How To Fill The Gap Between Fridge And Cabinet

Do you notice a gap between your fridge and cabinet? This can be a difficult space to deal with, especially if you don't know how to fill the gap properly. It’s a good thing that we have compiled our research on several methods for filling the space between your fridge and cabinet. We will also provide tips on how to make sure that the space is filled correctly and efficiently.

Filling the space between your fridge and cabinet is easy. Whether you have a gap on the top, sides, or rear of the fridge, you can use a few techniques to fill these spaces. Here are some of the simple ways:

  1. Filler strips
  2. Spacer panels
  3. Shelves
  4. Slide-out cabinets
  5. Trim Kits

To learn more about how you can effectively fill the gaps between your refrigerator and cabinet, see the tips and suggestions below. Other than that, find out the proper measurement to allow some clearance for your fridge. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading and maximize your kitchen area! 

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Is the gap between the fridge and cabinet bad?

When it comes to kitchen design, there are a lot of small details that can make a big difference. One question that often comes up is whether or not it is bad to have a gap between the fridge and the cabinet. While there is no definitive answer, there are a few things to consider.

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If the gap is too large, it can be difficult to keep the area clean. Crumbs and other debris can get stuck in the space, making it hard to keep the kitchen neat.

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Besides that, a large gap can make it difficult to open and close the fridge door. If the door hits the cabinet every time it is opened, it can eventually damage both the fridge and the cabinet.

On the other hand, if the gap is too small, it can be difficult to get the fridge in or out of the location. This can be especially frustrating if you need to move the fridge for any reason. Also, it can restrict airflow and cause odors to build up.

How much space should be between the cabinet and refrigerator?

To keep the proper ventilation around your refrigerator, you need to follow the suggested space clearances for each side.

  • You should keep about half-inch to one-inch space for the side clearance.
  • Also, it would be better to allow one to two inches of space for the rear of the refrigerator.
  • Lastly, you can give in at least half-inch to one-inch space for the top clearance.

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Besides the recommendation listed, you can always review the manufacturer’s guidelines to see the best space for your fridge. But then, if you have larger spaces than usual, you should follow the tips below.

How to fill the gap between the fridge and cabinet?

There are several refrigerator gap filler options to fill the space between your fridge and cabinet. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Filler strips

If you're looking for an easy way to fill the gaps between your fridge and cabinet, you might want to consider using filler strips.

Filler strips are thin pieces of wood or plastic that can be cut to fit the space between your fridge and cabinet. They're relatively inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores.

Plus, they're easy to install and can help prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the gap. So if you're looking for a quick and easy way to fill the gaps between your fridge and cabinet, filler strips may be the perfect solution.

2. Spacer panels

By using spacer panels, you can fill the gaps between the fridge and the cabinet, creating a clean and finished look. Spacer panels are available in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

They come in different thicknesses to accommodate different spaces. And they can be painted or stained to match your cabinets.

With so many options available, there's no reason to leave the space between the fridge and the cabinet empty. By using spacer panels, you can create a clean and finished look that will enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen.

3. Shelves

Your cabinet can also have a big space along the top of the fridge. By installing shelves in this gap, you can create additional storage space for food, cookware, or even small appliances.

Not only will this help to keep your kitchen more organized, but it can also help to free up space elsewhere in your home. So if you're looking for a way to make better use of your kitchen space, consider installing pantry shelves in the gap between your fridge and cabinets. You may be surprised at how much of a difference it can make.

4. Slide-out cabinets

One way to fill the gaps between your fridge and cabinets is to install a slide-out cabinet. This is a simple and effective solution that can be easily installed by anyone.

By storing your pots, pans, and other kitchen items in the cabinet, you can free up valuable counter space. The slide-out cabinet is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to fill the gaps between their fridge and cabinets. In addition, the slide-out cabinet is a great way to save space in your kitchen.

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5. Trim Kits

Trim kits are an easy and inexpensive way to fill the gaps between your fridge and cabinets. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find one that fits your kitchen perfectly.

Trim kits are made of durable plastic or metal, and they install quickly and easily with adhesive strips or screws. Most importantly, trim kits help to create a seamless look in your kitchen by hiding the gap between the fridge and cabinets.

As a result, trim kits are an ideal solution for anyone looking to update their kitchen without spending a lot of money.

All of these suggestions are ideal for the top and sides of the refrigerator. So, you can start adding these materials to use the spaces smartly.

Can you cover the back of the fridge?

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It is generally not recommended to cover the back of a fridge, as this can impede airflow and lead to issues with cooling. The condenser coils on the back of the fridge are responsible for releasing heat, and if they are covered, this process will be hindered. 

In addition, covering the back of the fridge can also make it more difficult to clean, as dirt and dust will be more likely to collect in the area. 

If you do choose to cover the back of your fridge, be sure to use a material that is easily removable and washable. Additionally, make sure that there is enough air circulation around the fridge so that it can continue to operate efficiently.

Can you put the oven on top of the refrigerator?

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Your oven and refrigerator can actually be used together to save space. By placing the oven on top of the refrigerator, you can free up valuable counter space and make your kitchen more organized and efficient. 

Additionally, this arrangement can also help to keep your food fresher for longer, as the fridge will help to keep the oven cool and prevent food from spoiling. So if you're looking for a way to optimize your kitchen space, consider putting the oven on top of the fridge. 

Where to place a fridge in a small kitchen?

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One of the most challenging tasks when moving into a new home is trying to figure out where to place the refrigerator. After all, the fridge is one of the largest appliances in the kitchen, and it needs to be placed in a way that doesn't block any major pathways.

If you have a small kitchen, this can be especially tricky. To make it easier, here are a few tips that can help:

  1. First, try to place the fridge in a corner. This will help to maximize space and ensure that you can still move around the kitchen easily. 
  2. Second, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation around the fridge. This will help to prevent it from overheating and ensure that it functions properly. 
  3. Finally, leave some extra space in front of the fridge so that you can easily open the doors and access the food inside. 

By following these tips, you can be sure that your fridge will be placed in the best possible spot in your kitchen. 

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Final Thoughts on Refrigerator Gap Fillers

If you’d like to fill the gap between your fridge and cabinet, consider using these popular refrigerator gap filler options: spacer panels, filler strips, shelves, slide-out cabinets, and trim kits. These options are perfect for the top and sides of your refrigerator. Remember, it is not advisable to cover the back of your refrigerator because it can hinder airflow and lead to issues with cooling.

You can also experiment on your own to maximize the spaces. Nevertheless, it is still your kitchen, so you can always make innovations to keep them organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do you want between fridge and island?

Leave 15 inches between the wall oven and the refrigerator on each side (if necessary, one side can be 12 inches). This is the recommendation from the National Kitchen and Bath Association for a minimum landing space.

Is 36 inches enough space between counter and island?

The minimum distance for your walkways between the counter and island should be 36 inches. Keep in mind that the typical kitchen island is 3 by 6 1/2 feet and has a height of 36 inches. These measurements could appear too modest, especially if your kitchen is big.

How much clearance do you need around a kitchen island?

As a general guideline, you should have at least 42 to 48 inches (106.68 to 121.92 cm) of clear space around your island. Another life-saving tip: adding an island at all is not advisable if your kitchen is smaller than 13 feet wide.

How much space do I need on the side of my fridge?

You need about 2 inches between your fridge and the wall on the hinge side of the fridge door for it to open without hitting your wall.

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