How To Dress A Window Without Curtains [9 Suggestions]

Instead of relying on curtains to dress your window, have you wondered about alternative solutions? You can hang and arrange artful and clever items that provide privacy and ambiance to your home. We pulled together delightful home decor ideas to dress your window that you will love to try. 

Curtains are not the only way to dress your window and keep prying eyes out. Check out the following ways you can adorn your home's windows and satisfy your sense of aesthetics.

  1. Blinds
  2. Frosted glass
  3. Glass bottles
  4. Lace
  5. Plants
  6. Privacy screen
  7. Roman shades
  8. Stained glass
  9. Valences

Thinking outside the box to create your perfectly-styled home is easy to accomplish. Learn here how to decorate your windows with attractive and practical methods without resorting to curtains. Keep reading to discover how to transform your windows.

Open window with a view of the forest. - How To Dress A Window Without Curtains [9 Suggestions]

Creating Wonderful Windows

Roll Blinds on the windows, the sun does not penetrate the house. Window in the Interior Roller Blinds. Beautiful Blinds on the Window, the Sun an

How you dress your windows provides an opportunity to show off your style and allow natural light to shine through. In today's world, you are no longer limited to hanging boring, standard curtains to create privacy or filter incoming light. The following ideas may leave you brainstorming for even more nontraditional ways you can style your windows:


Move over curtains. Opt to install a set of cordless blinds to cover your windows. Blinds are a more flexible window covering because you have greater control over how much light you allow to pass. Depending on the orientation of your blinds, you can make it easier or more difficult to see outside your home. Blinds are lightweight, easy to clean, and a standard window covering that is effective as traditional curtains.

Cordless Mini Blinds

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Frosted Glass

Applying a panel or two of frosted glass window cling is an excellent way to provide ample privacy but still allow light to pass through. Typically, frosted glass window cling is appropriate for installing in offices, bathrooms, and other areas where natural light is welcome but a modest level of privacy is desired. 

Frosted Glass Film

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Glass Bottles

Show off an artsy way of dressing windows by strategically displaying glass bottles in front of a window. You can either hang glass bottles from cords in front of a window or present them on floating shelves. Show off empty bottles of wine, collected vintage bottles, or a menagerie of glass pieces to catch the eye.


Take an old lace tablecloth, stacks of doilies, or lace ribbon and put it to use as a window covering. Unless you want to opt for a window cling that has a lace-like pattern, you can take some lace and make a DIY window covering with the material. Cut up lace to fit your window panels and apply it with an adhesive.

Lace is lightweight and has an intricate pattern that catches the eye. It still allows light to pass through but offers a modest level of privacy.

Lace Tablecloth

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Create plenty of visual interest, conversation, and a more pleasant home with a living garden in front of your window. In place of curtains, choose to stagger hanging ivy, succulents, and other desirable plants from ropes or floating shelves to provide natural cover for a window. Your plants will thank you for the natural light, too.

Privacy Screen

Go retro and place a tasteful privacy screen in front of your living room or bedroom windows instead of installing curtains. You can easily move your privacy screen where it is needed most if you want your window to be unobstructed. There are many versatile options for privacy screens made out of laser-cut wood, metal, or synthetic materials.

Diamond Weave Privacy Screen

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Roman Shades

Shades are a modern, tasteful way to control the level of light and privacy needed for a room from the outside world. Opt for a Roman shade that offers a chic, clean style that is fitting for industrial, minimalist, or classic home decor. You can find shades that are rolling, made from bamboo, neutral in color, are woven from wood, and anything in between.

Cordless Fabric Roman Shades

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Stained Glass

A stained glass design is a sophisticated and artful way to provide a room with more privacy but still allow natural light to pass through. The stained glass casts a gorgeous colorful glow into the room. You can create a softer, cozier atmosphere with stained glass windows in any room.

Magnolia Window Film

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If privacy is not a concern, but you don't feel comfortable leaving windows completely bare, opt for a valence. The window valence is a classic window treatment, consisting of a piece of fabric that covers the topmost part of your window, leaving most of the windowpane exposed.

A valence is typically paired with curtains but they can be used alone, paired with blinds, or stand out as a focal point in a room.

Sun Zero Curtain Valence

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Is It Okay To Not Have Curtains?

empty curtain interior decoration on wall in living room

Modern times call for changes in tradition. It is perfectly acceptable not to hang curtains in a window. You can leave windows completely bare, adhere a window cling, or install blinds. The tradition of hanging curtains is antiquated and, honestly, not required for certain types of housing.

In homes where there are little to no privacy concerns, windows heighten the sense of drama or personal tastes. Follow your zen with your home decor and dress your windows without relying on curtains.

Do Windows Need To Be Covered?

Architectural styles of aluminum glass

Tradition may call for windows to have some type of covering, whether it is curtains, blinds, or window cling. However, your personal preference and desired level of privacy should dictate if your windows are dressed or left bare. There is nothing wrong with leaving windows undressed and without curtains or any type of covering. Some windows in a home may call for letting as much light in as needed without obstruction. 

How Do You Cover A Window Without Curtains?

tinted glass in the house. window dimming by dark film. hands apply tint film to the window. tint film on sky background. sky view through tinted glass

There are so many options when dressing a window that curtains are not the only solution. Dramatic floor to ceiling length windows may look even more impressive with our without curtains. You can opt to install blinds, hang plants, macrame art, or shade in place of curtains. 

In Closing

Windows don't only allow a house to breathe and let the light shine through, they help complete your sense of design. You can choose to control your level of privacy with a window cling, blinds, or a shade while still allowing natural light to come through as needed.

Windows, where privacy is not an issue, can be left bare, decorated with glass bottles, or plants. Make a strong statement with how your windows are dressed in a way that is practical, versatile, and complements your home decor. Before you go, be sure to check out these other insightful home decor guides:

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Sunlight coming through blinds by the window, How To Dress A Window Without Curtains [9 Suggestions]

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