How To Find The Model Number On A Maytag Dishwasher

If you have bought a new appliance or owned one for a couple of months, you have fewer reasons to look for its model number. However, that can change quickly if a manufacturer recalls the product.

Model numbers are particularly handy for old appliances that need replacement parts. Knowing the correct model number for your appliance will also get you served faster if looking for help using the Maytag's helpline. The following information will help you find your dishwasher's model number and steps to identify a model number on an aged data sticker.

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Reasons Why Knowing the Model Number of a Dishwasher Is Important

Dishwashers, like all other electronics, experience mechanical faults, and those made by Maytag are no different. When these faults happen, model numbers reduce the time taken to find dishwasher repair parts.

Replacement parts for dishwashers look alike; some generic ones do not have labels. Having your model number will help you find the correct ones for better performance after repair.

Manufacturers do routine safety checks on models already released on the market. When they find a fault, they will recall the affected dishwashers. Having a model number will alert you whenever your dishwasher is among those affected.

What Do the Letters and Numbers in Model Numbers Mean?

Model numbers are identifiers unique to every dishwasher made by the manufacturer. They help track appliances in the production warehouses and while on the move to the consumers.

Manufacturers use model numbers to make spare parts that accompany the respective appliances in the market.

Model numbers highlight the brand, design, manufacturer, and performance for many appliances.

Step-To-Step Procedure for Finding a Model Number

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Face your Maytag head-on by leaning low enough to be the same height as the dishwasher—this makes it easier to read the model number. Pull open the door, and investigate the doorframe. If you cannot find it there, investigate the edges of the now opened dishwasher door. Manufacturers with model numbers on the door probably have it on either side.

Some brands have their model numbers at the back or sides of the appliances; be sure to investigate there if the edges of the doors do not have the numbers.

If the data sticker is far away, hidden in the pieces of machinery, the best bet is to have your phone out. Start by directing the camera slightly towards it, and take a photo. It is not advisable to pull out the data sticker having your model number. Instead, you can save it as an image on your phone by snapping a picture of it or writing the number down on a separate paper.

Does the Method Work for Specific Maytag Dishwashers?

The method works for most Maytag dishwashers, particularly for MDB9979SKZ, which has dual power filtration, stainless steel body, a steam sanitizer for dishes, and a 3-level rack.

How to find a Dishwasher's Model Number on a Data Sticker?

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Typically, the data sticker contains model numbers for most appliances, including dishwashers. However, finding the model number on it can be confusing because it has lots of information. Data stickers have the appliance name, a serial number, and a couple of other confusing information.

Model numbers are usually a series of random letters and numbers that follow a dash, which proceeds to other numbers or letters. Manufacturers write model numbers as 'WR9-6S' or might include the initials 'mod' before the numbers. Remember that the model number is different from the serial number, which is a series of numbers after the initials SN.

The data sticker might also have the consumer helpline number, which is a typical phone number.

The letters UL are optional markings on many data stickers. They are not associated with model numbers themselves but confirm that the device is safe for use as a home appliance in the USA.

Finding A Model Number On A Built-In Dishwasher

Portable dishwashers are easier to investigate to find model numbers, but the built-in ones have a somewhat complicated process because they are fixed. In built-in ones, you can find model numbers in the following areas:

  1. The frame
  2. Back of the control panel
  3. Door frame
  4. The door
  5. Tub wall
  6. The edges inside the unit

How to Find My Model Number If The Data Sticker Is Worn Out

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Data stickers in newer dishwashers are easier to read because ink that is more recent is glossy. The reading quality degrades over time. In older appliances, model numbers might be completely unreadable. Fortunately, there are a series of ways to find unreadable model numbers.

The manual is the first place you must look if your dishwasher does not have a model number due to an aged data sticker. Unfortunately, most manufacturers send out user manuals covering a series of dishwashers, meaning the book covers a range of dishwashers.

However, on the flip side, the manual gives you a better idea of the specifics of your dishwasher.

If you have an aged machine and you are good at keeping receipts, there is a significant chance you might find the model number written there. Additionally, online receipts sent via email might also have the information if you purchased your dishwasher online. A quick search in your email client will give you all the purchase information and, hopefully, the number.

Worn-out data stickers probably have some numbers and figures visible. Luckily, if the model number is partially visible, you can use it to look for repair parts or reach the manufacturer to match the numbers for the full model number.

Alternatively, if the serial number is visible and the model number unreadable, you can use the latter information to query the manufacturer for the original model number.

Old dishwashers will likely have a part or two replaced. You can use the information in the repaired parts to know your model number.

Bottom Line

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Dishwashers are vital kitchen appliances, and like most, they require repair. The model number makes the repair work easier. Most dishwashers have their model number on the side or back. Others have them printed on a data sticker on the doorframe. You can also use the numbers for safety reasons when the manufacturer recalls the appliance.

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