How To Fill An Empty Space In The Bathroom

Bathrooms are where you start and end your day aside from your bed. Seeing awkward spaces every time you enter it can be quite displeasing to the eyes. Don't worry! We've looked for creative ideas to help fill those spots for you.

You can choose from any of these options to complete your bathroom interior:

  1. Floating furniture
  2. Bathroom mat
  3. Styled ledge shelves 
  4. Potted and hanging plants
  5. Sconces and accent lights
  6. Gallery
  7. Creative ladders
  8. Stools or benches
  9. Full-length mirror
  10. Hampers

The variations above may be a lot to take in, and you're probably confused about which one of those you'll opt for. We have listed down some examples of what we have mentioned above. Keep reading to learn how to style your bathroom with them without making the space look cluttered and unorganized.

bathroom interior with a shower, a toilet and a sink, How To Fill An Empty Space In The Bathroom

Filling In The Empty Spaces In Your Bathroom

This is probably the only space in your home where you can pamper your body and have a peaceful alone time away from anyone. Usually, the first thing you have to do before deciding what to add is to identify the theme of that space—whether you already have one and are just looking for a finishing touch or you're in the process of renovating it.

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Modern white bathroom with white wall and floor with large windows

Knowing the vibe you want can make things easier as you can incorporate that style into the pieces you choose. We promise that at the end of this article, you can envision what your safe space will be as you look into these techniques:

1. Add A Floating Furniture

The most common furniture you can add is a cabinet. Not only can it provide extra storage for your essentials, but it can also organize your stuff so that they can easily be found and accessed when you need them. Besides, it can also make your bathroom look neat because it keeps the toiletries out of sight.

Floating cabinets will help make your space look bigger and can be put wherever you wish. All you have to do is pick the right material depending on where you will place it.

Here, the owner put in two similar cabinets and placed them near the window. They also added some items in between to maximize the space. Here is a wider view:

For more inspiration, check out this article: 21 Awesome Bathroom Cabinets Design Ideas

2. Place A Bathroom Mat

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Soft orange bath mat and slippers on floor in bathroom

Bathroom mats are underrated. Not only do they serve the purpose of holding water to keep your place dry, but they are also a very good accessory. While most people focus on putting things on the wall, you can give mats a chance to make an impact by adding some of them to the floor.

As you can see, the beautiful patterns of the Persian mat give personality and sophistication to the Terra-cotta-furnished main bath.

3. Level Up Open Shelves

Instead of installing the usual plain-colored shelf where you put the toiletry bottles and other stuff, you can try to style that shelf rack. Open shelves are easier to clean than closed ones. It is also perfect for filling in the small awkward spaces in your bathroom.

Adding gold brass rails to the wooden board makes it look luxurious and classic. It also accentuates the space.

4. You'll Never Go Wrong With Plants

Whether planted in a pot or hung on the ceiling, including plants in your bathroom can benefit you. Crossing out spaces is only a bonus. It can replace indoor pollutants with good air. While it provides a fresh and natural environment vibe, studies have also revealed that plants can make you feel happy and energized.

The owner of this home used a mixture of both potted and hanging plants.

5. Game Up With Lights

When taking mirror selfies, good lighting contributes to capturing a good image. Using them as decoration is a trend. Adding sconces in the middle of free spaces or highlighting a spot utilizing an accent light is one of the favorite styles designers go for.

Without the black sconces, the wall area will be very dull. You will not run out of choices because there is a wide variety of styles that you can easily find now.

In this one, the designer can emphasize the vanity area by putting a light behind the mirror and under the cabinet. It brightens the walls also from the light reflecting from it.

6. Dedicate A Wall Full Of Art

Empty style frame with forscilanes

Art does not require a specific place for you to appreciate it. So why not put it in the bathroom? Whether it is a painting, an art piece, or a collection of figurines, it doesn't matter. 

However, you should be careful with the kind of art piece you'll put on. The steam in the shower room may ruin it.

7. Rest That Ladder

Rather than piling up your towels, clothes, or other stuff inside a cabinet, you can lean a recycled ladder onto a space on the wall and hang them there neatly instead. This is a unique way of adding a decoration to the area. It can also replace your hooks if you are looking for a way to refresh the space.

Notice how the metal ladder made a considerable difference from the usual towel rails!

8. Cheers For Chairs

Bathroom seats are uncommon to have in a bathroom. But it can surely take up some space and offer you some service as well. Aside from additional comfort, chairs are an excellent way to fill space in the bathroom tastefully.

9. Mirror, More Mirrors On The Wall

A vanity mirror usually lets you see half of your body. Having a full-length mirror can let you see your whole appearance and make sure you look how you want before heading out. If you have a small bathroom, having these kinds of mirrors can create an illusion, making it look bigger.

10. Lastly—Hampers

Displaying a beautiful hamper by the empty wall can also do the work. The one with a lid may be a better option to achieve a cleaner look while hiding your dirty clothes. 

Tips To Make A Large Bathroom Cozy

Now that we've browsed through the sort of stuff you can add to occupy those empty spaces in your bathroom, the next thing you probably want to do is turn it into a personal sanctuary. You can achieve a cozy aura with the right elements, whatever your theme is.

  • Use a rain showerhead. These types of showers can imitate the natural feeling of standing in the rain. It makes it more relaxing. With the perfect temperature of the water, the serene sound coming from the falling water can give you a calming effect which is good to have as you wash up to end your stressful day.

Rainfall has a similar sound to white noise, so it can reduce a person's cortisol level—which is high when our bodies undergo stress.

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  • Light your favorite scented candles. Regardless of the appearance, the bathroom may still smell bad because this is the place where we cleanse our body's dirt. Lighting up a scented candle can give a fresh fragrance to the area. The dim light effect it creates can also give you a spa-like aura.

Check out these Yankee scented candles on Amazon.

  • Upgrade your curtains. Whether it is a window or a shower curtain, it is essential to choose the right design, as it can be the focal point of your room and can grab a lot of attention. So matching it correctly with the decorations in your bathroom can make a huge difference in setting the mood.

Learn more about this here: Should Curtains Match The Wallpaper?

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Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

architecture, Interiors of empty apartment, bathroom view

Cleanliness is always the best way to keep your favorite room pretty—declutter on a timely basis, like keeping your empty bottles and expired washing products away. Also, washing dirty towels, mats, and curtains can play a significant role. Aside from keeping your space from looking like it's not being cared for, it can also help eliminate unwanted odors.

In Closing

bathroom interior with a shower, a toilet and a sink

With all that we've discussed, you can now fill in those unwanted spaces with things that will satisfy each of your bathroom visits. Enjoy designing, and try to do DIY to save some money while enabling yourself to create a luxurious bathroom sanctuary!

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