How To Find The Model Number On A Delta Faucet

You need a part replacement or repair to your Delta faucet. But since you don't know how to locate the model number of your Delta faucet, you can't proceed to fix it because you don't know what exact model to purchase. Rest easy! This post is for you, as we've done thorough research, and have found the best answer to solve your problem.

The model number should be on all packaging labels along with your Delta faucet installation guidelines. Look at the top of the box near the UPC. Since 2012, most faucet manufacturers have added their model identification number tag on the Delta faucet itself.

Knowing the location of the Delta faucet model number will not only help you get your replacement parts faster but will also ensure you get the exact features compatible with your Delta faucet model. We're not done yet, so keep on reading as we dive into the faucet's various features and some related topics.

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Searching For The Model Number For Your Delta Faucet Online

The model number of your Delta faucet is usually found on the label of the box which you get upon purchasing the faucet. If you still have the box for future reference, jot down your model number on your warranty card.

No worries if you no longer have the box. You can just search for the same model by browsing the Delta faucet's website.

Follow these steps to navigate and search your Delta faucet model number:

  • Tap on the service and parts menu.
  • Tap on the menu that says, "Find parts and identify your products."
  • Choose a category below which area your product belongs (E.g., Delta faucet in the kitchen).
  • After getting your product-specific identification, scroll a little bit at the bottom right side, and look for the "View Matching Products" menu. This will show you all the product parts along with the model number on each of them.

You can also directly reach Delta's Customer Service Department hotline at 1-800-345-DELTA (3358) if you still can't find your product's model number.

Are Delta Faucets Universal?

Absolutely yes, the Delta faucet is designed to accommodate most Delta handles. In most cases, the shape of the handle comes in different sizes depending on the faucet application. The reason why Delta offers a variety of faucet options for smarter use of water in your home and commercial property.

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Identifying Your Delta Kitchen Faucet

Your Delta kitchen faucet has a model name or identification tag attached to the drain cap or in the escutcheon. Depending on the type of faucet you have, most Delta products usually provide the product identification on the user's manual or on the packaging box itself. Look for it near the UPC or on the top side of the packaging box.

What Does The Delta Faucet Limited Warranty Cover?

Your Delta faucet limited warranty includes the following:

Parts And Finish

All Delta® faucet parts and finishes purchased from authorized Delta dealers are guaranteed to be free of material and manufacturing defects for 10 years as long as the original purchaser owns the house where the faucet was first installed.

Commercial Purchaser Covered By A 10-Year Warranty

For commercial purchasers or multi-family residential applications who are residing in an actual home where the faucet is originally installed, you are covered by this warranty.

Commercial Purchaser Covered By Delta 5-Year Warranty

For a commercial purchaser who has acquired the faucet from a Delta-authorized seller but does not reside in the home where the faucet is first installed, these kinds of applications below are subject to 5 years warranty:

  • Rented or lease single-unit
  • Duplex or townhome
  • Condominium unit
  • Apartment building
  • Community living center

Industrial Purchaser Covered By Delta 5-Year Warranty

The installations below under industrial, business, and other institutional premises are subject also to a 5-year warranty:

  • Dormitory
  • Hotel and motel
  • Airport
  • Educational facility
  • Healthcare and rehabilitation facility
  • Public space and common area

What Is Not Covered In The Warranty?

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Personnel costs incurred by the purchaser for repairing, replacing, installing, or removing the product are not covered. Delta Faucet Company doesn't cover wear, outdoor use, or abuse including use of the product for unintended uses such as frozen water, abuse, neglect, or faucet damage due to improper or defective installation.

Electronic Parts 

The battery is not included in the warranty.

Any component or finish that shows damage in material or workmanship under normal use, installation, and servicing will be repaired or replaced free of charge by the Delta faucet company throughout the corresponding warranty period as indicated above.

If repair or replacement isn't possible, the Delta faucet company may refund the purchase price in exchange for the return of the product.

Are Delta Faucet Parts Interchangeable?

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Yes, the majority of Delta parts are compatible with peerless faucets. Begin by removing the old faucet and hardware and installing a new tap and the mixing valve. Whether it is a kitchen faucet, laboratory, or even commercial faucet, most Delta products are universally designed, making Delta products flexible and easy to replace or install.

Are Delta Shower Valve And Moen Interchangeable?

No, the sizes and connections of the faucets from these two companies are not compatible. On the other hand, showerheads are universal since they all utilize the same size connector. These two companies are the most popular when it comes to shower-related parts like showerheads, cartridges, and valves.

Valves are often proprietary in the plumbing industry. This means that your Delta shower valve will not work with Delta trim kits made by another manufacturer. Delta shower valves are thus only compatible with Delta trim kits.

What Is The Difference Between The Delta 13, 14, And 17 Series?

Monitor® pressure-balancing valves are used in the 13, 14, and 17 Series showers for further safety. The 17 Series also features volume control, whereas the 13 and 14 Series only have temperature control.

With Monitor® technology, it ensures that your family does not encounter an abrupt and potentially dangerous shift in water temperature, due to simultaneous usage of water such as the dishwasher, using the washing machine, or flushing the toilet.

How To Find Out If Faucet Cartridge Is Becoming Bad

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Cartridge faucets are a type of washerless fixture that is often used in both kitchens and bathrooms. They are meant to make repairs and replacements simple. These faucets are available with a single lever or two handles, and different variants are made of brass or plastic cartridges.

The most common sign of a bad faucet cartridge is when water starts seeping under the handle, the nut, or the valve. In these cases, the lever is likely to stop working correctly and become trapped in an undesirable position. A leaking faucet may indicate that the cartridge requires to be changed.

How To Replace A Delta Tub Or Shower Cartridge

The issues with your tub and shower faucet can be surprisingly simple, and if you're having trouble turning the faucet on and off or controlling the temperature, your shower faucet cartridge may require a replacement. Mineral deposits caused by hard water might be the source of your faucet problems.

If deposits are visible after disassembling the faucet, clean the cartridge with a detergent before reinstalling it. On the other hand, a broken cartridge may need a repair or replacement of a specific component. Follow the procedures below to replace a shower or tub cartridge to maintain your faucet operating smoothly:

  • Shut off all the water sources.
  • Cover your drain to avoid any materials that could be accidentally dropped into it.
  • Using an Allen wrench, loosen and remove the handle.
  • Using a strap wrench, remove the bonnet nut.
  • Remove the valve cartridge.
  • Check the O-ring (replace it if it's damaged).
  • Reinstall your new cartridge carefully.

Watch this video for a visual guide on how to replace your Delta tub and shower cartridge.

Check out this Delta tub and shower cartridge on Amazon.

How Long Does A Delta Shower Valve Last?

Delta shower valves can be surprisingly durable with proper maintenance and care. A well-installed shower valve should last for about 20 years. The lifespan will depend also on how often the shower is used and how the shower is being used. Delta shower handle, flapper, and stem are all handmade, making the shower valves perfectly designed for longevity usage.

In Closing

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The Delta faucet manufacturer places its product model number on the packaging box or the user manual. However, you can also visit their customer support page for further inquiries about your Delta faucet model number and other Delta Faucet products.

We hope we have helped you solve your concern about finding your Delta faucet model number and that you have gained insight into some other issues relating to Delta faucet parts.

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