How To Decorate A Ledge In The Living Room

Whether you want to maximize your living room space or are simply looking to redecorate the space, you've probably wondered what you could do to decorate your living room ledges. We've come across this query a lot, so we will share some ideas on decorating living room ledges in this post.

There are many different ways to decorate a ledge in the living room. Here are some classic suggestions that you can try out:

  1. Create a photo ledge
  2. Place plants and greenery on the ledge
  3. Display vintage items or collections
  4. Show off your favorite books
  5. Add relaxing elements to the room

We know that decorating ledges can be a little vague. Fortunately, we will talk more about decorating them in this post! Keep reading as we share with you some ideas on how to decorate a ledge in the living room and how you can maximize the use of this architectural addition to your home.

latest fashion home trends in an ultra modern elegant interior of a cozy studio in soft pastel colors, How To Decorate A Ledge In The Living Room

How To Decorate A Ledge In The Living Room

A ledge is typically a built-in projection in the wall that serves as an architectural design addition to your space. Its function is similar to a shelf, but most ledges are more narrow than the usual shelf. Since ledges can be deep or shallow, you have many ways to utilize this architectural piece.

Living rooms typically have window ledges or built-in ledges above the fireplace if the situation allows. Some homeowners have even asked for ledges to be built together using some trim to add a unique design to the room. 

A ledge can have different uses in the living room. You can utilize it mainly for decoration, but some people have managed to turn their ledges into additional storage spaces. Here are some ideas on how you can decorate your ledges:

1. Create a photo ledge

Stylish interior design of living room with modern mint sofa, wooden console, cube, coffee table, lamp, plant, mock up poster

If you have a ledge that is more shallow than deep, you can still utilize this to add decorations to your space. Photos can be propped against the ledge to make a unique-looking photo gallery. Make sure to use different sizes of frames to give your gallery some variety.

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If you are not keen on using photos, you can use different art pieces as an alternative. There are several art prints or canvas prints that you can display instead of photos. This is also great if you want to have a theme for your room because you can match the art you put in the space.

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2. Place plants and greenery on the ledge

Modern scandinavian interior of living room with design grey sofa, armchair, a lot of plants, coffee table, carpet and persona

Sometimes, the best way to freshen up the room is by adding plants and some greenery to the space. Ledges are great for putting up small pots to add color and freshness to the room.

A good choice is to place small pots of indoor houseplants on your ledge. Popular varieties include succulents, cacti, or other houseplants that will grow well in your indoor environment. Keep in mind that you should have protective measures placed on your pots if you intend to display live houseplants on your ledges. 

3. Display vintage items or collections

Ledge with pot of plants and a old vintage camera ang books on window

A ledge is also a great way to show off your "best of the best" when it comes to vintage items or collectibles. Ledges are small spaces, but they are great for showing off these items because your guests can see them up close when they visit. It makes for a great statement piece for your home, and it will start some great conversation throughout the day.

4. Show off your favorite books

lamp books and ornament objects on a white window sill

If you're a big book reader, the ledges in the living room are also a great place to showcase those well-loved books. Aside from the bookshelves, your ledge can display a small collection of books to read or browse through for your guests when they come to visit. You can add small decorations like some flowers or a figurine to sit alongside your favorite books.

5. Add relaxing elements to the room

Shot of lit candles in a row in an empty home

If you want to create a relaxing vibe in your living room, use the ledges to place soothing elements that you can add to your space. Votive candles, some aromatherapy diffusers, or oil burners are nice to put on the ledge to make the room more relaxing and as an added decoration.

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How Can I Decorate Vaulted Ledges?

Grey interior of high vaulted ceiling family room in luxury house with fireplace and large windows

Vaulted ledges are typically seen when a home has high vaulted ceilings. The ledges of these homes usually don't get to utilize them as much because it can be a little difficult to put items on high ledges.

However, if you do some planning ahead of time, you can decorate these vaulted ledges. Keep in mind that the items you will be putting in the ledges will not be touched or moved for quite some time.

Light it up

Since vaulted ledges are very high up, one of the problems you might face if you plan on putting decorations is the lack of light. A great idea to use in this kind of space is to add battery-powered lamps to this space, if wiring isn't possible. This should give you enough light to showcase whatever you have displayed on the ledge.

Another option that you can do is to add LED strip lights to the back of the ledge. This will give your vaulted ledges a backlit look that offers enough light to show off displayed items. Strip lights are easy to install, and you can pick a color that you feel will suit your space the best.

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Fake potted plants

Plants are known to give a room a refreshing feel. However, vaulted ledges are too high for live houseplants, and if you ever try to put one up there, there is a very high chance you'll end up with a dry and dead plant.

Try placing fake potted plants on vaulted ledges to add a refreshing look to the space. Just make sure to clean the dust off it every once in a while.

Decorative knick-knacks

Adding knick-knacks to vaulted ledges is a great way to make a "featured" place in your room. Keep items that draw a lot of attention to the vaulted ledge to spark conversation. You can also put in some items that you think will round out the theme of your space, such as decorative figurines, some pots, or any item you think will showcase your room well.

Are There Alternatives To Ledges?

Wooden table next to grey corner settee in warm living room interior with painting and fireplace

Many homeowners like the idea of decorating ledges, but unfortunately, not all homes are fitted with one. If you're one of those who would like to have a small space like this to decorate, then you might want to consider some alternatives. 

Since ledges are narrow, an alternative you can put in your living room is floating shelves. Like a ledge, floating shelves are quite narrow, and they cannot carry much weight. However, they are great for decorating, and you can put your favorite framed photos and art, as well as other small items on them.

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If you have a fireplace, mantels are another great alternative to a ledge. You can get a mantel easily installed and put up very quickly. A mantel can also act as a ledge and display all your favorite items without having to add entire furniture to your space. 

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Solid wood beams can also be installed for a more rustic appearance. They look great in living rooms and are very eye-catching to guests.

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If you're only looking for a place to display your photos, picture display shelves are the way to go. This is better than ledges because you can install multiple picture shelves wherever you want in the room. These display shelves are very versatile and can hold other lightweight items too.

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Final Thoughts

latest fashion home trends in an ultra modern elegant interior of a cozy studio in soft pastel colors

You've probably thought that they really don't add much to the space, but ledges are great places to decorate and refresh your living room. Make the most out of them by placing significant and bold details to create a featured spot in your room. Or go simple and put items that will round out your space. Whatever it is, a decorated ledge will surely make your living room unique.

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