How To Empty And Clean A Dyson Ball Vacuum

If you have owned a Dyson ball vacuum for a while, chances are it's starting to accumulate some dust. You may notice that there is a buildup of dirt on the inside even after regular emptying. We have done all of the research and have the best cleaning regiment for your Dyson ball vacuum.

Here is how to clean your Dyson ball vacuum:

  1. Detach and clean the debris bin and cyclone.
  2. Remove and clean the filters.
  3. Detach and clean the vacuum head.
  4. Disconnect and unclog the hose.
  5. Reassemble the vacuum.

Remember always to unplug your vacuum before you start to take it apart. Also, do not put any pieces back on the vacuum if they are still wet or damp.

Cleaning your vacuum may seem like a daunting task, but there are not too many steps. Keep reading to learn how to do this in detail. 

A ball vacuum cleaning cleaning its way through the carpet, How To Empty And Clean A Dyson Ball Vacuum

How do you take apart a Dyson Ball vacuum?

Cleaning your vacuum relies heavily on being able to take it apart. Noticeable clips are signaling where things can be detached. The clear bin, head, and hose can all come off of the vacuum for cleaning. Each step will walk you through how to remove each part for cleaning.

1. Detach and clean the debris bin and cyclone

Your first step when cleaning should be to clean your dust bin. Before you begin, have a garbage bag ready to catch the dust and debris. When working with dust, you will want to wear a mask and gloves if possible.

How do you empty a vacuum canister without making a mess?

To remove the clear bin from the vacuum, simply press the red latch on the top. Now you will be able to access the dust bin and cyclone freely. 

To empty the dust from the container, press the red lever again. This will release the bottom of the canister and dump out its contents. It happens fast, so you don't want to press the button until you are ready.

A big ball of heap garbage on a white background

To contain the mess entirely, close your bag around the debris bin before releasing the bottom. If everything doesn't come out on its own, use something long to loosen it yourself. Something like a pencil or wooden dowel will work fine.

How to separate the bin from the cyclone

Next, you will need to locate the gray button on the top rim of the bin. This will separate the cyclone from the bin. With the bin free, you can thoroughly clean the bin if needed.

Now that the cyclone is exposed, you will need to knock loose any extra dirt on the core. If it is not coming off, use something like a soft-bristled brush to clean further. It is important that you do not submerge the core of your vacuum in water to clean it.

Can I wash a Dyson canister?

Pouring liquid detergent on a small bucket

Yes, you can wash the canister once it is detached completely. You may still have dust built up on the inside of the bin. Use warm soapy water and a sponge or rag to clean any remaining dirt. Manually dry or let air dry completely before reassembling the vacuum.

2. Remove and clean filters

Next, you will want to remove and clean the filters. Dyson recommends that you clean your filters at least every two months for proper maintenance. Dyson ball vacuums have two filters; one in the cyclone and one in the ball.

How to remove filters

To remove the pre-filter near the cyclone, flip up the tab connected to the handle of the cyclone. Once the filter is uncovered, you can pull it straight out.

For the post-filter in the ball, turn the vacuum on its side and spin the center cap counter-clockwise. Once it is free, you can remove the outer shell and get to the filter. Turn the filter counter-clockwise to remove it.

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How to clean filters

When cleaning your filters, you will not want to use warm soapy water. Instead, run them under cold water until the water runs clear. Run water through the top end of the pre-filter and over the sides.

Before rinsing the post-filter, you will need to remove the cap on top. It is held on by small clips, you can lightly pry the clips away to open it. Again, let the water run through the filter until it's clear.

This video quickly demonstrates how to remove and rinse both filters:

How long do Dyson vacuum filters last?

Both the large post-filter and smaller pre-filter should be replaced yearly. They collect very small particles that will continue to build up over time. If you have pets, you will want to check the filters every six months to be safe as they can accumulate pet hair and dander. 

3. Detach and clean vacuum head

Next, you will want to remove the vacuum head. You will want to clean the brush roller as well as any dust in the compartment. The head of your vacuum should never be submerged in water for cleaning.

How to disassemble the vacuum head

First, to remove the head from the vacuum, turn it on its side. On the underside, remove the c-clip on the connection between the vacuum's head and body.

There should be levers on both sides of the head to release the bottom plate. After the bottom plate is free, you can empty out any loose debris and remove the roller. Removing the roller will require a screwdriver, depending on the model.

This video demonstrates how to remove and open the head of a Dyson ball vacuum:

How to clean your vacuum roller

Once the roller is free, you can brush off any excess dirt on the barrel. You should use scissors to cut things like hair, rubber bands, and string that may get wrapped around the spinning brush. With the roller out, use a damp cloth to clean the inside of the headpiece.

4. Disconnect and unclog the hose

Next, you can focus on cleaning the vacuum hose. This is commonplace for clogs to happen; cleaning them regularly will keep your vacuum at peak performance.

How to detach the hose

To detach the hose, look near where it connects to the vacuum. You will be able to see a small release button on the base of the hose. Simply hold that release button while pulling the hose, and it will come out.

A black vacuum hose on a white background

How to clean the hose

Cleaning the hose requires a long tool that can fit inside. The best tool for this is a mop or broom handle. With the hose over a garbage bag, use the broomstick to knock loose any stuck-on dirt. 

For a deeper clean, you can wipe or rinse out the inside of the hose. Place a damp rag over the broomstick and work it through the hose to wipe the walls a little cleaner. For a deep clean, submerge the hose in warm water and dish soap, then rinse clean.

5. Reassemble Vacuum

Lastly, after all of the parts are clean and dry, you will be able to put the vacuum back together. First, place the filters back into place. You can replace the shell cover over the post-filter by turning the knob clockwise.

Next, the clear barrel will snap back onto the cyclone center. You can now slide the debris canister back into place on the vacuum. Anything secured by latches or release buttons will make a clicking sound once they are in completely.

Then, you will need to align the head correctly and slide it back onto the base. Don't forget to replace the clip if your model has one. The last step is clicking the base of the hose back into position.

This video demonstrates the deep cleaning process from beginning to end:

How often should you clean your Dyson?

Now you know how to clean your entire vacuum cleaner. You can also wipe down the exterior of the vacuum while the pieces are apart. You should clean your vacuum parts at least twice a year.

Cleaning your filters every other month will increase the longevity of your vacuum. Other pieces like the head and hose can be cleaned as needed or twice a year on a schedule.

In Closing

Cleaning your Dyson ball vacuum is fairly simple. The buttons and clips are easy to spot and help guide you to removable pieces. The process kicks up a lot of dust, so wearing a face mask is essential, especially if you have allergies.

Learning how to take the vacuum apart and put it back together is the trickiest part. Hopefully, with this guide, your next vacuum cleaning will be a breeze. For more information on vacuums, check out some of our other articles:

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