decorate wood or fabric tables. However, they are perfect for minimal or elegant styles because of their ability to enhance the items placed upon them. Glass end tables are also good places for your favorite decorative pieces because they can draw the eye to those pieces rather than overshadow them. 

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