How To Hang Curtains With Different Height Windows?

Windows with different heights can deliver a unique feel to your home, and you might be wondering what is the best way to install curtains on these windows. We have done the research to provide you with all the information you need to know when you want to hang curtains on windows of different heights.

To create a harmonious look between windows of different heights, you can choose to hang the curtains using any of the methods below

  • Hang all curtains at the same length as the tallest window.
  • Hang all curtains just below the crown of the wall.
  • Hang the curtains at the top of each window and use materials with the same or complementary designs.
  • Hang curtains with valances.

Installing curtains is a relatively easy task, but it is important to properly assess the area where you will place the curtain rods because this job can involve leaving permanent holes in your wall. Continue reading to know the necessary details you will need to hang curtains on windows of different heights.

Interior of modern room with light curtains, How To Hang Curtains With Different Height Windows?

How Do I Hang Curtains On Windows With Different Heights?

Windows greatly influence the overall look of a room. Not only do windows provide better air circulation for an otherwise enclosed area, but they also make your room appear larger by emphasizing your view outside.

Whether you want your windows to have a cohesive look or use the curtains as a statement piece, hanging them can be easy with the correct approach.

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Hang All Curtains At The Same Level Of The Tallest Window

Even if windows with different heights are sometimes emphasized by homeowners who appreciate their uniqueness, installing curtains over them can be tricky because the wrong placement can make them look awkward instead of striking.

To create a cohesive look between windows of different heights, you can choose to install the curtain rods at the same level as the tallest window. Make sure that your curtain's material has the same length to emphasize the style of the arrangement.

If you are using curtains to create harmony between windows of different heights, then it is important to choose materials that go well together.

This does not necessarily mean that you should pick a curtain with a single design, as sometimes this can give a boring, monotonous appearance. Choosing curtains that go well together means that you have to pick a material that will complement each other, even if they have different colors and textures.

Hang The Curtains Just Below The Crown Of The Wall

Hanging all the curtains at the same level as the tallest window can create a uniform look between windows of different lengths.

Doing it just below the crown of the wall will do exactly the same, and it will also emphasize the overall height of your room, making the ceiling appear higher. This approach will result in a floor-to-ceiling curtain look that will visually elongate your home's walls.

Much like hanging all curtains at the same level as the highest windows, hanging curtains at the bottom of your wall's crown requires curtains that look exactly the same.

A lot of extra attention should be paid to choosing the best curtain design for a floor-to-ceiling look because the material will be longer and bigger. This could end up making or breaking the overall look of your room.

Hang Matching Curtains At The Top Of Each Window

As previously mentioned, windows of different heights can be emphasized by some homeowners because it delivers a unique look compared to windows of the same length.

It is up to the personal preference of the owner to choose to drown out the window's varying sizes or not. However, it is also a good idea to embrace the different heights of the windows that your house came with.

There is no set rule when it comes to designing your home, so if you choose to accentuate your windows with different heights, you are free to do so. To do this, attach the curtain rods at the top of each window and hang the curtains accordingly.

With this approach, you can choose curtains that have the same design and texture. This will allow the curtain's design to provide the sense of harmony that some windows of different lengths do not have.

Hang Curtains With Valances

Valance is a type of window treatment that can create a proportional appearance between asymmetrical windows. In addition to matching curtains, valances attached to the top of your windows will provide a harmonious appearance between them.

Due to the length of valances, this option will not help windows with height differences longer than the length of the valance. Also, choose valances that exceed 1/4 of the window frame plus 1".

The main purpose of a valance is to decorate parts of a window that a homeowner does not want to expose, but it should not be chosen as a curtain replacement.

How Do I Hang Curtains On Windows With Shorter Width?

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While windows that have different shapes and sizes can provide a unique look, it can happen that they do not complement each other.

Sometimes, a window can also be too small for your personal preference and it looks awkward. In any case, you can utilize similar-sized curtains to hide these windows and create an illusion of a bigger window.

To make short windows appear wider, you can use rods that are the same size as the longer window. If the window is alone on your wall, you can choose to install a curtain rod that is longer than the length of the window.

Make sure to not go longer than 12" upwards and to the side of the window to prevent the output from appearing like wrong measurements were taken.

How Far From The Window Should I Attach Curtain Rods?

While curtains do add to the visual design of a place, it is still important to preserve its main purpose of providing privacy for the home's residents.

With both normal and irregular-sized windows, the basic rules when attaching curtains should still be followed. This will allow the curtain to enhance your room's aesthetic while giving you the privacy you want.

Fabric curtain with wood rail

The general rule for attaching curtain rods is to leave 4" to 10" of breathing space between the finials and the side of the windows. For the space between the top of the window and the curtain rod, allow no less than 2".

Below are some other helpful tips you can consider when attaching a curtain rod and curtains over your window.

  • Choose a curtain rod that is wider than your window.
  • Chose a curtain rod that complements the wall color.
  • Choose a curtain rod that matches your curtain's design.
  • Make sure that your curtain rod's finials match the aesthetic of your room's design.
  • Choose a curtain rod that is at least 10" longer on both sides outward the edge of each window to make your window appear wider.
  • Attach the curtain rod at least 12" inches higher upward from the top of your window to create the illusion of a higher window. Valances that match your curtains will work well with this window treatment.
  • Avoid attaching your curtain rods less than 2" above the window frame. Similarly, avoid picking a curtain rod that is only 4" longer than the entire window length.
  • Avoid picking curtains that hang above the floor as the length would look awkward and make the window appear lower than its actual height.
  • Avoid picking curtains that are too long for your wall. Long curtains will create a puddle of fabric on the bottom of the curtain which will look messy and can affect the design of your room.

To Wrap Up

Interior of modern room with light curtains

Hanging curtains over windows of different heights can sometimes be tricky without a suitable window treatment, but it is possible. You can choose to hang all curtains at the same length as the tallest window, just below the crown of the wall, at the top of each window, or with valances.

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