How To Find The Model Number On A Kenmore Stove

If you are looking for replacement parts for your Kenmore stove, you will need to find out its model number. But what if you are not sure where it is and how to read it? Don’t worry, we have laid out everything you need to know in this post! 

You can find your Kenmore stove model number on the appliance itself. It should be on a metal plate located on any of the following parts:

  • Side
  • Behind oven door
  • Under burner
  • Under Cooktop
  • Behind drawer
  • The back of the oven

The metal plate you are looking for contains specific information about your stove, including the Model number, serial number, appliance specifications, manufacturer, and distributor. Keep on reading to learn more about what you can do with this information!

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Where is the Model Number on a Stove?

We've seen that stoves don't all use the same spot to print their model numbers, even from the same manufacturer. Usually, you can find the model number easily on a plate behind the oven door or drawer, but that's not always the case.

For some tips to help you locate your stove's model number, check out the video below:

Why is the Model Number Important

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Now that you know your Kenmore stove model number, you can figure out the production information of your appliance. One of the first things you can identify through this model number is the appliance manufacturer.

Kenmore is simply a brand name. Specifically, it is the brand of appliances sold by Sears. This means Kenmore appliances are not manufactured by Sears, but rather by other companies. These companies include Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and Electrolux, to name a few, but there are many more. These manufacturers are where a Kenmore stove gets its parts.

The first three numbers of the model number are the code identifying which company manufactured your Kenmore stove. For example, let us look at the Kenmore stove with model number 1197038210.

The first three numbers are 119, which means this stove was manufactured by Frigidaire.

It is helpful to know your model number since you will need it when looking for parts. Let’s say you have a damaged part on your otherwise good stove. You can easily find the same part you need from the manufacturer. All it takes is a quick Google search.

Where to Find Kenmore Stove Parts

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In 1946, the Kenmore brand introduced its first line of stoves to the market. With this, Kenmore Stoves are now a classic fixture in the modern American household. Nowadays, the Kenmore brand stove boasts its safety and quality for use in the everyday kitchen.

Given Kenmore's popularity, you don’t have to worry about having too much trouble finding a replacement for parts. Keep in mind though that the availability of parts still depends on the product age. If your stove is too old, it may be phased out and can make finding new parts harder. 

The good news is that Kenmore offers lifetime warranty coverage for cooktop gas burners, cooktop electric elements, and oven door glass as of February 4, 2018. Meanwhile, the overall limited warranty for Kenmore stoves lasts for one year from the date of the original sale.  Just make sure you have your proof of original sale on hand to avail of the warranty. You can get this from the authorized retailer where you bought your Kenmore stove model.

You can buy Kenmore stove parts either online or at the physical location where you originally bought your appliance. Sears, K-mart, and Amazon are some stores that you can check out for this. 

If you have your model number but are having trouble looking it up on Google, you can try searching for it at Sears Parts Direct.

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How Do I Find Out What Year My Kenmore Stove Is?

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When it comes to appliance maintenance, you will want to know what year your Kenmore stove is from. You can find this code based on the serial number located next to the model number on your appliance. 

You may find it tricky to figure out the age of an appliance on your own based on the serial number. This is because the code can vary depending on the manufacturer, and Kenmore stoves as we have mentioned can be produced by different companies despite being of the same brand name. Your best option is to do a quick internet search of the model and serial number to track down your appliance's age.

Why would you want to know your appliance's age in the first place? You might find this useful for a couple of reasons. For example, if you are buying second-hand, it is handy to verify the age of the unit you are buying to make sure you are getting the best deal out of your purchase.

The same idea goes for when someone gives you a Kenmore stove, or if you move into a place that comes already furnished with one.

Kenmore Stove Model Manual

You can find most of the information you need from your Kenmore stove in the manual. This would include instructions, product support, contact details, or even warranty details. The manual should include the model number as well.

One thing to note, though, is that the model number on the manual is inaccurate or even not present at times. Do not confuse the model name for the model number, even if there are numbers in the name. You will notice that most Kenmore appliances have names in this format:

Kenmore Elite 42623

The number will be labeled as Model # on the internet. This is not the same as the model number on the appliance from the manufacturing company. So, make sure to check the model number directly off the appliance.

For when you do not have your appliance manual on hand or as a physical copy, downloading one off of the internet is quick and easy. You can go to the Kenmore website and find your specific model. Click on the product details and scroll down to MORE INFORMATION. Here, you will find download links to PDFs of the stove’s User Manual, Product Data Sheet, and Manufacturer Warranty.

How Reliable is a Kenmore Stove?

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Kenmore offers different types of cooking appliances. Specifically, ranges, wall ovens, and cooktops. The cooking range and cooktops specifically use stoves. Usually, Fridgidaire manufactures Kenmore cooking ranges. 

Since Kenmore appliances can be produced by different manufacturers, there is no denying that their quality may be inconsistent between products. You may find poor reviews online for some Kenmore appliances, and stellar reviews for others.

This being said, Kenmore stoves for the most part receive decent reviews. Cooktops and cooking ranges from Frigidaire are typically reliable and efficient, which are features that are also promoted in Kenmore stoves.

Nowadays, most of the Kenmore stoves available on the market are electric stoves. Without the need for gas or open flame, there is a decreased risk for gas leaks (which can also cause carbon-monoxide poisoning) or unwanted fires. If you worry about fire safety, you can benefit from some peace of mind in using a Kenmore stove.

Aside from safety, energy efficiency is another factor that you should look into when choosing your appliances. In 2021, Kenmore earned energy efficiency honors for its third year in a row with the Energy Star Award. Although the brand’s cooking appliances are not included, you still might be interested in the list of certified products under this honor. You can check the list out here.

How Long Should a Kenmore Stove Last?

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The average lifespan of a stove or cooking range is 13-15 years. So naturally, with proper care and maintenance, you can get your stove to serve you well for over a decade. In fact, your Kenmore stove is perfectly capable of serving you for even longer.

According to Sears home services, you can expect your Kenmore stovetop to last for 15-18 years. They recommend that you regularly clean your appliance to help make sure it lasts this long. Keep in mind that the vent hood filter above the range is prone to grease buildup, which you must clean. If you are unable to clean it due to the presence of a charcoal filter, simply replace the filter yearly.

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Wrapping Things Up

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The model number of your Kenmore stove is easy to find if you simply inspect your appliance. If you cannot immediately find it on the side of the model, you can check under the stovetop or within the door or drawer of your stove. Hopefully, having all the information from the model number plate will help you with any concerns you have for your Kenmore stove. You can also check online whenever it comes down to it.

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