How To Hang A Broom On The Wall

Storing a broom doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the easiest and most convenient things you can do with your broom is to hang it on a wall. However, you might not be sure how exactly to hang it or even where to hang it. Don’t worry, because we have all of the top ways to hang your broom safely and conveniently.

Here are the best ways to hang a broom in your home:

  • A hook
  • Broom and mop organizer
  • Command Strips
  • Broom holder
  • Broom rack
  • A nail
  • Over the door hanger
  • Curtain rod     
  • Wall coat rack
  • Wall shelf with hooks

If you want to learn more about where and how to hang a broom in your home, keep reading! We have provided you with 10 different ways to hang a broom on the wall, along with easy-to-follow guidelines for hanging the broom with various hooks and holders. 

part of a blue broom hanging on a wall, How To Hang A Broom On The Wall

Hanging It Up

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Almost everyone has a broom in their home, but it’s not exactly an object you want sitting out or taking up floor space in a garage or closet. That’s why the best place for your broom is up on a wall.

If you have ever looked at the top of your broom’s handle, you might have noticed that there is a hole through it. That hole is there so that you can easily hang your broom and keep it off your floor and out of the way. However, the hole in the broom handle isn’t very practical because it’s on the small side.

A great way to remedy this problem is to attach a zip tie to the broom. Loop it through the hole and you now have a way to hang your broom from any holder, hanger, or hook. If you don’t have a zip tie, a piece of twine or fabric looped through would also do the trick in a pinch.

Here are 10 useful ways to hang your broom from the wall:

Use A Hook

The brooms are hanging on the wall before it is used in the morning.

A hook is one of the easiest ways to hang a broom. Find a good spot on the wall, screw or mount the hook onto the wall, and it’s that simple.

If it’s small enough and sticks out far enough from the wall, the hook can then go through the broom handle. If it doesn’t fit through the hole, you can simply attach a zip tie to the broom handle and hang the zip tie on the hook.

Try A Broom Organizer

Broom organizers are great for hanging brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools you’d like to conveniently store. The organizer mounts easily on the wall and then you can either hang the broom through one of the hooks or place the handle of the broom into one of the holders. These organizers are easy to find in many home improvement stores. 

Check out this 11-tool wall organizer on Amazon.

Stick It Up With A Command Strip

Command Strips aren’t just for hanging pictures on the wall! These little plastic hooks that stick right on your wall can be useful for hanging a broom.

Simply follow the directions for mounting the Command Strip on the wall, and then you can either hang the broom handle directly onto the hook or use a zip tie through the handle and place the looped zip tie over the hook.

Command also makes strips that are specifically designed for hanging brooms and mops! The strips have a gripper that holds the handle of the broom so that you don’t need to hook anything.

The great thing about Command Strips is that they won’t leave any holes in your walls. Make sure that the Command Strips you purchase will hold up the weight of a broom. 

Check out these Command Strips that are specially made for brooms and mops on Amazon.

Hang A Broom Holder

Like broom organizers, there are holders specifically made for hanging brooms on the wall. Depending on the type you buy, some can be mounted with screws, and some are stick-on with adhesive backing.

The holder has a grip that holds the broom handle in place. The benefit of a single broom holder over a broom organizer is that it takes up very little space on the wall. 

Check out this 3 pack of adhesive broom holders on Amazon.

Horizontal Broom Rack

part of a blue broom hanging on a wall

If you like your cleaning tools in the air but prefer them horizontal rather than vertical, there is an option.

A few companies actually make horizontal broom holders, but you can also use two hooks or brackets. Mount them on the wall far enough apart to accommodate the length of the broom, and then lay the broom on top. Depending on your preference, storing your broom horizontally can be an efficient option.

A Nail

What could be easier than hammering a nail into the wall? Using a nail to hang a broom might seem too simple, but it’s actually a great option for broom storage.

Find a nail that’s long enough, hammer it into the wall, and make sure that it sticks out far enough so that the broom handle or zip tie can hook over it. Place the nail in a fairly high spot on the wall so that there's no danger of anyone bumping into it when walking past if the broom is in use.

Using a nail as a broom holder is quick, it’s easy, and best of all, it’s inexpensive. 

Over The Door Hanger

If you’ve ever put a hook over the back of a door to hang a towel, then you already know how this concept works. A door hanger is a great option for a broom if you want to store it in a closet or laundry room. All you need is an over-the-door hanger, hang it over the door of your choice, and hook the broom on with a zip tie. 

Check out this over-the-door hanger 4 pack on Amazon.

Hang A Curtain or Shower Rod

If you have a narrow area in a closet, a great solution for hanging your brooms and mops is a rod. Install a rod in the closet, and then place some hooks on the rod. Hang the broom from a hook and you're all set. Make sure that the rod is installed high enough so that your broom isn't hitting the floor.

Check out this 12 pack of 6-inch hooks on Amazon.

Wall Coat Rack

A mounted coat/hat rack is a great place to hang a broom. There are many different styles and colors to choose from, so if you are looking to add a little pizazz to your broom closet or garage, this type of rack is an excellent option.

Mount the rack on the desired wall, and then hang the broom handle through one of the hooks. You can also hang mops and other cleaning supplies from the rack.

Check out this wall-mounted hook rack on Amazon.

Wall Shelf With Hooks

Like the coat rack, a decorative wall shelf with hooks at the bottom is a cute and stylish way to store your broom. Once you mount the shelf, you can hang your broom and still have storage space on the top of the shelf. Not only is this an attractive way to hang your broom but it's also quite practical.

Check out this wall shelf with removable hooks on Amazon.

In Closing

Cleaning tools hanging on the wall. Floor squeegee, broom and brush.

There are a lot of easy options when it comes to hanging a broom on the wall. Whether you want to hide your broom behind a door, mount it for easy access in the kitchen, or keep it among your other cleaning tools in the garage, there is no shortage of gadgets available to accommodate your needs.

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