How To Hang Balloon Shade Curtains?

A balloon shade curtain is a popular curtain style that can be installed on its own or as a treatment. This curtain may look elaborate but installing it is easy. If you are considering hanging a balloon shade curtain in your home, you’ve come to the right place. We have delved into the process to provide easy steps for you to follow.

These are the steps for hanging a balloon shade curtain:

  1. Iron the balloon shade curtain and lay it on a table to install the clip rings.
  2. Attach the clip rings from the bottom to the top.
  3. Install the shade in the rod.
  4. Fluff sections of the curtain until the desired effect is achieved.

This article will discuss the details of hanging a balloon shade curtain. Keep on reading to learn more information on this type of curtain and how to mount it.

Woman hanging white curtains for the living room, How To Hang Balloon Shade Curtains?

Balloon Shade Curtains

This curtain type is designed to have a loose, puffy scallop at the bottom. The lower parts of the curtain are stacked one above the other to create the scallop shape.

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Generally, balloon shade curtains are made of lace or sheer fabrics, but they also come in materials like velvet, cotton, and satin. These curtains can be used in different areas of a house, including the dining room, living room, and bedrooms.

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How To Hang Balloon Shade Curtains

These curtains can dress up your windows and give your home elegant appeal.

Before starting, it is important to note that the balloon look will depend on how you want it to be. Some want the scallops to go higher, especially when using it as an underlayment for another curtain. Others might prefer the scallops to be lower.

Lay Out The Balloon Shade

First, lay the curtain on an even surface. You may or may not iron it out. The row of the rings should be facing up.

Attach The Clip Rings

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Next, install the clip rings. When you buy balloon shade curtains, most come with rings that are essential in creating the scallop shape. Attach the clip rings from the bottom to the top. This is important in achieving the right shape.

Depending on your preference or the size of your window, you may or may not attach all of the rings that come with the curtains. If your windows are longer and you want the balloon shade to hang down, you can leave the rest of the rings unattached.

If you want the room to feel formal, you should lower the shade. With more fabric exposed, the window treatment appears formal. In the example below, the scallops are hung midway to create an airy feel.

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Install The Shade Curtains Into The Rod

Put the shade on a curtain rod and then push the end of the curtain rod through the rod pocket. Slide the curtains to make sure that they are securely in place. 

Fluff The Curtains

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Finally, fluff the curtains. After connecting the rings, some curtains will not immediately look like you want them to. So this last step is important in achieving the desired balloon effect.

Some balloon shade curtains come with a string that you can use to pull the curtain up and down, similar to blinds. The process of installing these types is similar to installing the shade into the rod.

Benefits Of Using Balloon Shade Curtains

You don’t hang curtains just because you need to decorate your window. There are several benefits you can get from having a balloon shade curtain.

Adjusts The Light That Comes In

There are times when you need to see some sunlight. Other times, you need to protect yourself and the things inside your home from the harsh UV rays. A pull-down curtain is great for this.

Offers Privacy

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Some curtains are too dark. When you pull them down, you can't see what’s happening outside. If you use lighter ones made from linen, sheer fabric, or silk, you will still have your privacy even though you don’t have the curtain pulled down.

You can also use this in bathrooms where light and privacy are needed.

Adds Aesthetic Value

Another good thing about having a balloon shade curtain is that you’ll be able to add sophistication to your home without using up a lot of space.

Use In Different Areas

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Apart from the living room, balloon shade curtains can be used in different areas of a home. In this example, the light fabric of the balloon shade curtain creates a perfect match for the kitchen sink.

Because they come in different fabrics, it won’t be hard to use them as embellishment for the kitchen or door panels. You can even install them above your bed.

The curtain also looks good in a children’s room.

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Downside Of Using Balloon Shade Curtains

Of course, with the pros come the cons. There are downfalls to using a balloon shade curtain, which have to do with maintenance.

Because of its shape, a balloon shade curtain easily gathers dust, so cleaning it regularly is essential. Moreover, some fabrics don’t maintain their shape, so you should check the fluffiness of the curtains.

How Wide Should Balloon Curtains Be?

When choosing a balloon shade curtain for any part of your home, consider the length and width of your window. Unlike other curtain styles, you will need extra room for this one because you want to achieve the scallop look.

Measure the length from the top of the curtain rod to the bottom where you want your curtain to fall. The length of the curtain does not include the heading. The width of the window should be doubled to achieve the full look.

How Do You Clean Balloon Shade Curtains?

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The frequency of cleaning depends on the needs of the occupants of the room or the home. Generally, you should clean your windows and curtains as often as you vacuum your floors.

The cleaning of your balloon shade depends on the type of fabric it's made of. Some fabrics are washable, so you can simply take the curtain from the rod, disconnect the clip rings, and wash it gently.

You can't wash some fabrics. For example, velvet or satin must be dry cleaned. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust accumulation for those fabrics that cannot be washed.

Use the fabric attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Detach the clip ring of your balloon shade curtains. Vacuum the fabric in horizontal strokes from the top moving down. You can vacuum your curtains without taking them down.

For high-traffic areas of the house, use a curtain fabric that is easy to clean. For example, use cotton or sheers in the living room and velvet or satin in the bedrooms. 

Are Balloon Shade Curtains In Style?

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If you think of heavy velvety or overly ruffled fabrics for a balloon shade curtain, yes, those are out of style. They are also hard to maintain for a home curtain.

However, you can update your balloon shade curtain style by choosing the right fabric.

A balloon shade curtain may look dated, but the pattern of the fabric and the fabric itself will help create that modern vibe. An example would be floral or geometric patterns.

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To Sum It Up

Woman hanging white curtains for the living room

Hanging a balloon shade curtain is not that difficult. You can achieve that intricate design by properly attaching the rings that come with it. Moreover, fluffing the curtains is essential to get the perfect look.

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