How To Get Hairspray Off A Glass Shower Door [Quickly & Easily]

For some, spritzing on hairspray in front of the bathroom vanity is a daily ritual. If this rings true for you, you may notice hairspray residue on your glass shower door. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get it off, we have done the research and will tell you how in this post!

You can use several solutions to get hairspray off of a glass shower door. This includes the following when mixed with water:

  • shampoo, fabric softener, or dishwashing soap
  • rubbing alcohol
  • borax
  • baking soda
  • vinegar or citrus juices

Soak any of these solutions in the area to clean off hairspray. Gently scrub the hairspray with a microfiber cloth until the hairspray comes off completely. Afterward, rinse off the glass shower door.

You must clean off hairspray residue regularly since it can be an eyesore, a safety hazard, or just a plain nuisance. In the next sections, we discuss the steps to get hairspray off a glass shower door in more detail. Read on!

A beautiful, modern bathroom with a white vanity, a marble tiled shower and glass door, How To Get Hairspray Off A Glass Shower Door [Quickly & Easily]

How To Remove Hairspray From Glass Door

Hairspray is tough to remove from glass with just water. Luckily, removing it with a homemade solution will only take up to at least 5 minutes, depending on how much of the product you are dealing with.

Here is a quick and easy guide to removing hairspray from your glass shower door!

Hand using limescale remover chemical foam

Prepare The Materials

Choose which cleaning solution you want to use. Most of the ones we mentioned are already in your kitchen or pantry. Do not mix a particular product with anything other than water, as you can risk neutralizing the effects on the hairspray.

You do not have to mix soaps or liquid detergents with too much water, but you can dilute it to save on the product.

The same goes for liquids like vinegar, citrus juice, and rubbing alcohol. Borax and baking soda, on the other hand, need to be turned into a paste or mixed with water to form a spray.

Have a good cleaning towel handy. Microfiber is a good option, but most absorbent towels will do. You can also use a sponge. Do not use anything too abrasive, as this will scratch the glass and ruin its appearance.

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If you are sensitive to cleaning materials, have safety equipment like gloves. If you are using vinegar or alcohol, keep your bathroom ventilated as you work to avoid inhaling too many fumes.

Clean Off The Hairspray

Directly apply your cleaning product to the area where there is hairspray. You can leave it to soak for about a minute to give it enough time to break down the hairspray bond. Using your washcloth, scrub at the hairspray to get rid of it.

You must go over the area a few times to eliminate streaking. Keep scrubbing until the entire layer of hairspray is unstuck from the glass door.

Rinse the area as needed to get rid of all the residue. You can scrub over it with cleaning detergent to make the glass look clear again. Rinse, then dry.

Depending on how much product is built up, you might have to clean over it several times. Clean your washcloth or sponge in between to help make the lifting process easier.

Maintain The Rest Of Your Bathroom

Chances are that there is hairspray buildup on other surfaces of your bathroom. This includes the mirror, sink tiles, and wall tiles. You can tell that there is buildup if the surfaces are sticky.

For the most part, you can use the same method of cleaning other bathroom areas as you did with the glass shower door.

However, hairspray might not clean off as easily for some tiles and surfaces. In this case, try focusing on cleaning with baking soda or borax.

What Removes Hairspray Residue?

Modern bathroom with a white vanity, a marble tiled shower and glass door

Most natural solvents and cleaning solutions can get rid of hairspray residue. The list of things we gave is some of the most common ones. However, you can also get specialized hairspray cleaning products.

Regarding hairspray removal, be careful about which product you use on certain surfaces. Most products you can use to get rid of hairspray on hair will work on bathroom surfaces, but not so much the other way around.

Shampoos, vinegar, and baking soda are safe for your hair and your glass shower door. However, never put alcohol, borax, or other harsh cleaning chemicals on your hair. This will damage your hair and possibly even irritate your skin.

Removing Hairspray From Other Bathroom Surfaces

Removing hairspray from a glass shower door, tiles, and ceramic is easy enough. However, you may run into some issues when it comes to painted walls or varnished doors. In this case, you do not want to risk ruining the paint.

You can use rubbing alcohol to lift hairspray off painted walls and wood. Soak a cloth in isopropyl alcohol and gently rub at the hairspray to lift it off.

Be careful not to ruin the paint. Since most wall paints are latex-based, you should not worry too much about this.

While being the best solvent for hairspray, alcohol is not good for varnished surfaces. If you try using alcohol to clean hairspray off of varnished wood, this will risk ruining the surrounding varnish.

In this case, you can still use alcohol and revarnish the wood right after.

If you want to avoid damaging varnished wood, remove hairspray by using soapy water. Liquid detergents and shampoo will do the trick. You will need two washcloths for this.

Mix the detergent or shampoo in some water and the first washcloth to rub it into the affected surface. With a clean cloth, wipe off the soapy residue. Finally, you can go over the area with a clean and damp washcloth to rinse out the area.

How To Avoid Getting Hairspray On Glass Shower Door

Woman cleaning glass and shower door

If you apply hairspray in the bathroom, getting it on your shower door is inevitable. Hairspray instructions direct you to hold and spray the can at a distance from your hair, with in turn gets some of the product on surrounding surfaces.

One way to avoid hairspray buildup in the bathroom is to put up protective covers like old newspaper or plastic wrap.

This is a hassle, so most people do not do this. You can use a hairspray shield instead. This handheld tool keeps hairspray away from your face or from getting onto other surfaces.

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No matter how much you try to keep hairspray away from bathroom surfaces, the droplets can still build up over time.

Your best bet is to clean your bathroom regularly to avoid too much buildup. Bathrooms should be cleaned at least once a week, so remember to scrub off hairspray while cleaning.

Cleaning your bathroom weekly is a good opportunity for disinfecting. The stickiness from hairspray will gather dirt and debris over time. This can attract harmful bacteria that make the air in your bathroom unsafe.

Is Dried Hairspray Dangerous?

Woman cleaning shower door with squeegee and spray detergent

As an aerosol, hairspray is highly flammable. Never expose hairspray to flame. This property of hairspray adds to its hazard when it dries up on your bathroom surfaces. While it is not as flammable when dry, you do not want to have this risk.

Aside from always cleaning out hairspray residue from your bathroom, keep your bathroom well-ventilated. This is good practice even if you do not use hairspray. Hairspray will not suddenly burst into flames and will only catch fire in direct flames or temperatures of 120 degrees and above.

Hairspray, especially modern ones, is quite safe. So long as you take note of the warnings on the package and follow the instructions. Avoid inhaling hairspray or getting it into your eyes.

Wrapping Things Up

Hairspray is easy to clean off of glass shower doors. You can use different detergents, shampoos, and solutions to get it off. The best way is to mix your cleaner with proportional amounts of lukewarm water. Be as gentle as possible when cleaning.

Clean your bathroom regularly to avoid too much hairspray build-up. Finally, make sure to use hairspray safely. Keep your bathroom ventilated, and avoid getting the product on painted or varnished surfaces.

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