How To Decorate Living Room Windows [8 Cool Ideas]

Do you have a big bay window in your living room and want to know how to spruce it up? You may just have regular windows that need a little class. We have found several ideas on how to make your living room windows look and feel homier. 

Things to dress up your living room windows:

  • Plants
  • Privacy Film
  • Sun Catchers
  • Window Clings
  • Drapes/Curtains
  • Blinds/Roman Shades
  • Floral Swags/ Wreaths
  • Lights/Candles

Continue to read through this article to see numerous ideas on making your living room windows look better and individualizing your space!

Gorgeous contemporary living room with wooden laminated flooring, gray sectional sofa, huge seamless window with plants, and a fireplace on the side, How To Decorate Living Room Windows [8 Cool Ideas]

Decorative Ideas for Your Living Room Windows


A beautiful indoor orchid placed next to a window

Potted or hanging, plants are a great way to add some of nature into your home. They not only provide some color and sweet scents, but they make you feel better just looking at them! You can have plain pots or even painted ones. Adding some flowers to your bay windows, bring in a fresh light even when it is raining or dreary outside. If you have regular windows, you can use a plant stand or hang pots from hooks in front of your window. Ensure that the plant you choose is getting the light it needs and can be an indoor plant.

If you are using an artificial plant, it works just as well! Here are some beautiful artificial rose vines to display in your windows.

Click here to view and purchase these artificial hanging plants on Amazon!

Privacy Film

Privacy film comes in a wide arrange of designs and textures. It comes in many colors, and there's even a film that lets you see outside but not in. You may choose just a frosted glass or one that looks like stained glass. This adds to a plain old window and also provides some privacy if you so wish. You could easily add the film to just the bottom portion of the window and let the light shine in from the top.

Most of the privacy film just clings to the window and provides an easy way to change up the look if you would like. Some may have an adhesive backing that sticks to the window. This privacy film looks exactly like a stained glass window!

Click here to purchase this stained glass privacy film on Amazon!

Sun Catchers 

Suncatchers are a great way to add some color and whimsy to your windows! You can make some of your own or allow your kids to have a fun rainy day project. These can be all different shapes, sizes, and designs. Make sure to have a suction hook that will hold the sun catcher's weight so that it does not fall and break. They can be made of plastic or glass and some are just beautiful prism beads. These will be sure to liven up your living room windows!

Check out the tutorial below, on YouTube, to create your own suncatchers!


Window Clings

There are many types of window clings available for every holiday or even season. This creates a whimsical scene on your window! It is fun for children and adults alike to arrange the clings. They usually stick by static and a little moisture or some are made of gel that just naturally sticks, no adhesive necessary. 

We found a fun tutorial on YouTube, below, to make your own window clings easily. This is a great project to try with the kids!


Drapes and Curtains

A classic designed window with a Olympian styled column with a white curtain

Drapes or curtains do not have to be boring. Colors, designs, and textures can add beauty to your windows. Mix and match patterns or colors to go along with the theme of your living room. You can have sheer curtains underneath a heavier drape to add dimension and depth. You can easily drape a heavier curtain over the top to create a more classy look.

Tie backs on your curtains can also add some color and shine. Look at these drapes we found for purchase!

Click here to purchase this four piece drapery set on Amazon!

Blinds or Roman Shades

Perfectly folded gray curtains on a window

Blinds come in a variety of styles and colors. You can get bamboo, plastic, or even wood shades. They can be specially ordered to match your furniture and decor as well. Roman shades are normally made of a heavy fabric and they can be rolled up just like regular blinds. These both provide the privacy you want during the night and can be pulled up during the day to let in the light.

Matching a fabric or color to your living room motif can add to your living room windows, tying the whole room together. Make sure to measure your windows before purchasing blinds or shades. Look at these shades we found below. 

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Floral Swags and Wreaths

A gorgeous wreath made with leaves isolated on a white background

Wreaths are not just for your front door. Consider hanging them on your window with suction hooks. Floral swags can also add an earthy feel to your living room windows. A lot of the time you see swags outside above doors, on porches, or on window sills. Do not be afraid to bring them indoors as well. These bring colors and warmth to your room and can even be incorporated into the holidays.

You can make your own with real plants or use artificial year after year. We found a beautiful floral swag below. Perfect for Spring or Summer!

Click here to view and purchase this pink floral swag on Amazon!

Lights and Candles

A decorative silver Christmas star with a led candle on top

If you have a window sill on your living room windows, use them to put a battery operated candle on. You often see candles in windows during the holidays but you can use them to light up the window at any time of year. String lights are also a cute idea for your windows. Add a string of fairy lights for some twinkle in your living room. We highly suggest using battery operated candles to avoid any fire hazards. 

Look at these cute fairy lights we found available for purchase!

Click here to purchase these battery operated fairy lights on Amazon!

What is the best window treatment for the living room?

There is no right or wrong answer. Blinds, roman shades, sheers, or drapes are all great ideas for the living room windows. You can even use a privacy film as listed above. 

How do I make my windows private without curtains?

Privacy film is a great way to keep people from looking in. It comes in a wide variety of color and print. You can also choose a nice roman shade or even ones made of bamboo for added aesthetic. 

What to put on living room window sill?

Small potted plants would look great on a window sill. You may also have some favorite figurines or even battery operated lanterns. Maybe you do not want anything on your sills, and that's completely fine too! 

In Closing

You can decorate your living room windows in so many ways. From wreaths and swags to plain blinds or shades. Window clings and privacy film can also liven up your windows. Use your imagination and have fun!

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