How To Decorate Your Patio On A Budget

A patio is a quintessential place to relax and enjoy the outdoor weather. It also serves as the welcoming spot for guests as they walk up to the door. Your front porch is practically an extension of your indoor living space. So, you'll want to adorn it with all the cozy and eye-catching things you can think of. The wonderful thing is that you don't have to break the bank to create a truly beautifully decorated patio.

We want to help you decorate your patio with a budget in mind. That's why we did the work for you and have compiled a list of 15 items that will upgrade your porch without hurting the piggy bank! With decorating on your mind, let's discover some new items. 

Modern designed patio with wicker furniture and plants, How To Decorate Your Patio On A Budget

1. 4-Foot Round Jute Rug

Placing a rug on your patio is a way to instantaneously upgrade the look and aesthetic of the whole area. It softens the surroundings and adds depth to the design.

This 4-foot round jute rug has the perfect blend of style and durability, making it just right for outdoors. The braided texture and neutral coloring make it easy to match nearly any decorating style. It also serves as a neutral backdrop for other decorative pieces. 

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2. Globe String Lights

To instantly charm your patio, add in some globe string lights. This style of lighting casts a warm glow across the area and brings in calming, ambient light.

These globe string lights are available in 3 lengths: 27 feet, 48 feet, and 97 feet. Pick the length that best suits your patio. The LED string lights are waterproof, so you can leave them up all year long without worrying about the outdoor elements. There are 2 feet of separation between each bulb.

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3. Wooden Bucket Barrel Planters

Filling your patio with plant life is a wonderful way to decorate it. The choices of plants are nearly limitless. Whether you want to fill it with annuals or perennials or trees or flowers, it's all up to you. As the seasons change, you can rotate what's planted.

This set of 3 wooden bucket barrel planters are crafted from natural wood, so each will have slightly different characteristics. The set includes 3 different sizes, and each planter has a drainage hole at the bottom.

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4. Large Wind Chimes

Wind chimes sing a sweet melody as the wind gently blows through them. Wind chimes come in a large variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and even tones. There's a wind chime that fits all kinds of dreams.

This large set of wind chimes measures 30 inches from the top of the hook to the bottom hanging piece. There are 6 aluminum powder-coated tubes that have been hand-tuned. All of the wooden elements are crafted from beech wood. The resulting sound is a long-lasting deep tone. Pick from 5 colors: black, bronze, green, silver, or rose gold. 

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5. Wooden Beverage Cooler 

No outdoor gathering is complete without a cooler. Why settle for a plastic cooler when you can positon a classy looking wooden cooler on the patio?

This wooden insulated beverage cooler has a 45-quart capacity. There are two handles to make transportation easier. It also features a metal emblem of a mountain range and a bottle opener on the front. It also includes a drainage spout to prevent water rot. The handmade wood construction guarantees that you'll enjoy this cooler for years to come.

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6. Water Fountain And Birdbath 

Get double the benefit from this water fountain and birdbath. Water fountains undoubtedly bring a sense of peace and calm with the sound of flowing water. Since it also pairs as a birdbath, you'll enjoy watching the local birds splash around the water.

The resin water fountain stands 3 feet tall, the ideal size for your patio or the space next to your patio. The resin construction helps the fountain withstand the wear from the outdoor elements. Pick from bronze or green.

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7. Large Black Metal Lantern

Outdoor lanterns are a great and simple way to add some decorative diversity to the patio. You can fill the lanterns with different candles through the changing seasons.

This black metal lantern measures 15.6 inches tall, 6 inches deep, and 6 inches wide. It's fully weatherproof, so you can leave it out all year round. The lantern comes with an LED candle, too. Use a single lantern or group multiple lanterns for an intriguing look.

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8. "Welcome To Our Patio" Sign

A simple greeting from a sign on the porch is always nice to see! Hanging art on the walls around the porch is a great use of the space. 

This sign has the words "Welcome To Our Patio" and "Sit Long...Talk Much...Laugh Often" printed on the front. Guests will know just what to expect when they come over. The sign is crafted from thick 24-gauge steel, ideal construction for the outdoors. It measures 6 inches tall and 16 inches long.

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9. 10-Inch Tabletop Succulent Planter

Succulents are popular little plants and for good reason, too. With all the varieties to choose from, they always make an incredible display. 

This 10-inch tabletop faux succulent planter is the perfect tabletop decor. The modern midcentury planter is on-trend and goes with any style. There's a drainage hole at the bottom and a plug to keep it from making a mess. Have fun putting together a mesmerizing collection of succulents in this planter. 

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10. Colorful Side Table

Side tables are a wonderful addition to the patio. The extra tabletop will be much appreciated. Place decorations on it or use it as a spot to place your drink and/or snacks.

This colorful side table is fantastic for placing next to any furniture for seating. It can hold up to 25 pounds of weight. The resin construction is ideal for the outdoors because it won't rust, peel, or rot. It folds for compact storage. Pick from 14 different colors!

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11. Pineapple Welcome Yard Flag

A yard flag is a wonderful way to spruce up your patio design. It's easy to change out the flag, so build a collection of your favorite yard flags.

This pineapple welcome yard flag has warm, tropical vibes. The watercolor pattern in each pineapple and the golden tops bring a terrific burst of color. The flag is made from durable, weather-resistant, machine-washable polyester fabric. It has the same images printed on both sides. The flag measures 18 inches long and 12.5 inches wide.

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12. Set Of 4 Citronella Candles

Candlelight is the ultimate way to make your relaxing nights on the patio even better. The gentle flicker casts a warm glow over everything, and the brilliant scents are just right.

With this set of 4 citronella candles, not only will you enjoy the gorgeous candle jar but also the citronella scent and its ability to keep away the mosquitos. Nobody wants mosquitos interrupting the evening on the patio! Each candle has a burning life between 25 and 30 hours. 

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13. Metal Gecko Wall Art Decor

Wall decor brings life to the patio. No matter what your decorating style is, there's always something available that fits your vision and style. 

This metal gecko wall art decor is spunky and eye-catching! Each gecko is crafted from durable metal then given a vibrant makeover with paint. Not one gecko is the same, so there's a lot of color and pattern diversity to display on the wall. Each one measures 8.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. 

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14. Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers

To instantly upgrade your patio, include multiple throw pillows in the design. Pillows provide additional comfort and color. It's a relatively inexpensive and easy way to change up the look.

This set of 4 tropical palm leaf throw pillow cases are colorful and pattern-rich. They're made from a polyester blend, which is great for the outdoors. Each cover measures 18 inches long and 18 inches wide. There are 5 different color options for the palm pattern from which you can choose.

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15. Patio Bistro Set

Having a small sitting area on the patio is essential. Whether you have room for a full outdoor living area or just a small space, a patio bistro set is a must.

Crafted from premium steel, this set will stand the test of time and never rust. The 3-piece set includes 2 foldable chairs and a foldable table. The color options include pink and red. Each chair can hold up to 300 pounds.

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Leave a comment below telling us how you decorate your patio on a budget! Before you go, make sure you check out these other home decor guides:

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