How To Disassemble A Shark VACMOP [Step By Step Guide]

Whether it’s for storing or shipping purposes, disassembling your Shark VACMOP is sometimes necessary. If you’re wondering how to take apart your Shark VACMOP, keep reading. We’ve done the research and written everything you need to know about the process in this post. We’ll walk you through the steps for disassembling the device in a safe and efficient manner.

Before you proceed, make sure that Shark VACMOP is turned off, and the reservoir is empty. To disassemble the device, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Release the lock from the handle
  2. Detach the handle
  3. Release the lock from the main body
  4. Detach the pole

It’s important to note that the device is not designed to be fully disassembled. The parts will still be connected by the electrical cord. When detaching the parts, do so with caution.

As shown above, taking a Shark VACMOp apart is not complicated. A detailed guide on each step is provided below. We’ve also included additional information in this post that we know will come in handy for you as a Shark VACMOP owner.

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How To Disassemble A Shark VACMOP

The only tool you’ll need is a precision screwdriver. You can also use a paperclip, a ballpoint pen, or another item with a small enough diameter. Do not use anything with a sharp point, such as a sewing needle, as this can damage the snap clips that hold the parts together.

Step 1: Release the lock from the handle

Locate a small snap clip at the back side of the handle. Using your screwdriver or another tool, press on the clip and hold it down.

Step 2: Detach the handle

While holding down the snap clip, pull the handle upwards and away from the pole.

Step 3: Release the lock from the main body

Locate another small clip on the main body. Press this and hold it down.

Step 4: Detach the pole

While holding down the snap clip, pull the pole away from the main body.

You can refer to the Shark VACMOP manual for a simple visual guide to this process.

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Check out this precision screwdriver on Amazon.

Does The Shark VACMOP Have A Filter Or Dust Bag?

White bag for a vacuum cleaner with mud isolated on white

The Shark VACMOP does not have a filter or a dirt chamber. Instead, the device has a disposable mop pad that catches debris and dust alike. This makes the Shark VACMOP easy to disassemble, clean, and maintain.

When Should I Replace The Mop Pad?

For cost-effectiveness, some Shark VACMOP owners use the mop pad over and over. However, overusing a mop pad will hinder the device’s operation. Listed below are a few conditions for you to keep an eye on when figuring out whether it’s time for you to replace the mop pad.

  • The pad has become saturated
  • The pad has accumulated a significant amount of debris
  • The dirt chamber is filled up
  • Its suction power has been significantly weakened

Check out these mop pad refills on Amazon.

How To Replace A Shark VACMOP Mop Pad

To remove the disposable pad, simply pinch the button located on the left side of the base. This will release the pad immediately so that you don’t have to pull it out by hand.

You can then attach the new mop pad by simply placing the pad with the chamber facing upright and forward on the floor and aligning the front edge of the device with the plastic bumper of the pad.

Press the base of the device down on the pad until you hear it click.

For more details, check out this video:


How Do I Unclog My Shark VACMOP?

If you encounter a time when your Shark VACMOP won’t spray anything, this could mean that the air hole inside the reservoir lid may be clogged.

To unclog it, simply open the lid and pinch the rubber cone inside to clear the air path. Close the lid again and make sure you hear a click to know that it’s locked in place. Then spray a couple of times to test the device.

How Do I Charge My Shark VACMOP?

Battery charging Icon

Locate your Shark VACMOP’s charging port behind its main body. Depending on the model you have, it can either be a magnetic or a plug type. A Shark VACMOP Professional will have a magnetic pad that you can connect over the port.

For a standard Shark VACMOP, you can insert the charger plug into the port. Be sure that your unit is leaning upright on a wall or hanging up while charging. You should then see a green light flash on and off on the front side of the main body. The light will stop flashing once the device is fully charged. It’ll take about 3.5 hours for the unit to fully charge.

Can I Vacuum And Mop Using The Same Mop Pad?

An extreme magnification of white individual fabric threads being penetrated by dirt particles on an isolated background

Yes, you can use the same mop pad for both tasks. In fact, these disposable mop pads were specifically made to do so.

Debris and dirt are collected in the dirt chamber of the pad, while spills and stains are absorbed by its fibers. But keep in mind that you must vacuum the area first, then mop. This is so you get rid of any large areas of dirt on the floor to prevent your pad from getting damaged.

What Surfaces Can I Use My VACMOP On?

Floor types coating. Flooring Installation. Pieces of different floor coating. Parquet, laminate, wooden plank, tiles, concrete.

The Shark VACMOP can be used on most household surfaces, including those listed below. However, it can’t be used on carpets or rugs. 

  • Linoleum flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Laminate
  • Tile
  • Marble
  • Hardwood
  • Stone floors

What Cleaning Solutions Can I Use With My Shark VACMOP?

Detergent bottles or containers. Cleaning supplies isolated on white background.

Deciding which cleaning solution to use at the right time can make things efficient and cost-effective. Here are two types you can go for depending on your needs.

Exclusive Cleaners

Shark VACMOP has exclusive cleaning solutions that target certain areas and needs.

  • Shark VACMOP Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Designed for all hardwood-sealed floors, this cleaner reveals their natural look and leaves a clean citrus scent.
  • Shark VACMOP Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner: Designed for multiple surfaces such as hardwood, marble, laminate, vinyl, tile, and linoleum, making them shine while leaving a fresh spring scent.
  • Shark VACMOP Disinfectant Cleaner: Designed for killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including the SARS-CoV-22 virus, on hard, non-porous surfaces of finished woodwork, sealed stone, laminate, and tiles.

See this Shark VACMOP disinfectant cleaner on Amazon.

Other Cleaners

Restocking the Shark VACMOP’s cleaner can be costly, depending on how much of it you use. It’s absolutely safe to use other brands of cleaning solution with your Shark VACMOP. Here are a few examples of other cleaning solutions you can try:

  • Better Life Natural Floor Cleaner: A plant-based cleaning solution designed for sealed floors. This cleaner does not contain harsh chemicals such as dyes and synthetic fragrances, making it safe for children and pets.
  • Aunt Fannie’s Floor Cleaner: A solution that mainly contains natural oils such as peppermint oil and citrus peel oil, with its active ingredient being vinegar. This product works well against dirt, grease, and grime. Although vinegar is the active ingredient, this product does not emit a strong scent.
  • Bissell Multi-Surface Pet Formula: Designed to eliminate pet stains and odors, this cleaner can be used on carpets, rugs, and hard flooring. 
  • Bastion Mist & Mop Liquid Floor Cleaner: A water-based, multi-surface cleaning solution that’s useful for getting rid of grease, stains, dirt, and other smudges. It’s free of parabens, phthalates, and phosphates, making it safe for children and pets.

In Summary

Disassembling the Shark VACMOP is easy and does not require special tools. The device can be used on most household surfaces. It has a disposable mopping pad that collects debris and dirt in such a way that the device does not need a dust bag or filter.

In addition, depending on where and how much the pad has been used, it can be reused for another round of cleaning, saving you the cost of restocking. You can also use a variety of cleaners with the Shark VACMOP.

The overall features of this single device will give you the benefits of both versatility and cost efficiency.

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