How To Find The Model Number On A Whirlpool Stove

Your stove’s model number may tell you a lot of information like the maker and the kind of parts it has. You may be here because you’re looking for accessories and spare parts for your oven. Perhaps your also arranging a repair and are now trying to figure out where to look to get your stove’s model number. You’re fortunate that your search led you to the appropriate website. Let us find out the answer together!

The model number is visible when the lower storage drawer is open, either on the left side of the drawer or the door frame. It is most commonly printed on a paper label or steel plate.

Now that you know where you can find the model number of your stove,  we’ll dig deeper into what are these model numbers for and how to read them. Keep reading as we will tackle them below. 

WHIRPOOL STOVE - How To Find The Model Number On A Whirlpool Stove

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Where and How to Check the Model Number on Whirlpool Stove

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Metal gas stove «Whirpool» on modern kitchen

When installing new equipment, such as a stove, it is advised that you locate and note the model number. It is easier to have them all listed in writing and kept somewhere you can easily access them.

Although the label with the model number on it is securely fastened, it could flake off or even have the ink fade just so the number is no longer legible. This is why having a backup strategy like this is beneficial.

Regardless if you need to locate the model number on the appliance or are installing a new stove, this is where you will find it.

Check almost the edge of your stove’s tub

To order to protect it, the model number for your stove is kept out of plain view. In most situations, as we will emphasize later, you will need to open your range door to find it. You won’t be able to find what you need until then.

The leftmost edge of your range’s tub will have the model number for your stove. Essentially, it is on the spot where the range door will close. 

Your stove’s model number will begin with the same “W” if it bears the Whirlpool brand, making it simpler to distinguish from any other numbers that might be pressed into the plaque.

The option location is within the broiler drawer left rim

Although the Whirlpool brand is generally quite consistent as to where it put its sticker, the model number might instead be found on the broiler drawer. This means that you will need to open the broiler drawer, and it should still be there on the left side rim.

This is preferable for the label because it receives less heat exposure and wear. Years from now, there is a lot higher probability that you will still be able to read the model number.

What is a Model Number?

A model number is a distinctive designation that appliance manufacturers assign to each device they produce. This number enables manufacturers to monitor each appliance and either locate or swap out the necessary item.

That features additional letters in addition to the numbers. Those unique letters and numbers are placed on the product registration card and appliance rating plate during manufacturing.

Familiarizing these numbers will help you find the right replacement parts you need for your stove. But do you know that along with the model number, there is a serial number? What could be the difference between the two?

A serial number identifies a certain item by using a special code. For instance, the set of serial numbers might be sequentially allocated to each of a group of identical objects. Which each would have a set of identical model numbers. 

Fragment of metal gas stove «Whirpool» on modern kitchen

What is the Use of the Model Number

Many circumstances can benefit from knowing your model number, and some even specifically need it. The common reasons you need to know this number code was already explained above. But in addition to those things, you’ll also require these when making a warranty inquiry.

If your range is still quite new, the warranty may still apply. As a result, you will be able to save money for repairs and, depending on your specific issue, perhaps even a complete replacement.

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How to Read Model Number and Serial

urk for coffee on the metal gas stove «Whirpool» on modern kitchen

How to better understand both number codes can be found below. You may determine the age of your stove appliance with the aid of the list of codes and their corresponding years.

Model Number

Along with the capacity, important characteristics, year of introduction, and key features of the appliance, the model numbers also provide these details. If you know the model number, you can figure out the age of your appliance and what exact parts you might need for a repair.

The first “W” in most Whirlpool model numbers stands for Whirlpool. However, if it starts with the letter “G,” that product belongs to the Whirlpool Gold appliance line.

While appliances that start with “C” are considered to be from the commercial appliance category. R stands for refrigerator, O for oven, G for a gas range and cooktop, and E for an electric range and cooktop are additional beginning number codes.

The year the model was introduced is indicated by a letter code in the model number. The code was located in the model number’s second digit before 1981. The code is contained in the eighth digit after 1981. 


Code Year Code Year Year
J 1962 J 1981 2000
K 1963 K 1982 2001
L 1964 L 1983 2002
M 1965 M 1984 2003
P 1966 P 1985 2004
R 1967 R 1986 2005
S 1968 S 1987 2006
T 1969 T 1988 2007
V 1970 V 1989 2008
W 1971 W 1990 2009
X 1972 X 1991 2010
Y 1973 Y 1992 2011
A 1974 A 1993 2012
A 1975 B 1994 2013
D-E 1976-77 D 1995 2014
F-G 1978-79 E 1996 2015
H 1980-81 F 1997 2016
  G 1998 2017
H 1999 2018


Serial Number 

Whirlpool serial numbers adhere to a predetermined format. For example, if your serial number begins with “J,” then it was constructed in Jacksonville, Florida. At the same time, the second figure will tell you the year it was made. For the instance, “1” suggests that the appliance was either built in 1981 or 2011. While “W” indicates that it was built in 2008.

Both the third and fourth digits will tell you what week the appliance was made. Like this, if the third and fourth digits are 15, it means the appliance was made in the 15th week of the year. The fifth through the ninth digits represents the manufacturing orders for that particular week. [J11598765].

An additional alpha is used after the first alpha to denote the source for items that were “not built by Whirlpool”. Other alphanumeric and numeric designations stay the same.

Codes 1970-1989   Codes 1990 to Present
Code Year Code Year   Code Year Code Year Code Year Code Year
0 1970 0 1980   X 1990 K 2000 0 2010 X 2020
1 1971 1 1981   A 1991 L 2001 1 2011 A 2021
2 1972 2 1982   B 1992 M 2002 2 2012 B 2022
3 1973 3 1983   C 1993 P 2003 3 2013 C 2023
4 1974 4 1984   D 1994 R 2004 4 2014 D 2024
5 1975 5 1985   E 1995 S 2005 5 2015 E 2025
6 1976 6 1986   F 1996 T 2006 6 2016 F 2026
7 1977 7 1987   G 1997 U 2007 7 2017 G 2027
8 1978 8 1988   H 1998 W 2008 8 2018 H 2028
9 1979 9 1989   J 1999 Y 2009 9 2019 J 2029

Whirlpool Stove Dependability

This brand’s quality is not to be surpassed. Whirlpool stoves enable a household to prepare meals even when they have a busy schedule. They are designed to be simple to use regardless of who is in charge of the kitchen.

Whirlpool is generally regarded as an “excellent” manufacturer, fluctuating between mass and mainstream market positions in terms of cost point and brand repute. This indicates that you may anticipate a broad selection of Whirlpool household appliances at costs that won’t make you empty your wallet. No wonder this brand made it to the top list.

Whirlpool stoves come with the amenities to keep up with your family life at every turn, from purpose-built to built-in installations and basic to advanced features. Still, these products are created with cutting-edge technology innovations to support and provide families with the services they need.


Electrical built in oven, isolated

Now, after taking a little bit of time looking at the codes and their corresponding year, you realize that it’s not hard to read the serial and model number. It is very easy to understand. It is essential to know the information about a machine, such as the model number, serial number, age, and date of purchase.

This information familiarizes you with your equipment and prevents you from purchasing outdated technology. So this article demonstrates how and where to ascertain a Whirlpool appliance’s true age rapidly. Never forget to check as well the owner’s handbook. 

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