How To Decorate A Wall Opposite The Bed [10 Ideas To Inspire You!]

Planning and designing your bedroom can be fun if you start with a plan. Do you need to decorate the wall opposite your bed but don't know what to put there? Should you hang art, add a piece of furniture, or keep it blank?

Well, we've done plenty of digging and have some great ideas to share.

The first thing you want to consider when decorating the wall opposite your bed is your bedroom's current aesthetic. Does your space have a modern, minimal look? Are you someone who loves color and all things quirky?

You can venture off from there, finding wall art, mirrors, and even furniture pieces for your empty space. Depending on your bed/bed frame size, you could add a seating area or bench at the end.

Regardless, you want to create a bedroom layout and design that works for you and your lifestyle. We also recommend using colors and decorations that put you in a peaceful state to sleep well.

Without further ado, let's dive right into this list!

A modern bedroom with television and furniture in front of the bed, How To Decorate A Wall Opposite The Bed [10 Ideas To Inspire You!]

1. Creating A Study

Our first suggestion for the wall opposite your bed is to create a charming study space. Generally, we don't consider the bedroom a place also to be productive, but times are changing!

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Modern interior study room for child

Especially if you're a student or work from home, creating a quiet nook in your bedroom can lead to more productivity and creativity throughout the day.

In this space, the desk and chair don't feel sterile, like the ones you would find in an office or classroom. The various paintings and books scattered around also add warmth to this bedroom, giving it a charming "movie-like" aesthetic.

2. Keeping It Spacious And Neutral

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Woman relaxing inside her beautiful bedroom

Next, we have a more minimalistic bedroom design idea for the wall opposite the bed. Here, you can see how the designer went with plenty of open space, using a dresser against the wall for extra storage.

Especially for those who don't have enough closet space, adding a neutral-tone dresser to your bedroom can be a great decision. More storage never hurts!

Furthermore, the round mirror above the dresser adds light and reflection, which is perfect if your room tends to be darker through the daytime.

This bedroom follows more of a "boho-chic" aesthetic, which is trendy now.

HICOMILA Black Round Mirror

This rounded mirror has a black metal frame, is 24 inches, is wall-mounted, waterproof, includes screws, and comes in a few different sizes.

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3. Creating A Gallery

Third, we have a gorgeous "gallery" concept for the wall opposite your bed. Generally, adding a bookshelf to your room can be a great way to display smaller items and books you collect.

This space has a mod aesthetic, perfectly complemented by the pink chair. As we said earlier, adding seating to your bedroom doesn't always need to be a huge undertaking.

Sometimes, all your bedroom might need is a comfortable chair, a few books, and a nice floor lamp.

4. For Those Who Love Mirrors

Wardrobe with a mirror in a bright bedroom opposite to acomfortable bed

Our next suggestion for the wall opposite your bed is this long-floor mirrored design. Like our other idea earlier, adding a mirror to your bedroom is an easy way to reflect light.

Especially if you do your makeup or get dressed in your bedroom, adding a floor-length mirror can be the best decision ever. Imagine being able to check your entire outfit before leaving the house.

This can save you time and embarrassment when you realize your socks are different colors or your shirt has a weird stain. The larger the mirror, the better!

Daphne Mosaic Framed Floor Mirror

This floor mirror has a faux wood frame, measures 66"L x 32"W, can also be mounted to a wall, comes in two colors, and comes with a 90-day manufacturer's warranty.

Check out this mirror on Amazon here.

5. Keeping Everything Beige

Fifth, we have a monochromatic bedroom idea that's right out of a magazine. The all-beige theme has taken the design world by storm in recent years.

As we mentioned earlier, choosing a soft, calm color for your bedroom is usually a good idea. There's nothing more peaceful than an entirely beige bedroom aesthetic.

The dresser in this room, although simple, grabs our attention. The three mirrors are also a nice touch, so you can have fun with your details (even when using a softer hue).

The chair is another item we feel everyone needs across their bed, so that's something to consider.

DM-Furniture Accent Chair

This accent chair has a velvet wingback design, comes with a matching ottoman, features gold metal legs, measures 32.9"D x 27.6"W x 17.7"H, is beige and holds up to 400 pounds.

Check out this chair on Amazon here.

6. A Place To Watch TV

Modern bedroom with television and furniture

Coming in sixth, we have the perfect design idea for people who love late-night television.

Although some may disagree with having electronics in the bedroom, you might prefer to lie down and enjoy movies, video games, or YouTube videos from the comfort of your own bed.

Here you can see how this bedroom has a large dresser holding the TV, which helps add storage and a bit of proper design. Furthermore, the television isn't too big, keeping the space feeling intimate.

Even though it may be cool to have an 80-inch flat-screen across your bed, we recommend staying closer to 40-60 inches.

7. Perfect For Smaller Apartments And Dorms

Next, we have the perfect idea for those in a dorm or super small apartment. Even if your bedroom space is tiny, you can still arrange your furniture to maximize the floor space.

For example, this bedroom has a shelf across from the bed and a seating area. Think of this type of interior as a "nook" design, which works well for people short on square footage.

As we said earlier, you don't always need to do much in your bedroom to make it feel chic. This bedroom's charming decor and wall art tie it together perfectly and make it feel cozy and liveable.

Furinno Luder Bookcase

This bookcase has a modern design, features five cubes for storage, is made of high-quality manufactured wood, is sturdy, easy to assemble, and comes in various colors and dimensions.

Check out this bookcase on Amazon.

8. Adding In A Few Pieces Of Furniture

Coming in at number eight, we have this well-organized bedroom concept. Like many of our other suggestions, this bedroom wall across from the bed has plenty of storage and a rounded mirror.

Although there are a few bigger pieces of furniture here, they don't feel cramped. We also appreciate that the wood is similar in tone, which helps create a proper theme.

If you want to add some life to your space, we recommend a lit tree or sculpture to add warm lighting to your room and some color.

9. Candle-Lit Perfection

Since it is fall, we can't forget to add a candle-lit bedroom to the list. Generally, you want your bedroom to feel like a sanctuary, and what doesn't feel more serene than candles?

In this bedroom, you can see how the wall opposite the bed is simple yet makes a statement. The rounded mirror adds a bit of modern flare to the vintage-inspired decor, which can be a nice touch.

Additionally, the dual dressers are perfect for adding variety to the softer walls while getting your extra clothing and accessories out of the way.

10. A Serene Place To Get Ready

Elegant dressing table with mirror near window in bedroom

Last but certainly not least, we have a gorgeous way to decorate the wall opposite your bed. Adding a vanity to your room can be a life changer for those who love doing their makeup in their bedroom.

Furthermore, you can also use this space to read, do computer work, study, or relax and unwind. Again, your bedroom can be whatever you want, so don't be afraid to take risks!

One feature here that stands out is the ornate mirror, which, although not for everyone, does make for a great conversation starter.

Ameriwood Home Parsons XL Desk

This modern white desk is perfect for your bedroom or home office, comes pre-assembled, is made of engineered wood, measures 47.24"D x 30"W x 19.69"H, lasts long, and comes in different colors.

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Do I Have To Decorate The Wall Across From My Bed?

Although you don't technically need to decorate the wall across from your bed, doing this can create a better theme for your space. As we showed you, adding furniture, art, and decor to the wall opposite the bed can make a world of difference.

Even hanging a mirror can reflect light and give your bedroom a more "finished" vibe. You don't need to be crazy with art and decor (although we think that's also fine), so this comes down to your preference.

Moreover, if you want to create a nook for reading or working across from your bed, that's a practical way to use the space. Regardless, try and make your bedroom feel unique and serene!

To Wrap It Up

Modern bedroom with television and furniture in front of the bed

Whether you need to redecorate your bedroom or want to add a few pieces to it, creating a plan is always helpful. From what we found, the wall across your bed is perfect for mirrors, art, bookshelves, dressers, and even extra seating.

You can also try transforming your empty wall space into a vanity for doing your makeup, so the possibilities are endless. Rounded mirrors seem to be the current trend for bedroom walls, so we recommend that shape for your space.

Have fun decorating, and don't sweat the small stuff!

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