How To Decorate A Split Level Entryway [6 Suggestions]

Entryways say a lot about your house and the welcoming vibe it gives off. However, decorating this space in a split level house can be a little trickier. We've done our homework and want to share with you the best ways to furnish and accessorize the entryway. 

To make a split level entryway work, find decor that does not take up valuable space like a bulky table or bench. Instead, consider including the following:

  • Space-saving storage
  • Light(s)
  • Mirror
  • Framed pictures
  • Plants
  • Doormat

While these are the basics, there are tons of ways to customize an entryway to your taste and budget. The key is to make the space as functional and beautiful as possible, and we have the tips to show you how. Just keep reading.

A rustic themed house, traditional designed door and protruding staircase, How to Decorate a Split Level Entryway [6 Suggestions]

Decorating The Entryway

Entryways make a big statement about the feel of your home. That's why split levels can be difficult - how do you make a big statement when the area is... well, not big? There's no need to worry, just consider our basic principles. 

When space is limited, the best thing to do is to use minimal furnishings, incorporate light, and use mirrors. 

We want everything to look nice while also showing off who you are. By using plants, pictures, and colors, you accomplish this. 

Entryways should also be practical. Coats, shoes, and keys all often find themselves in this area so it's a must to have a place to store them efficiently.

Let's breakdown the best ways to do this.  

Space-Saving Storage

Storage may be the most important thing in the entryway, at least from a sensible perspective. Storage in the entryway could look like a shoe rack, a coat rack, or some hooks mounted on the wall. 

These things take up a minimal amount of space and can be very useful for tucking away dirty shoes and heavy jackets right as you walk through the door. 

If your split level allows for a little more room, you can even try a hall tree, which provides a bench and storage all in one. Explore the possibilities to find which one is best for you or even use more than one! 

Extendable Shoe Rack

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Standing Coat Rack

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Mounted Shelf With Hooks

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Industrial Hall Tree

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One of the most fool-proof ways to make an area of your house look bigger is to have tons of light. A solid light fixture, combined with lighter wall colors, creates the illusion that the entryway is bigger than it really is. 

Since split level entryways are typically small, it's optimal to have great light. You can try adding some lamps if you have no overhead light fixtures. This, however, can take up some valuable floor space.  

You can also replace your overhead lights with something bigger if the one you have isn't doing the trick.

New overhead lights can add character while simultaneously brightening up your room. 

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Another way to make a room appear larger is to include a mirror in your design. The reflection can help an entryway not seem so snug. As a plus, it also helps ensure you and your family look great before you head out the door. You don't need anything too big in your design if that doesn't fit your style or budget.

Round mirrors are in at the moment. Or you can choose a long rectangular mirror hung horizontally. Both are fabulous options. 

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Some mirrors have hooks that can add additional functionality to your entryway. 

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Framed Pictures

Pictures personalize a space in a way that other decor simply cannot. Having photos of family and friends right in the entrance is a welcoming sight every time you step in the door. 

You can hang pictures right in the entry or you could hang them over the stairwell as you go up and down the stairs to help lead one room into the other. 

You can purchase a set of frames to accomplish this look. 

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You can also use your favorite art to help convey the same feelings if it better fits your design palate. 

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Having some sort of plant life can make a small space come to life and seem less static. It's a simple way to add variety. 

It doesn't matter whether you have real plants or artificial ones because either looks great. So, do what is best for you and your space. 

Set Of Faux Succulents

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Hanging Plant Vases

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Doormats are one of the easiest ways to add your personal sense of style to this space because you can add color or print. When picking out your doormat, you want it to match your house but have it add a little flare, a "something extra" that can't be added with anything else. 

If you have wooden stairs, consider adding a matching stair runner. This can help tie everything together.

Whatever you choose, doormats are a must, as they keep so much dirt out of the house.  

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Does A Raised Ranch Have An Entryway?

A raised ranch house is a ranch (one-story house) that is built on a raised foundation that creates a basement. This makes it a type of split level home.

Just like other split level houses, a raised ranch-style house does have an entryway, but the size of it is limited. There is usually no entry hall closet storage, which may be a problem for some. 

You can apply the same principles for the split level entryway to create the space of your dreams without having the clutter. 

How Do You Store Shoes On The Stairs?

Kicking off your shoes right as you enter the door in a split level house can be difficult as there is really no space to store them. There's no mudroom and usually no space just to leave shoes out. 

However, there are some ways to store shoes on the stairs without looking messy. 

The first way is to line up the shoes on each stair or every other stair all against one side. This will keep them out of the way like so:

If you really feel like you need more storage but you need to keep the stairway clear, you can try renovation. There is an awesome trend of turning staircases into storage space by making each stair pull out like a drawer. While this may be a more expensive task, it is one that can totally transform cramped quarters.

Here's what it looks like. 

It is also possible to put storage shelves underneath a staircase to give you that extra space.

How Do You Extend Your Entryway?

Extending a split level entryway is expensive as it will require either building out or moving some stairs. It can be done, but it is a big project to undertake. 

One option is to build a bump-out, which cuts into your outdoor space.  

It requires getting approval from the city because of zoning laws. But, this option is great because it does not take up any of the square footage inside of your house. 

You could also enclose part of your porch to make that part of an entryway. This is a little less expensive than a bump-out if you have the porch space to give up. 

It will become a mudroom of sorts. If you can afford it, we say go for it since you will already have the building blocks in place. 

The other option with a split level is to extend the entryway by moving the stairs a bit. As you can imagine, this is a huge job to undertake and is not considered a DIY job. Additionally, this means you will lose some space inside your home but the payoff may be worth it to you. 

In Closing

The options for your home are endless. Remember to incorporate light and storage space to optimize the space for your split level entryway. Find what fits for you and run with it. Comment any questions or suggestions of your own below. 

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