How To Empty A Shark VACMOP [Step-By-Step Guide]

Did you recently come into possession of a Shark VACMOP but aren't quite sure how to empty it after use? Or maybe you're considering buying a VACMOP to make quick work of housekeeping but aren't sure what it entails. Well, you've come to the right place. We've put together this guide to help you learn how to operate your new machine with ease. 

To empty a shark VACMOP:

  1. Press the release button
  2. Drop the VACMOP pad into the trash
  3. Install a new VACMOP pad

So where exactly is the release button on the VACMOP, and how do you install a new pad? Does the VACMOP have a canister that needs to be emptied too? Keep reading to learn all about the Shark VACMOP and how to use it properly.

Does The Shark VACMOP Empty Like A Regular Vacuum?

The Shark VACMOP doesn't have a canister or bag that collects dust like other vacuums. It sucks up the dirt it collects and holds it in the mop pad that clips to the head of the unit. It acts similar to a filter, catching the debris as the motor sucks it through. 

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1. Press The Release Button

Emptying the VACMOP is extremely easy, which is one of the main features of this kind of product. Simply press the release button on the top of the VACMOP's head and the mop pad will fall off the head effortlessly. The release button will be on one side and is clearly marked so you can find it with ease.

2. Drop The VACMOP Pad Into The Trash

The VACMOP pad will fall off the machine once you press the release button. You can hold the head over the trash can to avoid having to handle the mop pad at all, or you can drop it onto the floor and then pick it up and throw it away manually.

The mop pad will need to be replaced whenever it gets dirty; the dirt will be pretty easy to see so you should be able to tell when it's time for a change.

3. Install A New VACMOP Pad

Once you remove the old mop pad and dispose of it, you can install a new mop pad to get the machine ready for next time.

Simply place the mop pad on the floor and line the MOPVAC's head up with the plastic guards on the pad. Press the mop head firmly against the guards until you hear it click into place, and your mop is ready for use.

This video provides a great visual walkthrough of how to operate the Shark VACMOP:

Does The Shark VACMOP Self-Empty?

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Shark's VACMOP has a self-emptying base that catches dirt and dust like a filter. The pad is removed with the press of a button, making it a self-emptying type of vacuum. This method minimizes the amount of hands-on cleaning required so you can get your house clean without getting your hands dirty.

Shark Mop Pad Refills 

This 30-count set of VACMOP pads will help you keep your home fresh and clean for months. They're perfect for any type of sealed flooring and help create a nice clean shine. 

Click here to take a look at these VACMOP pads on Amazon.

What Do You Fill A Shark VACMOP With?

The Shark VACMOP has a line of liquid floor cleaner formulas that are sold for use with the machine. There are different scents, heavy-duty options, and even antibacterial formulas to meet your home's needs. The liquid is poured directly into the VACMOP's liquid reservoir. 

Shark VACMOP Disinfectant Cleaner

This VACMOP floor cleaning liquid kills 99.9% of bacteria, leaving your floors completely sanitary. It comes in a fruity lemon scent that leaves your home smelling fresh.

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Can You Use Just Water In A VACMOP?

Yes, Shark VACMOP works with just water. Distilled water is recommended to avoid mineral scale build-up that will affect the performance of the machine over time.

Water won't remove dirt and grime build up as well as floor cleaner, but you can also add vinegar to help cut through grease and achieve a nice, natural clean. 

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Does The Shark AI VACMOP Need To Be Emptied?

Yes, Shark's AI VACMOP robot vacuum does have a dust tray that needs to be emptied regularly. The collection bin simply slides off the machine's body for easy dumping and then slides right back on.

The AI MOPVAC also uses disposable pads to mop the floor at the same time, so these will need to be replaced with use as well.

Shark AI Robot Vacuum & Mop VACMOP PRO

The AI VACMOP PRO automates housecleaning and saves a ton of time on basic floor upkeep. It's programmable and connects to your phone so you have total control over cleaning times and patterns.

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Can You Vacuum And Mop At The Same Time With The Shark VACMOP?

Yes, the Shark VACMOP is designed to both vacuum and mop your floors at the same time, making quick work of big messes. It uses suction to pick up dirt and trap it in the mop pad, while the mop pad works to absorb liquids. The VACMOP also has a sprayer that shoots floor cleaner onto the floor to clean stuck-on messes.


This kit comes with everything you will need to get started using the Shark VACMOP. It includes the machine itself, a bottle of floor cleaner, and a box of disposable mop pads.

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Can You Put Any Liquid Cleaner In The Shark VACMOP?

No, it is not advisable to use any type of cleaner in these machines. Some cleaners may be too thick to spray properly and will clog the machine up. Shark's line of VACMOP floor cleaners is the best choice to ensure the longevity of the machine.

Is The Shark VACMOP Good For Vinyl Floors?

Yes, the VACMOP is a great choice for vinyl floors and will provide a thorough cleaning. It works well on sheet vinyl, plank vinyl, and vinyl tile, as well as all other sealed flooring surfaces. It also provides a high level of cleanliness, even on textured vinyl surfaces.

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Does The Shark VACMOP Pick Up Hair?

The Shark VACMOP does pick up hair, including pet hair, making it a great choice for households with pets. It sucks the hair into the mop pad and traps it there so it's tossed away with the pad. Hair will also cling to the mop pad itself, even without suction, helping to trap it away for good.

Are There Washable Pads For The Shark VACMOP?

There aren't any reusable or washable pads available for the VACMOP yet. The technology involved in making the disposable pads includes multiple layers that act as filters, and reusable options aren't this advanced yet.

Attempting to use reusable pads made for other models could result in your machine becoming clogged since they won't offer the same thorough filtration.

Does The Shark VACMOP PRO Clean Carpets?

No, the VACMOP is intended for hard surface flooring only. It won't work on carpets or rugs because it's not designed with brushes and rollers like carpet cleaning tools. It also doesn't provide enough suction to get liquids out of carpet, so it will simply dampen the material and could cause mold and mildew.

How Often Should You Mop Your House?

How To Empty A Shark VACMOP [Step-By-Step Guide]

How often you mop will depend on the amount of traffic each room sees as well as the climate in your area. Muddy and snowy seasons will require more frequent mopping. Entryways and mudrooms will also typically need more mopping than bedrooms or kitchens. 

It's commonly recommended to mop every room in your home at least once a week. Some rooms may need daily mopping if they receive a lot of traffic and see a lot of dirty shoes.

In Closing

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Now that you know all about using Shark's VACMOP, you're ready to put your new tool to good use. Remember to change the pad when it gets dirty otherwise your floor could end up streaky. Have fun, and enjoy your new hassle-free floor cleaner. 

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