How To Decorate A Long And Narrow Entryway [7 Suggestions]

Decorating a long and narrow entryway can be challenging, but we've compiled all of the best tips, tricks, and products that we can find to help you on your way to creating a functional and stylish space.  With a few simple insights along with these tips, your entryway will soon be a point of pride when you walk in your door.

There are a few common concerns when trying to jazz up such a space. Consider using the following style tips to help:

  • Create a spatial illusion with mirrors
  • Don’t neglect the valuable wall space
  • Be moody with your colors to cozy it up
  • Be open to textures for a warm welcome
  • Choose multifunctional storage decor pieces 
  • Make a statement with proper lighting
  • Don’t forget to personalize! 

Additionally, there are some questions you can ask yourself to provide insight into which of these options will work best for your space. These insights can help you create an outline and then using the tips listed below, you will be on your way to designing a space you love in no time. Just keep reading to find out more.

A luxurious looking foyer with a curved staircase and a matching wooden vinyl flooring, How to Decorate a Long and Narrow Entryway [7 Suggestions]

How to decorate a long and narrow entryway that suits your needs

Many of the design concepts that apply to a larger and more open space will also apply to a long and narrow entryway. However, there are a few key things you can do in a long and tight space to help change the feel to make it more inviting to guests or make it more functional for your family. Before we can get into the tips, here are a few things you should ask yourself before getting started: 

  • How does this space currently make you feel? 
  • How do you want the space to feel? 
  • What are the main uses and the frequency of use for this space?  

Use the above questions to outline a few goals for your upcoming redesign. With those goals in mind, select from some of the tips below to find the perfect blueprint for your entryway.

How Do You Make An Entryway Look Bigger?

An easy and visually-appealing way to make an entryway look bigger is by creating a spatial illusion with mirrors. 

Mirrors are marvelous. They offer so much to a small space, ranging from making space look larger, wider, brighter, and overall better, to ensuring that your guests are never too far away from a quick look to touch up. There are so many ways you can use mirrors to spice up your decor. Check out our article about the benefits of adding a mirror to an entryway for more inspiration.

Don't Neglect Valuable Wall Space

It can be easy to overlook some valuable space that is right out in the open: the wall! There are some amazing products including wall hooks, floating shelves, and mail storage containers that can offer additional storage space without losing valuable floor real estate.

Below are a few items that can help you achieve this goal. Note how the pictured accordion-style wall hook mount offers a very charming farmhouse feel, but it is fantastically functional as well! It can hold quite a bit of weight which is excellent for winter coats and scarves.

Check out this accordion-style mount on Amazon. 

The below floating shelf works to help store mail, keys, sunglasses, and any other pocket swimmers you might need to store in a convenient place.


Check out this Dahey wall-mounted mail holder on Amazon.

What Is The Best Color For An Entryway?

Be moody with your colors to cozy it up. Most know that when choosing a paint color, darker colors tend to make a space appear smaller. As a result, many people will make the assumption that because the space is narrow you have to steer clear of adding any color to the wall. This is not entirely true. Try using colors such as Benjamin Moore's Clay Beige, or Sherwin-Williams Network Gray.  These types of colors are warm and welcoming, but not dark.

These colors provide versatility when deciding on accessories, which leaves you with many options to add colorful pieces that can be easily rotated as seasons and holidays pass. Keep this versatility in mind when selecting the paint; warm tones that offer more color will have less adaptability later on. 

Beyond Color: Be Open To Textures

Similar to the reasons that selecting a warmer paint color may help make your space feel cozier, texture can add an element of whimsical charm. This is a great alternative to maintain a rental agreement, not commit to a specific color, or maintain a tighter budget.  There are many options for removable wallpapers that can add that air of whimsy while staying within your rental guidelines and well within your budget. 

Shiplap is a very popular option. Traditional shiplap can be expensive to install and also requires someone who is fairly handy with tools to fasten the boards to the wall appropriately. However, there are some simpler options, such as this white distressed shiplap peel and stick wallpaper:


Click here to see this product on Amazon.

Brick peel and stick wallpaper is another way to go. Since real brick is extremely costly and labor-intensive to install, this peel and stick wallpaper is very appealing. The brick design will create a bit of an industrial feel. However, this kind of texture can easily overpower a space if you're not careful. The best practice is to choose one wall to accent the others. 

Click here to see this product on Amazon.

If peel and stick wallpaper isn't your jam but you love the idea of adding texture to your walls, consider applying some DIY Board and Batton instead.  You'll need to be a little handier with power tools, but the feeling of elegance and sophistication you get from the space, in the end, will make it worth it. 

Although adding texture to your walls is a great option, it is not the only option. You may also consider finding texture through accessories, plants, and other vintage charm decor items. These additional decor items will make this space feel lived in, and maybe a little perfectly imperfect. 

Should You Add Storage In An Entryway?

Most of the time, adding storage to your entryway space will make the space more functional. One great way to create storage in an entryway is to add multifunctional storage decor pieces. Since narrow spaces are tougher to incorporate too many storage elements, selecting one or two pieces that offer many solutions is a great way to amp up your style, while also keeping practicality in mind.

Benches are a great multifunctional piece as they offer a place to sit, set things down, and storage underneath. They also are widely available in a range of various designs that will surely offer a style that fits your home, budget, and the needs of your family.

Shoe Rack Bench

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Wooden Storage Bench

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If you don't have the space to place a bench, sofa tables are a great alternative. Generally, they're taller and a bit narrower, which will allow for extra space to set items on as well as space below to add some additional storage bins. 

Decor Therapy Sofa Table

Check out this product on Amazon.

Best Choice Products Sofa Table

Check out this product on Amazon.

How Do You Lighten Up A Dark And Narrow Entryway?

Use your lighting to make a statement. Lighting is another one of those multi-functional pieces you can add. It serves to provide the necessary lighting while being warm and inviting. Lighting has the potential to be a central point for the decor.

Depending on your design avenue, you can select from a number of different minimalist lighting fixtures, extravagant pendant lighting, or you could opt for a more natural form of light. Choosing the right one will ensure the proper vibe you're going for and lighten up space simultaneously.

We highly recommend you read through our article that suggests 18 entryway lighting options, just to ensure you've made the proper selection for yourself. 

Don't Forget To Personalize!

With a personalized touch, you can add that wave of feeling that this is home when you walk through the door. Personalization can happen in many ways.

Below are a few examples of how to incorporate your family timeline or many family photos into a statement wall. You could also go with a more subtle gallery wall, mixing in some of the statement mirrors mentioned earlier with some personalized family photos or some of your favorite quotes. 

Personal Photos

Curated Art

How Long Is Too Long For A Hallway?

While you may not be able to decide how long your hallway is from an architectural standpoint, there are ways to combat the appearance of being too long. The best way to overcome this unfortunate architectural blunder is to refer back to creating spatial illusions.

Use this trick to help make the hall feel shorter or wider. Depending on your exact spatial concern, you may need to delve into this topic a little more. It's no secret that navigating the design elements of a long and narrow entryway can be a little daunting. Hopefully, you were able to gain some insight into your goals and outline a blueprint to redesign your tight space by using the suggestions and tips above.

In Closing

As you now know, there are many ways to decorate a long and narrow hallway while maintaining personal style! From adding mirrors to utilizing multifunctional benches, the options are vast. Enjoy designing this space! 

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