How To Find The Model Number On A Kenmore Washer or Dryer

When you have a Kenmore washer or dryer with a malfunctioning part, you'll need to find out what kind of part it will need so you can replace it. The model number is usually necessary for this process, but how do you find the model number in the first place? Don't worry, because we researched this question so you don't have to.

Kenmore washers and dryers can come in different types, which means that there are several different areas where you can search the model number. Depending on the type of washer or dryer you have, you can locate the model number in one of the following areas:

  • Top
  • On the door
  • Door jamb
  • Under the lid
  • Side
  • Back

You'll notice that some of these areas don't necessarily apply to all of the washer and dryer types that Kenmore has, which is why it's also important to determine what kind you have first. Read on as we go through each of these areas and more to help you with your Kenmore washer or dryer.

Washing machines, dryer and other domestic appliance equipment in the house - How To Find The Model Number On A Kenmore Washer or Dryer

Where Do You Find The Kenmore Washer or Dryer Model Number?


Kenmore washers and dryers have four different kinds of units: front-load machines, top-load machines, stacked top-load machines, and stacked front-load machines. Each of the units has a couple of areas where you can check for the model number.

The front-load machine has three areas you can check out for the model number. Top-load machines have four sections. Meanwhile, the stacked top-load machines have five areas where you can look for the model number. Finally, the stacked front load machines have the most with six areas to search.


Washing machines, dryer and other domestic appliance equipment in the house

For this first area, the top simply refers to the top portion of your machine. This means that you don't need to open anything to check for your Kenmore appliance's model number.

For top-load machines, you can find the model number above its buttons which makes it easy since you can spot the area immediately even without trying. For the stacked top-load machines and stacked front-load machines, you might need a small ladder to check the top portion of your dryer to check for the model number.

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On The Door

The next area you can check is the door of your Kenmore machine. To access this, simply open the door of the machine and check the inner wall of the door to check if its model number is there. You would naturally open the door of your machine to wash or dry your clothes, so this is accessible as well.

You can find the model number on the door with front-load machines. Stacked top-load machines may have the model number on the door of the dryer. For stacked front-load machines, you'll need to check on both the washer and dryer doors to see if either of them has the model number.

Door Jamb

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If you can't find the model number of your Kenmore washer or dryer on the door, then you'll have to check the door jamb. The door jamb is the frame of your door. Similar to the situation of checking on the door, you'd see this section of your machine when you use it for washing or drying, so it should be fairly easy to look for the model number there. Check on the door jamb if your machine is a front-load, stacked top-load, or a stacked front-load type.

Under The Lid

The difference between the lid and the door for washing and drying is the way you access the inside of the machine when you put in or pull out your clothes. If the door is located on the front, the lid is located on the top of your Kenmore machine. This is also a location where your model number might be located.

Lids are available for top-load, stacked top-load, and stacked front-load washers and dryers. If your model is one of any of the types mentioned, simply open the lid and look under it to see if your model number is there.


As the name suggests, this refers to the side of your machine. You'll only need to look at the bottom outer side area of your dryer or washer to see whether it has the model number or not. This applies to all types of Kenmore washers and dryers, so feel free to check this area as well.

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The last area is the back side of the Kenmore dryer or washer. Like the side section, all you need to do is check the back of your machine by turning it and seeing if the model number is there. This is usually applied only to the top-load machines, but if you have a different type of washer or dryer instead, it won't hurt to try and look at the back of it.

How Long Will My Kenmore Washer or Dryer Last?

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A good washer and dryer can save you a lot of time and money. Of course, it's important to make sure that your appliances continue to be functional for them to work. This includes knowing how long your washer or dryer can last.

In the case of a Kenmore washer, these appliances can last for 10-13 years, with top-load machines lasting a bit longer than their front-load counterparts. Meanwhile, Kenmore dryers also last the same amount of time as washers.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Kenmore Washer Or Dryer?

For more than 100 years now, Kenmore has built a good reputation for being in the business of creating home appliances. Although products from Kenmore are manufactured by the likes of Whirlpool and other companies, they still have a track record of being reliable appliances that last a long time.

Kenmore washers and dryers are known for their efficiency and durability. However, even with their durability, you want to take care of your Kenmore appliance so it can keep on working.

To extend the life of either your Kenmore washer or dryer, it's important to know how to maintain it. A simple practice of cleaning your appliance can go a long way to extending its lifespan. For Kenmore washers, you can clean them with bleach as well as hard water and vinegar. As for Kenmore dryers, make sure to always clean the lint trap.

There may come a time when your Kenmore washer or dryer will need some of its parts replaced, which is where your model number can be most helpful. But if the repair becomes too costly, you may need to get a new washer or dryer. In the case of a stacked top-load machine or stacked front load machine that has a malfunctioning cabinet, you'll need to have the whole machine replaced.

What Is The Advantage Of A Stackable Washer And Dryer?

You now know that there are different kinds of washers and dryers, but you might be wondering what the advantages of a stackable washer and dryer are versus a standalone unit.

The biggest advantage is that you get to save space when doing your laundry. As the name suggests, the washer and dryer are stacked, giving you more space for whatever it is you need in your laundry room. Another advantage is that it can help you save money, as it consumes less power than using a separate dryer and washer.

However, a stackable washer and dryer unit comes with a disadvantage as well. While you do save space by having a stacked washer and dryer, it also means that it can only hold a certain amount of laundry. Apart from that—as mentioned above—if one of the units in a stacked machine is malfunctioning, you'll need to change the whole unit altogether.

Final Thoughts

To locate the model of your Kenmore washer or dryer, remember to find out first what kind of machine you have. If you have a front-load machine, you can check for the model number on the door, door jamb, and side of the machine. For top-load machines, you can look above its buttons, under its lid, as well as on the side and back.

The stacked top-load machines can have the model number on the top, the door, the door jamb, under the lid, and on the side. Finally, the stacked front-load machines have the most areas to check for the model number, which can be located on the top, both doors and door jambs, and on the side.

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