How To Hang A Horseshoe [And Where To Place It In Your Home]

Many people hang horseshoes above doorways in their home as a symbol of luck. Horseshoes are heavy objects, so you want to make sure they are hung securely so that they don’t fall, damaging something or injuring someone. So what is the best way to hang a horseshoe? For your convenience, we brought you the answer so that you can hang your horseshoe correctly and securely.

Horseshoes can be hung with the open end up or with the open end down. Once you’ve decided which direction you want to hang the horseshoe, follow these steps to hang it properly.

  1. Choose a location.
  2. Properly position the horseshoe.
  3. Mark the location of the horseshoe.
  4. Secure the horseshoe to the wall.

There are differences of opinion about the best place to hang a horseshoe as well as which direction it should face. In this article, we’ll look at each step and the significance of hanging horseshoes in more detail. Keep reading to learn more.

A rusted out horseshoe screwed up on a wooden wall, How To Hang A Horseshoe [And Where To Place It In Your Home]

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How To Hang A Horseshoe

Before you can hang a horseshoe, you will need the following things:

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Metal horseshoe hanging on the wall of a wooden house, How To Hang A Horseshoe [And Where To Place It In Your Home]
  • Ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil 
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Nails

1. Choose a Location 

Most of the time, people choose to hang a horseshoe over an entryway door or a barn door on the outside. However, they can also be hung over an interior doorway or even on the wall as a decoration. Where you hang a horseshoe is a matter of personal preference, so choose a location that you’re happy with. 

2. Properly Position the Horseshoe 

As we mentioned before, horseshoes can be hung either with the open end up or with the open end down. It is said that the horseshoe has different meanings based on which way you choose for the open end to face. We will look at the different meanings later in this guide if you need help deciding which way to hang it.

Once you’ve decided which way to hang the horseshoe, you will need to properly position it on the wall or above the door. To do this, you will need a ladder, a measuring tape, and a friend. Begin by standing on the ladder and holding the horseshoe where you want it to go.

Then, have someone else stand below you to make sure that the horseshoe is level and centered. Once you think the horseshoe is positioned correctly, use a tape measure to verify that both ends of the horseshoe are in fact level.

3. Mark the Position Of The Horseshoe

After you’ve verified your measurements, you will want to mark the location of the horseshoe with a pencil. This is to make sure that you don’t have to reposition the horseshoe if it gets accidentally moved. You will want to mark where each end is. You will also want to make a mark inside each hole of the horseshoe so that you know where to add nails.

4. Secure The Horseshoe To The Wall

Once you’ve marked where the horseshoe should go, you’re ready to secure it to the wall. To do this, you will need a drill and a 1/16-inch drill bit. Use the drill to drill a hole in the areas that you marked with a pencil. The holes will tell you where nails should go. After you’ve drilled the holes, you can nail the horseshoe into place to secure it.

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Where To Hang A Horseshoe In Your House?

A horseshoe hanged on a wooden fence

While the most common place to hang a horseshoe is on the outside of the door you go out of most often, there aren’t any rules against hanging a horseshoe in other places.

Horseshoes can be placed above the inside of a door if that is your preference, or above a big window. Horseshoes can also be seen hanging above fireplaces for a rustic look. They also look great hanging on a wall mixed with other rustic and industrial pieces.

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What Does a Horseshoe Over a Door Mean? 

A rusted out horseshoe hanged on a wooden plank

A horseshoe hung over a door is said to bring luck to the people inside the home and keep the devil from entering. The custom is said to have originated in Ireland. According to tradition, the proper way to hang a horseshoe is with the open end up. This is so that luck will collect inside the horseshoe and can’t get out.

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Why Are Horseshoes Considered Lucky?

A man shaping a horseshoe using a hammer

There are different beliefs as to why horseshoes are considered lucky. Most people seem to agree that old horseshoes are better at bringing luck than new ones because old ones have been protecting horses for a long time. Since the oldest instance of horseshoes symbolizing luck can be traced back to Ireland, their version of the story is the most popular. 

According to the Irish legend, a blacksmith named Saint Dunstan was making horseshoes when he was visited by the devil. It is said that the devil had hooves himself and came to the blacksmith in disguise, wanting the blacksmith to make him some horseshoes. But the blacksmith recognized the devil and nailed hot horseshoes to his hooves. After suffering terrible pain, the devil asked that the horseshoes be removed.

The events that happened next differ. The main version of the story says that the blacksmith told the devil that he would remove the shoes only if he promised to never visit a house with a horseshoe hanging above the door. Some think that after enduring so much pain, the devil ran away every time he saw a horseshoe.

Either way, people began hanging horseshoes above the door as a way to keep the devil out, bringing good luck to everyone that lived there.

Other Stories

Other people believe that horseshoes are lucky simply because they were made by blacksmiths. Most horseshoes are made of iron, and blacksmiths work with iron, which was considered to be a magical element.

They used fire to bend and shape the iron, leading many to believe that blacksmiths had special powers and were luckier than other people. Many people thought that they could harness some of that luck by hanging horseshoes that the blacksmiths made.

Another legend can be traced back to the Celts in 400 B.C. The Celts believed that goblins and elves came out of the forest and interfered with chickens laying eggs and cows giving milk. They also believed that they kidnapped babies, but that they were afraid of weapons made of iron. This led to many people hanging horseshoes above the entrance to their homes and barns in order to protect their livestock and babies.

What Does An Upside Down Horseshoe Mean?

A rusted out horseshow on a table

Since a horseshoe with the open end facing up is said to bring good luck, many people think that a horseshoe hung upside down (or open-end down) is bad luck. They believe that an upside-down horseshoe can’t hold good luck in, meaning that the luck will flow out of your home.

Others believe that an upside-down horseshoe isn’t bad luck at all. They think that a horseshoe hung above a door in any direction symbolizes luck. But by turning it upside down, they are sharing the luck with anyone that passes through their home.

While most people don’t hang a horseshoe upside down, there’s no wrong way to hang it. It all depends on which legend you choose to believe. In fact, some people choose to hang twoone in each direction. 

In Closing

A rusted out horseshoe screwed up on a wooden wall

We hope this article helped you learn how to hang a horseshoe in your home. The way you position the horseshoe and where you put it is entirely up to you, but it is important that you secure it to the wall so that it doesn’t fall. Once you get the horseshoe hung, we hope that it brings plenty of good luck to your household!

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