How To Hang A Besta TV Unit On The Wall: Simple Wall Mounting Guide

Upgrading your living space with a sleek and modern Besta TV unit is an excellent design choice.

Wall mounted TV in the living room wall

These versatile and stylish furnishings not only improve the aesthetics of your entertainment area but also provide functional storage for your devices.

In this article, we'll show you the steps to mount your Besta TV unit on the wall safely and securely.

Your Besta TV Unit

Your Besta TV unit comes in various sizes and configurations, designed to fit your personalized needs.

When choosing the right size, consider the dimensions of your TV and other electronics in your entertainment system.

Check the weight capacity as well. You might find it helpful to measure your TV and space beforehand to ensure a perfect fit.

Preparing Your Wall

Before hanging your Besta TV unit on the wall, it's essential to prepare the wall properly.

Identifying Wall Type

Knowing the wall type will help you determine the proper mounting method and hardware. Two common wall types you may encounter are:


This is a common wall type in most homes, made of gypsum board.

It can usually support lighter loads but requires anchors or toggles for heavier installations like a Besta TV unit.


These walls are typically made of materials like brick or concrete blocks.

They generally provide a more secure anchor for heavy items like the TV unit, but you'll need specialized drill bits and hardware.

To identify your wall type, you can usually tap on it and listen to the sound it makes.

A hollow sound indicates drywall, while a more solid sound suggests masonry.

Gathering Necessary Tools

Once you've identified your wall type, gather the necessary tools for the installation process. Some common tools you will need include:

1. Drill

You'll need a power drill to create holes for wall anchors and mounting hardware.

Make sure you have the appropriate drill bit for your wall type (masonry bits for masonry, wood bits for drywall).

Get this cordless power drill on Amazon.

2. Leveling Tool

To ensure your Besta TV unit is hung straight and even on the wall, a level is necessary.

View this level on Amazon.

3. Stud Finder

If you're installing the TV unit on drywall, a stud finder can help you locate the supporting studs behind the wall, providing a more secure mounting.

Try this DEWALT stud finder from Amazon.

4. Tape Measure

Measure the wall space accurately to avoid any errors or inconvenience during the installation process.

Check out this open reel tape measure on Amazon.

5. Hardware

You'll need the appropriate wall anchors, screws, and other related hardware for your specific wall type.

Check the Besta TV unit's included instructions for recommendations on what to use.

Mounting the Bracket

Begin by locating the wall studs where you plan to install the bracket.

Once you've found the studs, measure and mark the corresponding holes on the wall bracket.

Wall mounted TV

Double-check your measurements to ensure proper alignment, then use your drill to screw the bracket securely into the wall.

While you're working, frequently utilize the level to confirm that everything is straight and even.

Hanging the Besta TV Unit

With the bracket mounted on the wall, you're ready to hang your Besta TV Unit.

First, carefully attach the mounting hardware to the back of the unit, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Next, lift and align the Besta TV Unit with the wall bracket. As you both carefully hold the TV unit, align the mounting hardware with the wall bracket and secure the connection.

Gently rest the TV unit on the bracket, making sure it's properly seated and stable.

Perform a final check to verify that the Besta TV Unit is level, securely mounted, and safely hanging in place.

Here's a helpful video below that will show you how to wall mount a Besta TV wall unit.

Post-Installation Tips

Once you've hung your Besta TV unit on the wall, it's essential to ensure it's secure and stable.

Gently push on the unit to test its stability. If you notice any wobbling or movement, recheck the mounting hardware and make any necessary adjustments.

It's crucial to address any instability before placing your TV or other items on the unit.

Safety Measures to Avoid Furniture Tipping

Here are some IKEA tips to prevent your furniture from tipping over and cause injuries.

Anchor It

Always fasten furniture to the wall using the included anti-tip restraint and appropriate hardware for your wall type.

Avoid Misuse

Do not place TVs or weighty items on furniture not designed to support them, such as dressers.

Distribute Weight

Store heavier items in the lower drawers to enhance stability.

Child Safety

Discourage children from climbing or hanging on doors, shelves, or drawers.

How Much Weight Can a Wall-Mounted Besta TV Unit Support?

Before you hang your Besta TV unit on the wall, it's essential to know its weight capacity.

A wall-mounted Besta TV unit can support different weights depending on the wall material and the mounting system used.

According to the Besta TV unit product description, the top panel of the TV unit can hold up to 110 lbs.

Keep in mind that the weight capacity also depends on the type of wall you have.

Drywall and plaster walls generally support less weight compared to brick or concrete walls.

It's crucial to use appropriate wall anchors designed for your specific wall type.

For drywall, you might need to use toggle bolts, while for concrete or brick walls, you may require heavy-duty wall anchors.

Additionally, the weight of your television plays a significant role.

A Besta TV unit can typically hold a 72-inch TV or bigger as long as this bigger TV unit is just the same weight as the 72-inch.

Make sure to check the weight of your TV and ensure that it's within the weight capacity of your Besta TV unit.

Most modern TVs are thinner and lighter, so they should be compatible with the IKEA Besta TV unit.

Enjoy Your New Besta TV Unit!

By now, you've learned how to successfully hang a Besta TV unit on your wall.

With the knowledge in hand, you can confidently tackle this project and add a sleek, modern touch to your living space.

Your new Besta TV unit will not only save space and keep your area organized, but it will also provide a stylish and functional centerpiece for your room.

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