How To Hang Curtains From A Ceiling [5 Steps]

You might want to hang curtains from the ceiling for a variety of reasons. Perhaps traditional wall brackets just don't seem sturdy enough for you, or you want to add a flair of drama around your bed by encasing it with curtains. Curtains hanging from the ceiling will also make your walls appear taller! It's important to know what you're getting yourself into before starting this kind of project. We've compiled the information, including important steps to hang curtains from a ceiling properly.

Hanging curtains from a ceiling can be a relatively simple process. Being prepared is the most important tool in your arsenal. Follow these steps to ensure a successful installation:

  1. Measure and mark your ceiling.
  2. Purchase curtains at the correct length for your project.
  3. Drill holes in the ceiling for anchor insertion.
  4. Install brackets or ceiling track.
  5. Hang the curtains with a curtain rod or hooks if using a ceiling track.

Although these are the basic steps to hang curtains from the ceiling, several details could make your project much easier. Read on to find out more!

A modern living room with laminated vinyl flooring, checkered rug gray sofas, and gray ceiling curtains with a fireplace on the middle, How to Hang Curtains from a Ceiling [5 Steps]

1. Measure and Mark Your Ceiling

Before anything else, you need to measure how high your ceilings are, so you will know how long your curtains should be. Once you have the measurement, consider if you want the curtains to brush the floor or be a few inches above it. 

Next, you'll need to mark the places where you will drill holes. Use a lead pencil. If you have a popcorn ceiling, you will need to smooth the area using a utility or drywall knife. 

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If you're planning on using heavy fabric or worry about pets or kids trying to hang from the curtains, your best bet is to use ceiling joists for support. A stud locator can help you find the ceiling joists for the most secure installation.

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Run the tape measure in between marks and eye-up to ensure a straight line between marks. Enlist the help of a friend to make doubly sure the marks are level to avoid asymmetrical installation. 

If you're planning on using a ceiling track instead of brackets that hold a curtain rod, ensure you measure the space between the drilled holes so it will fit the length of the ceiling track.

2. Purchase Curtains

After measuring, it's time to purchase curtains. If you're planning on your curtains brushing the floor, add an inch or two to the measurement you made of the ceiling to ensure they reach. If you don't want the curtains touching the floor, subtract an inch or two. Make sure the fabric you purchase isn't too heavy according to where you've positioned your marks. Remember, the heavier the curtain, the more brackets you will need to install. Don't forget to choose the best pattern for your sense of style!

Another thing to note: if you're using a ceiling track, you'll want to ensure the curtains purchased can be hung by the hooks on the track. 

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3. Drill the Holes

For this next step, you will need a power drill. Use the drill according to the manufacturer's instructions and use the appropriate safety equipment. 

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Using the drill, create the holes in the ceiling. The holes you drill need to be the same size as the wall anchors you will be using. Hopefully, the brackets you have came with these anchors. Most brackets and tracks made specifically for the ceiling will come with the proper hardware. If they did not, ensure when purchasing anchors, they are hollow.

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Next, press the anchors into the holes until you feel them grip the plaster. To ensure a tight fit, you can use the power drill to secure the anchor just as you would with a normal screw.

4. Install Brackets or Ceiling Track

Installing the brackets is straightforward. Attach the brace by pressing it over the anchor, and then secure it by using the power drill to insert screws on either side. 

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Alternatively, if using a ceiling track, attach the support brackets to the track. These pieces will snap to the back of the track. Some tracks differ on how the support brackets attach, so be sure to follow the product's instructions on securing them. Once secured and spaced apart, get a friend to help you hold the track, with the brackets over the holes containing the anchors, and use the power drill to screw the track to the ceiling.

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5. Hang the Curtains

Next, it's time to hang your curtains. If using ceiling brackets and curtain rod, insert the rod through the curtains. Most curtain rods collapse a bit to ensure they can fit between the brackets. If the type of curtain rod you have does not have this option, you will need to slide the rod through a bracket, insert through the curtain, then insert the other end through the corresponding bracket.

If you've chosen a ceiling track, use the hooks to attach your curtain to the track. With either method you chose, test the installation by sliding the curtains back and forth to ensure they are secure. 

Can You Hang Curtains from the Ceiling Without Drilling?

There are a few methods you can use without drilling holes. The best way to get a look similar to drilling in brackets to the ceiling is by using adhesive hooks made to hold a curtain rod. There are many different brands available.

Can you use command hooks on the ceiling?

Command hooks have the best reputation for adhesives used to hang things in the home without drilling. However, it is difficult to find a ceiling hook by them with the weight-bearing capacity to hold a curtain and rod. Command does create hooks for holding curtains and rods weighing up to five pounds, but these aren't designed to hang from the ceiling. There are plenty of adhesive options for the ceiling available, though. Be sure before using adhesive, the ceiling is clean and smooth.

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Can You Hang a curtain rod from the ceiling?

Tension rods are another alternative, though these cannot create the same look as hanging curtains directly from your ceiling. Though it's not the same, the tension rods can be hung close to the ceiling, elongating your room in a similar way to curtains hung from higher up. Tension rods could also appear unseemly as they have to extend from one wall to another to create the proper tension. If your end goal was to make your room appear larger, take a look at, "How To Make Ceilings Look Higher [5 Practical Tips]."

Both of these options are a viable alternative but won't be able to hold curtains of the same weight as brackets with anchors can.

What Curtain Material is Best for Hanging from the Ceiling?

The best material for curtains, if you wish to hang from the ceiling, is something on the lighter side. A popular type of fabric to use would be linen if you still want a tailored look. It's lightweight and breezy without being sheer but still maintains a uniformed appearance.

If you're looking for something more ethereal and don't need blackout coverage, lace or silk are desirable options as well. If you want to use something heavy and dark, like drapes around a bed to keep light out, velvet might be what you're eyeing. This is a weighty fabric. If dead set on this type of curtain, be prepared to secure your brackets in the ceiling joists and possibly opt for a ceiling track as opposed to brackets to help bear the weight. Review, "4 Types Of Curtains That Are Best For Privacy" about the best seclusion curtains!

In Closing

Curtains hung from the ceiling can create a striking look in your home, as well as make the room itself appear larger. If the appropriate steps are taken to ensure they are secure, there is no reason you can't make this simple home improvement. Take the steps toward a more blissful home, invite someone over to assist, and get to work!

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