How To Hang Curtains In A Dorm [4 Steps]

One of the most exciting parts about going off to college is decorating your dorm. Whether your dorm is small, large, or anything in between, you'll likely hang some curtains. Most dorm rooms have a generic set of blinds already in place, but you have found the perfect tutorial if you are looking to spruce your space up. We've discovered the best method to hang blinds in a dorm room.

To successfully hang curtains in your dorm room, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Measure your window space so you can buy the correct length rod or amount of command hooks and appropriately sized curtain panel(s).
  2. Gather materials, and ask for assistance from a friend or family member.
  3. Install the rod (or hooks) and test for strength/stability.
  4. Hang curtains.

Curtains can really prove to be a beneficial factor within your dorm in regards to temperature and sleep. Within this article, we will show you our best tips and tricks to getting your new curtains hung up in your dorm room.

dorm room with bunk bed and hanging curtains, How To Hang Curtains In A Dorm [4 Steps]

How To Hang Dorm Room Curtains 

1. Measure the Window Space

A simple measuring tape will work just fine to get your windows measured. To get the dimension for a tension curtain rod, measure the inside of the window's frame for width. The rod will be set between the inside of the frame at the topmost portion of the window.

Want to hang curtains above the windows, from the ceiling? We've got tips for how to do that in your dorm room without mounting brackets check out "How To Hang Curtains From the Ceiling [5 Steps]." 

2. Gather Rod (or Hooks), Curtains, and A Helper

Hanging curtains is generally a two-person task. So, you'll want all of your supplies ready when your friend or family member offers assistance. We've recommended using an adjustable tension rod or a more durable shower rod. Now, for curtain selection, you can let your creativity run free -and check out some of our suggestions later in this post. 

The best way to hang up dorm room curtains is with an adjustable rod; this tends to be the easiest and most cost-effective option. The rod you select can be adjustable or not, but properly measure first to find the right size rod for the window frame. Using an adjustable rod avoids the need for installing brackets -therefore, no holes in your dorm room's walls. However, you can also use the following methods to secure curtains:

A more durable shower rod.

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Command hook curtain holders.

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If this is your first time purchasing curtains, you might be curious to know, "Do Curtains Typically Come With Rods?"

3. Install the Rod (or Hooks) and Test for Strength/Stability

If using an adjustable rod, simply put it from end to end between the window frame and twist it to expand or scale down to the rod's size. This works just like a shower rod and is very simple to tighten and loosen depending on your specific window measurements. It is always a good idea to measure the window space before buying a rod to avoid it being too small or large to adjust.

To mount command hooks, mark the wall first(use a pencil) in the location you want the hook. Separate the hook from the adhesive backing and press it onto the marked spot. It is always better to be safer than sorry, measuring versus eyeing the perfect location for hooks to be placed upon your wall. The good news is if you do mess up your hook placement, you can simply pull down on the tab and cleanly remove the adhesive and hook to restart the process.

4. Hang Curtains

Curtains are fastened either directly to the rod (via a pocket or grommet in the fabric) or by clips that slide 'round the rod and clip onto the curtain panel just beneath the rod. If using clips, you'll want to account for an extra one to two inches of length for the clip's drop when choosing panels. Slide your curtain panels onto the rod or attach to command hooks or clips and, "Viola!" You've got new dorm room decor! 

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What Are The Best Curtains For A Dorm Room?

When it comes down to choosing the best curtains for your dorm room, consider cost and quality. Insulated blackout curtains, hands down, are the best and most cost-effective options for treating your dorm room windows. These allow you to sleep during brighter hours and also help keep temperatures seasonally accurate within your living space. There are tons of great options for insulating your space with decorative curtains and finishings. Below we have provided some of our top picks for your curtain needs. 

Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

These curtains shown below are both blackout and insulated, which is why we have to recommend them. An added feature to these curtains is that they help cancel noise out, which is extremely important in a dorm setting. Sleep is vital to a successful student, and what better than having your curtains helps you achieve that! These curtains also come in a variety of fun colors that match almost every style preference.

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Raina Blackout Curtains

The next set of recommended curtains are a more stylish option while also maintaining a blackout effect. These curtains are also insulated while not leaving out stylish material to brighten up your dorm room. This is a great example of both style and necessity. The metallic design will most definitely add that pop of color to your dorm space while keeping the temperature livable.

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Comfort Spaces Blackout Curtains

This final recommendation is one of the more environmentally friendly options for your dorm room needs. The cool thing about these curtains is that they are fabricated from a top-rated, energy-efficient material; yet at a budget friendly cost. You do not have to give up quality when purchasing window treatments for your space with these curtains. A neutral material is also very compatible with dorm room accessories and furniture.

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How Do You Hang Things On Dorm Walls?

Hanging photos, shelving, curtains, etc., on dorm room walls can be a difficult task to take on. There are many safe ways to hang your decor on the walls of your dorm without destroying them. Command strip hooks are one of our recommendations due to their strong yet gentle adhesive quality. These strips tend to be very durable and can last as long as you need them.

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Another great way to carefully hang something in a dorm is by using adhesive mounting putty. This may seem crafty, but putty is an affordable and durable method.

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Can You Decorate Walls Without Nails?

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You can certainly decorate your dorm room walls without using nails. Hanging items with nails can lead to wall damage and fines from the school you are attending, and nobody wants that. Try sticking (pun intended) to a less abrasive mounting product when hanging items in your dorm. There are so many different ways to successfully mount photos and other items to a wall without penetrating it. Whether you want to hang curtains or a family photo on the walls of your dorm, there are plenty of adhesive alternatives.

To Conclude

dorm room with bunk bed and hanging curtains, How To Hang Curtains In A Dorm [4 Steps]

There are so many variations when it comes to hanging curtains and items in your dorm. The amazing part about moving into a dorm is that you can decorate it. Whether you are a minimalist or interior design extraordinaire, there are plenty of fun decorations to include in your space. Curtains can make or break your dorm room experience, so you must choose the right ones. From insulation to blackout to style, curtains are an essential piece to your dorm room. Your body and mind will forever be grateful you chose the blackout and noise-canceling curtains for your college years. 

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