How To Find The Model Number On A Weber Grill

Knowing your model number will help with the upkeep and repair of your Weber grill. There are so many versions of the grill, though, that it's tricky for some to locate the model number. But don't worry! We have researched and prepared all the information you need to know for you to find out yours.

You can figure out your Weber grill's model number though following either of these methods:

  • Checking the owner's manual
  • Locating the serial number on the data label
  • Referencing online catalogs

Owner manuals, data labels, and catalogs are all reliable sources for all the information you need to know about your Weber grill. Continue reading as we guide you through the details of these methods. Rest assured that after reading this article, you'll be able to find your model number.

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Locating Your Weber Grill's Model Number

Data sources are always available for any Weber grill owner to refer to when they need a certain specification, either for a repair or just sprucing up the unit with updated accessories. They contain all the essential details and information about your grill, including its model number.

The new Weber Spirit II S-210 model gas grill

Let’s discuss below how you can use the following suggested methods to retrieve your Weber grill’s model number.

Checking The Owner's Manual

Unboxing of new Weber electric barbecue with instructions manual

The model number of your Weber grill is available on the owner’s manual that it came with, after purchasing it from an authorized Weber store or distributor. For newer grills that are part of a series, one manual is provided for multiple versions. Although, each of the grills included in that manual are listed on the front cover, so you can flip the pages until you find your unit. 

For older versions, you can find all details inside.

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On the occasion that the page is not there, you can go back to the front cover and use the serial number of your grill instead. Serial numbers are important. It is one of the first things a customer care representative will ask from you if you call for service. The serial number can guarantee that you’ll receive all the correct part replacements or accessories.

Locating the Serial Number on the Data Label

As we have discussed above, the serial number is important. It is your grill's unique identification code and it will be useful if you don't have the owner’s manual in hand. This is because you can find the serial number on the data label attached directly to the grill.

Note that not all Weber grills distributed came with their own data label, but all recent Weber grills have it. These data labels appear as a rectangular sticker with a plain white or dark background and text. They are usually on one of the leg or leg frames, behind the tank or table, or inside one of the compartment doors.

Once you have located the data label, shift your focus to the upper right corner of the sticker. There you will find a table containing your Weber grill's serial number in the fourth column of the first row.

The number should contain two uppercase letters, and five to seven numbers following. All you have to do now is to enter the code on Weber's official customer help page online.

Referencing Online Catalogs

Official website of weber

A Weber grill's serial number contains two uppercase letters followed by a series of five to seven numbers generated during production. In old versions of the grill, (mainly those produced before 2005) only two uppercase letters are present in the damper, and an even older grill will only have one.

The model of Weber grills produced way before this alphabetic code can only be determined by the features and specifications of the grill. And there are sites that can help you find out what model your Weber grill is if you suspect it is a vintage unit. Some of the older Weber Grills before the 1970s will have the grill's patent information on the lid damper.

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Some Weber grills, particularly those produced around the time of the transition from a two-letter code to a combined letter and number serial code, have these letters and numbers inscribed separately.

The following is a list of Weber grill models that have a two-letter code on the lid damper, and a series of five to six letters printed separately underneath the control panel itself.

  • Performer
  • Performer Touch-N-Go
  • Performer 2005-2006
  • Performer 2010-2014

Where Can I Find My Serial Number?

Below is a comprehensive list of Weber grill serial number locations:

Location of the Serial Number Weber Grill Models
Lid Damper Charcoal Kettle
Performer Touch-N-Go 
Performer (2005-2006, 2010-2017)
Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker
Back of the tank enclosure/ table Summit Charcoal Grill
Summit Charcoal Grilling Center
Manifold Spirit 2007-2017 (By 2013, could also be on the bottom panel)
Spirit II
Genesis II/II LX (could also be on the rear frame)
Summit Silver
Summit Gold
Summit Platinum
Inside the tank panel Genesis 1-5
Genesis Silver SWE
Genesis Gold SWE
Genesis Platinum SWE
On the tank blocker's right vertical side Genesis 2007-2016
Under /right edge corner of the control panel Genesis 1000-5000
Genesis Spirit
Genesis Platinum
Genesis Silver
Genesis Gold
Summit Built-In Model
Summit Cooking Module
On one of the rear or front legs Summit Grills 1998-2002
Summit Carts
Inside the cabinet Summit 2007-2017
Summit 2007-2008 Built-Ins
Summit 2009-2014 Built-Ins
Left-hand frame Summit Grill Centers 2011-2017
On the rear leg/leg frame  Weber Baby Q
The worktable - left/right underside  Weber Q
Inside the hopper lid, behind the Weber Connect Controller  Smokefire
Inside one of the door compartments Vieluxe

*An important note to add is that the Gas-Go-Anywhere is the only model that does not have a serial number. Instead, it has a number code etched on the burner tube.

How To Find The Model Number With No Serial Number

Outdoor grill party with compact Weber grill Q1200

As previously mentioned, not all Weber grills sold came with their own data label. It’s also possible for Weber grill owners to have no owner’s manual in possession if they bought their grill second-hand. If this is your situation, you can still use online resources that are available to the public even with no provided serial or model number. 

You can check out soft copies of the printed Weber service manual and user guides, as well as The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board product catalog that includes all Weber catalogs from 1958-2021. They have free sources for you to peruse until you find the image and details of your grill.

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All you have to do is scroll through the pdf files. It will take more time than if you have your serial number, but this complete collection of catalogs will surely lead you to your grill's model number, eventually.

Is The Part Number The Same As A Model Number?

This is a common query as the part number comes along with the serial number. So, it's not unusual to assume that the part number is the model number under the guise of a different label. But it is important to know that these two codes stand for different things, although these two things both relate to your grill.

What Is A Part Number?

A part number is the identification code of your grill. This means this series of letters and numbers is code generated uniquely for the parts of your grill.

The part number usually represents all the additional features of the product you have. Plus, this code is a representation of something more specific than the model number your grill belongs to.

What Is A Model Number?

Like a serial or part number, a model number is a series of letters or numbers (oftentimes, both) given to a product. Companies can make their own pattern for their codes. But typically, a model number represents the manufacturer, the product specifications, and other important details that can be very useful for both the product supplier and the product user.

To Wrap Up

Weber traveler logo sign and brand text on gas grill

There are plenty of ways to find out what your grill's model number is if you didn't love your grill enough to memorize it to heart. But kidding aside, there are resources you can use both offline and online to find out what it is.

Whichever approach is possible for you, make sure that you take your time to know the correct specifications of your grill. The right parts and replacements will give you and your grill a lot more years to make good food together. 

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